Flip Up - Execution Technique

The coup lift belongs to the category of technical elements in gymnastics. However, for unprepared people this exercise can be quite difficult and even power. Therefore, before proceeding with its implementation, it is worth thoroughly preparing.

What is a coup d'etat

The exercise looks like this: for starters, the horizontal bar is taken, approximately at shoulder width, after which the body is pulled up while raising straightened legs, and then raising the pelvis to a level above the horizontal bar. The head during this exercise throws back as much as possible.


Lift-flip on the horizontal bar can be performed in several versions. One of the methods requires the initial lifting of the legs over the crossbar and sequential pulling. To perform the exercise in another way, you must first pull yourself up and only after throwing legs.

What you need to complete

To perform an exercise such as turning upside down, you will need:

  • horizontal bar of suitable height, preferably with a lining in the form of a gymnastic mat;
  • a sufficient level of physical fitness (before embarking on the study of this gymnastic element, you must learn to pull yourself up at least 10-15 times);
  • the ability to clearly perform a series of sequential elements that are an integral part of the exercise;


how to do a coup lift

Learning to perform a coup lift is the easiest for people with good stretching. If its level leaves much to be desired, in this case it is necessary to train for some time to get your palms to the floor with your legs as straight as possible. With insufficient stretching, training in performing the exercise can be significantly delayed or the gymnastic element will turn out to be quite β€œcrooked” with significant inaccuracies.

Abdominal muscles

lifting coup on the horizontal bar

The presence of developed abdominal muscles plays a decisive role in learning how to perform lifting with a coup. To train the press, there is a wide range of effective exercises, some of which can easily be performed on the same horizontal bar. In particular, in order to prepare for the training of lifting with a coup, it will be enough to periodically perform raising the legs to the crossbar, which is not difficult. As an option, for starters, you can learn to pull your knees to your chest, and then gradually move on to raising straight legs.

How to learn to do a coup

Before proceeding directly to the performance of the gymnastic element, it is recommended to practice some time pulling up with legs stretched up. Confident execution of this exercise will greatly facilitate the task when performing the element as a whole.

how to learn to do a coup

How to make a coup lift? First you need to comfortably grab hold of the horizontal bar with both hands, and then, bending your legs at the knees, bring them to your chest. Next, there is a coup with bent legs, so that the back is below with the head thrown back.

A more sophisticated version of lifting with a flip involves pulling up with outstretched, even legs. The back in this case takes the maximum horizontal position, and the legs are straightened with the feet up. In this position, the legs are thrown onto the crossbar with sequential pulling of the entire body. Turning over, it is necessary to pull yourself at point-blank range on your hands, bend your back and chest forward. To resort to this method of performing this gymnastic element is only if you need to learn how to do a clean lift with a coup.

Possible difficulties

It often happens that a physically developed, trained athlete easily throws his legs on the crossbar, but can not pull up the body. To cope with this problem, it is necessary to bend your knees, catching the moment when the belt is close to the crossbar. In this case, the main weight is transferred to the leg area, which allows the body to be on the other side of the crossbar. Throwing the whole body through the horizontal bar will allow straightening the legs with a small jerk to the body.

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