Do-it-yourself mini-houses: description, design, step-by-step instructions, advice from masters

Do-it-yourself mini-houses are being erected by home craftsmen more and more often. This not only saves money, but also simplifies the work, because in this case you do not have to use heavy equipment.

There are many reasons for this need. For example, such a design is perfect for a summer cottage, which is not used for permanent residence.


DIY mini-house

In such a building, you can change clothes, spend the night and put things in storage. You can also find ready-made cabins on the market, but the quality of their execution sometimes leaves much to be desired, and the cost is overpriced. For that kind of money, you can assemble the house yourself. This is nothing complicated, because the design will be compact, and the foundation for it may be the simplest.

At the first stage, you need to do the planning. Without this stage, construction will take more time, effort and finance. A prefabricated structure built without a plan may not meet expectations and requests. A sketch showing the communications, sizes and other design features will be enough.

It is important to consider the order of internal organization. You must decide in advance whether there will be one room inside or you will supplement the area with a small bathroom and a small kitchen. In this case, you need to focus on your abilities and preferences.


Many owners use an interesting technique, which consists in raising the ceiling and arranging a berth in the attic. This solution saves usable space. Particular attention must be paid to the experience of the Japanese. On a few square meters they place everything you need for a cozy and comfortable environment, and the smallest houses become convenient and comfortable.

Before you build a mini-house with your own hands, you should take into account that 75% of the space will be occupied by a living room, while the remaining space will be spent on a dry closet and a pantry. If there are difficulties with the free area, you can make separate entrances to the premises from the street. If there are no such problems, and you do not want to go outside, you can arrange the entrance to the technical room from the inside.

Building a foundation: step by step instructions

DIY mini house

Do-it-yourself mini-house is very simple. Work must begin with a foundation that is assembled from blocks. Western developers have come up with an interesting solution. They create a block with four channels. A reinforcing bar should be introduced into each of them. The rods are driven into the ground. The block as a result of this is attached to the soil.

In this example, we are talking about a foundation of 6 blocks. Four of them must be placed in the corners, and the other two - under the internal partition. Blocks can be poured out of concrete or purchased ready-made. A pit is excavated on the territory, the depth of which should be 200 mm. Its sides should correspond to the size of the blocks.

A layer of sand and gravel is filled up inside. Its thickness should be 20 cm. The pillow is well sealed. Next, the blocks are installed, and then the reinforcement is introduced, taking into account the above recommendations. When building a mini-house with your own hands at the next stage, the blocks must be covered with a layer of roofing material. Products should be installed as evenly as possible. After this, proceed to laying the floor.

Tips from the masters at the stage of work on the floor

At the first stage of these works, it is necessary to install the lower harness, which will be made of square beam with a side of 15 cm. In order to connect the bars, use the spike-groove method with additional fixation with bolts and glue.

A platform is laid on top of the harness, which is pre-assembled from a board with a cross section of 15 x 5 cm. Next, you can sew up the platform with plywood. The resulting box is turned over, and thermal insulation is placed inside it. It is sewn up with a double layer of plywood. It is necessary to lay plywood 1.2 cm along the box. Plywood with a smaller thickness of 0.9 cm is laid across. As a result, you should get a floor with a thickness of 2.1 cm.

To bond the layers, you must use PVA glue. When building a house for a mini-garden with your own hands, it is necessary to sew up the platform with roofing material on the sides. At this stage, we can assume that the floor is ready. If desired, it can be finished with other material. For example, linoleum is perfect for this.

Work on the walls

They will be based on timber and boards that are pre-treated with an antiseptic. Next, the frame of the planned size is assembled. The next step will be the arrangement of the upper harness. Next, you can sheathe the structure with plywood and attach wind protection to the outside. The film here will play the role of waterproofing. When erecting walls, it is necessary to leave openings for double-glazed windows and doors.

Roof work

do-it-yourself mini fireplace for a country house

If you are interested in the question of how to make a mini-house with your own hands, you should study the technology. The next stage involves work on the roof structure, which should be such that when opening the door the overhang of the roof is not affected. To comply with this rule, it is important to provide the following conditions: the slope of the roof slope should be equal to 25 degrees.

When installing the roof, it is necessary to install rafters using 10 x 5 cm boards. Self-tapping screws and corners are used for their fastening. Next, a skate is mounted, during which a 15 x 5 cm board is used. Roof rafters are additionally fastened with 10 x 2.5 cm screeds. It is necessary to reinforce plywood to the rafters, the thickness of which is 0.9 cm. Doing a cottage mini-house with your own hands, on top of the finished one You will have to lay the roofing material for the foundation, which is perfectly suited as a flexible tile. It is lightweight and has good performance.

Construction of a mini-fireplace in a garden house

do-it-yourself mini-houses

If you want to build a mini-fireplace for a country house with your own hands, it is important to follow the rules of fire safety. The generally accepted size of the furnace opening should be 40 cm. You can choose the dimensions as desired, but you should not go beyond 0.2 to 0.25 square meters. As for the firebox, it should be 30 cm or more in depth. These parameters should be observed for safety.

Some masters use a little trick. It lies in the fact that in the firebox a protrusion of the beam jumper is made 6 cm in relation to the vertical axis. The depth of the firebox with this outcome can be made less than 30 cm.

Before you build a mini-house for the cottage with your own hands, you should provide for its internal arrangement. If there is a fireplace, then you will have to build it according to all the rules. For example, in such a device there should be two channels that are located on the side walls. They are designed to increase heat transfer. When burning wood, cold air will enter the channels and return to the room in a heated form. One of the complex elements during construction will be the overlapping of the furnace. The rest of the design is simple. When forming a tooth, irregularities can be allowed, because then sheet metal lining is carried out, therefore, inaccuracies will be hidden.

Cardboard house

do-it-yourself mini-houses made of cardboard

If you are not ready to build a full-fledged house, albeit a small one, you can start making a small house for dolls. For this, appropriate tools and materials should be prepared, among them should be highlighted:

  • carton boxes;
  • sharp knife;
  • scissors;
  • felt-tip pens;
  • pencils;
  • Scotch;
  • markers;
  • watercolor and acrylic paints;
  • shine;
  • gouache;
  • different decorations.

Work procedure

do-it-yourself mini doll houses

DIY mini-houses made of cardboard are often made by parents and their children. It can be a real entertainment. The sequence of work may be different. Everything will depend on which structure you want to create. But first you need to find a diagram or sketch and print it on a printer. Only then can one begin to act.

If you are an experienced master, you can draw a drawing yourself. According to the scheme, details are cut out that should be glued together in a certain sequence. In the process, adhesive tape is used. If you want to make the house more durable, you should use glue.

Do-it-yourself mini-doll house for dolls is quite simple. Well, if the basis of the design will be corrugated cardboard. But work on cutting it must be entrusted to adults. In order to make the house more stable, it is worthwhile to find cardboard pipes. They can be borrowed in a store where goods are sold in rolls. If such products could not be found, then the pipes can be made independently. To do this, the cardboard is rolled up.


how to make a mini house with your own hands

The construction of any house, cardboard or real, you need to start with drawing up a diagram. In the latter case, it is better to draw up a plan or even a project. This will allow you to calculate the right amount of material.

It is also important to provide for the internal organization of the space of the room, because it should be as functional as possible. Well, if the building will combine not only a change house, but also a small barn, where you can store equipment, clothes and garden equipment.


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