Beauty Industry - Gel Nails

The modern world does not stand still, technology and production are rapidly growing and improving. Human life is changing and requires constant innovation. So the developers also contributed to the beauty industry.

A woman is a magical and fabulous creature whose image is able to drive men crazy. But only real women know how much time and effort needs to be spent on creating a magnificent and graceful image.

Alas, our ecological environment negatively affects the beauty of women. Under the stench, dirt and car exhausts, the condition of the hair, skin and nails is noticeably worse. That is why many women come to cosmetologists for help, where one of the most popular and sought after procedures is gel nails.

Why gel? What are gel nails? What success do they enjoy in women? These questions are asked by all women who strive for a beautiful appearance - from hair to marigolds.

Gel nails are a special coating applied to the nail plate with a special brush. This coating is very durable and strong, which is why many women prefer this particular type of building. This application has many advantages, one of which is the absence of smell. In addition, it will take much less time to apply the gel coating on the procedure, and this, in turn, is another plus for busy women who have every second scheduled. Thanks to good adhesion, the gel nails will not exfoliate, they perform many functions - they can be used both for nail tips, French manicures, and for sculpting. And of course, the appearance of gel nails is worthy of every owner of the beautiful half of humanity. After applying this coating, nails acquire a glossy sheen and a healthy well-groomed appearance.

To make this process safer, gel systems in modern society are used exclusively without various acids. When applied to the nail plate of the gel, it begins to harden under an ultraviolet lamp, forming a strong and reliable coating. In addition, the gel coating of natural nails is similar in structure to natural nails. Despite the application of the gel, the nails are able to maintain good respiratory activity of the plate, the gel does not cause irritation.

For such nails, careful and thorough care is necessary. Not all women manage to complete all their household chores with gel nails on the first try, elementary - fastening a button on a shirt or using a telephone keypad. That is why it is necessary to get used to gel nails. Gloves should also be avoided and homework done. You can paint nails with simple varnishes, and you need to remove the varnish with those products that are acetone-free and better if oil-based.

Not everything in life is eternal, thatโ€™s gel nails, although very durable, but are not made for life. When the nail is cracked, it cannot be repaired, in this case it will be necessary to make a new gel nail. Many women wonder - how to remove gel nails? The answer is obvious - removing this nail is not so simple, it needs to be cut, and this procedure is completely unpleasant and lengthy. Cutting can harm the health of a womanโ€™s natural nails. But, as the saying goes, beauty requires! Women generally sacrifice a lot for their beauty, not to mention nails.

But still, gel nails are the best experimental material for creating the most unusual ideas on nails, where you can apply different styles, colors and patterns. With such nails you can transform your image, make it even more beautiful and magical.


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