Don't know how to sheathe a balcony with plastic panels? This is nothing complicated

Sooner or later, the question arises before us: "Is it time to ennoble the balcony?" Nowadays, plastic windows and heated floors, it can become a full-fledged room, which you can easily use as an office or "chill out". In this article, we will try to simply and clearly explain how to sheathe a balcony with plastic panels.

how to sheathe a balcony with plastic panels

"Pros and cons"

Firstly, plastic panels are an inexpensive and easy to install material. So, faced with the question of how to sheathe the balcony with plastic panels, even a beginner can find the answer. But it should be noted that not all panels are suitable for installation in the β€œroom” that interests us - temperature changes can spoil a large number of materials. Therefore, the plastic panels that you will install there must be very narrow. They are more resistant to cracking and can withstand even the most severe frosts. Of the advantages of the building element we are discussing, we can note a wide selection of color solutions and, of course, their durability . After the balcony is finished with plastic panels with your own hands, you can forget about redecorating this room for about twenty years.

Where to begin

how to sheathe a balcony with your own hands
Suppose you were able to make a choice in favor of a certain variety of panels. Even the choice of colors for you did not become a problem. Now it is necessary to discuss the most complex procedure of this building process. This, as you probably already understood, will be about how to sheathe the balcony with plastic panels. And the first thing to decide is to put a wooden frame or you can do with the adhesive composition. In the second case, the installation of the panels will be much faster, but such installation can only be done on fairly even walls. And if the walls are not perfect or you want to not only sheathe the balcony, but also insulate it, then it is better to opt for a frame.


To install the frame, both wooden and polyvinyl chloride bars (4 x 2.5 cm) are perfect. First you need to attach them to the ceiling or walls, observing a step of 50 cm. You need to fix them perpendicular to the plastic panels, so we advise you to verify this with the help of a level. The voids between the cladding and the frame should be filled with insulating material. After that, we move on to solving the problem of how to sheathe a balcony with our own hands. We fix the fastening elements (internal and external corners, the starting strip) on the frame and insert the first panel. We do the final level check (the panel should be placed strictly perpendicular to the floor).

Do-it-yourself plastic trim for the balcony
It remains only to fix the starting strip. After that and insert the next panel. Remember that there should be no gaps between the panels, and the last element should first be inserted into the inner corner, and then into the groove of the previous panel. Here, perhaps, is all the wisdom that will help solve the issue of how to sheathe the balcony with plastic panels.


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