Razdatka UAZ ("loaf"): device, principle of operation and reviews

Almost all Ulyanovsk-made SUVs are equipped with a transfer case. UAZ ("loaf") is no exception. Despite the plain appearance, this car is capable of much. This is the favorite car of hunters, fishers, lovers of tourism. The UAZ distributor (“loaf”), the device of which we will consider in this article, is necessary for distributing torque to all axles and drive mechanisms. In today's article, we will talk specifically about her.

Distribution device UAZ-452

The transfer case of UAZ-452 cars consists of drive shafts of driving axles, an intermediate, and also five gears. All of these units are in a cast-iron crankcase. Its connector is perpendicular to the axes of the shafts. The bulk of the parts are in conjunction with the crankcase cover. When assembling / disassembling boxes, they are clearly visible. They are convenient to remove or install.

razdatka UAZ loaf device

The kinematic diagram of this node is such that the gears are included in the work only when the front drive axle is connected. If only the axle is turned on, all of the torque taken from the drive shaft of the gearbox will be transmitted to the rear drive shaft. The end of the secondary gearbox of the gearbox is used as the drive shaft.

Drive shaft rear axle

What does the UAZ razdatka consist of, what are the features? This shaft is mounted on two ball bearings. To protect the element from axial movements, it is held by the rear bearing with a thrust ring and a cover. A gear is fixed on the front of the shaft. Its inner crown has slots. The function of this gear is front axle drive. Internal splines are required to enable direct transmission in the transfer case.

razdatka UAZ device razdatki

On the slots between the bearings, a screw-type gear is also installed. It serves as a drive for the speedometer. The rear part of the shaft with a nut with a conical protrusion through the flange is connected to the universal joint. If you tighten this nut, its conical protrusion will bend into one of the grooves that are cut into the threads and become stuck.

Intermediate shaft

This element is also held in the box due to two bearings. The front roller is used. He's a radial type. The clip, in which the rollers are located, is pressed into the housing. It is hidden by a stub. The inner race is mounted directly on the shaft. The second bearing (rear) is held onto the countershaft by means of a nut. The element is equipped with a thrust ring, which serves to fix it, as well as to mount the shaft in the housing. The outer part of the bearing is equipped with a cover. The intermediate shaft is a single part with a reduction gear. It also has slots for installing gears. It allows you to include the rear drive axle.

UAZ razdatka ("loaf") - the device of the front axle drive shaft

This gearbox is also equipped with this shaft. It is installed in the mechanism on two supports. The ball bearings are the latter. To fix the shaft in the direction of the axis, the rear bearing is mounted on it. It is installed in the same way as the one on the countershaft.

razdatka UAZ loaf device repair

The front support in the box body is not fixed. The element is clamped to the shaft using the flange of the propeller shaft. The drive element of the front axle is an integral part together with a gear. The front has slots. Using them, the shaft is connected to the flange on the cardan shaft.


What other elements does the razdatka consist of? UAZ (“loaf”), the dispensing device of which is described in the article, is equipped with gears with a straight tooth. The host has the ability to move along the splines on the secondary shaft of the gearbox. There are two crowns on this gear. One is an involute slot. They serve to connect a direct transmission via the inner rim of the drive shaft of the rear drive axle. When the driver engages a low gear , this gear will mesh with the one on the countershaft.

What else is special about this razdatka? The UAZ, the transfer device of which we are now considering, is equipped with a gear to turn on the front axle of the car. It is planted in such a way that it can move on the splines located on the intermediate shaft. When the front axle is disconnected, the gear with the shaft is disconnected. However, it is meshed with the drive shaft of the rear axle. This feature greatly facilitates gear shifting and contributes to better lubrication. When the countershaft rotates, the gear sprays oil on all nodes.

Carter razdatki UAZ

Carter, as well as its lid, are connected to the box using studs and nuts. Holes for the connection are located around the perimeter. Their accuracy and compatibility is ensured by two tubular type pins. Handle the crankcase and its cover together. These parts must not be changed to others from other crankcases. The front part has a precisely machined surface and a flange for mounting the transfer case on the gearbox.

The crankcase has a top hole. A thrust cup is installed in it by pressing. The latter abuts against the outer part of a double-row angular contact bearing, which is mounted on the drive shaft. At the top of the crankcase there is a hatch. It closes with a lid.

how razdatka turns on the UAZ loaf device

The hatch is designed for mounting the power take-off. On the inclined surface of the crankcase there is an opening for installing control levers, as well as rods of the transfer case control system, from above. The hatch for filling and draining the grease is closed using conical threaded plugs.

Gear shift mechanism

So, we examined how the UAZ razdatka is arranged. The handout device is practically no different from the boxes on other cars. Now consider what a switching mechanism is.

So, the switching system consists of several main nodes. These are the shafts of the shift fork, which are secured to the crankcase with a locking plate. The device also has forks for engaging the front drive axle and those gears that can move along the rods. The bodies of the forks have special sockets. Springs and balls of clamps are installed here.

UAZ razdatka what are the features

In the process of moving along the rod, each of the forks is fixed on it with a special clamp. On the lower parts there are special paws that fit into the grooves of the gears. On the upper parts there are rectangular recesses. With their help, the plug is connected to the levers to select a gear. What else is special about razdatka? UAZ ("loaf"), the gearbox of which we are considering, is made so that the shift levers are located in separate covers. Parts are located on the inclined crankcase and are mounted on the rod with pins.

The front ends of the stem are equipped with fingers, with which they are connected to the rods. In the front of the cover, the holes for the rods have seals. In the back they are closed with spherical plugs. Between the rods is a small ball. It serves as a castle. The mechanism prevents the driver from engaging a reduction gear until the front drive axle is connected. Thus, the UAZ razdatka (“loaf”) was made. Her device is not complicated. The mechanism is quite reliable and maintainable, according to reviews of car owners.

Handout Management

The power take-off can be controlled using levers. These levers in the cab are located to the right of the driver. There are two of them. The top serves to enable and disable the front drive axle. This lever only works in two positions. The top turns on the bridge, and the bottom turns off.

transfer case of UAZ 452 cars

The bottom is necessary in order to change gears. It can be installed in three positions - the driver selects a direct transmission, neutral (middle position) and lowered. This is how razdatka turns on. UAZ ("loaf"), the box device of which we examined, has another feature. It should be noted that the front axle is intended only for operation of the car in difficult conditions. It can be dirt, sand, snow and any other situations.

Operation problems

Novice drivers may have difficulties with the UAZ car ("loaf"). The problems when turning on the front axle are due to the fact that many simply do not know how this mechanism really works. At the time of overcoming difficult areas, wheel hubs should be included. After turning them to the four-wheel drive position, the front axle will connect only after the wheel makes 1.5 turns without slipping.

Service and Repair

That's what a UAZ razdatka (“loaf”) is. The device, its repair is simple, and it is unpretentious in maintenance, as evidenced by the reviews of the owners. It is recommended to regularly check the oil level and inspect each mount. It is also necessary to lubricate the axles of the levers and adjust the front links. This box has no more settings.

transfer case car uaz 452 reviews

The transfer case of the UAZ-452 car is very popular among off-road vehicle enthusiasts. Reviews about her are only positive. It is extremely simple to repair and maintain, and spare parts can be purchased now.

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