The crises of family life are for everyone!

In almost every family, family life crises occur. Few people bypass them, but each family copes with them in its own way. Someone "breaks down" and as a result of this divorce. Someone is luckier, the couple still find a common language, and jointly overcome these difficult periods.

But did anyone ask where these very crises of family life come from? In fact, this process is nothing more than a certain regularity. And for many years, such a science as the ethics and psychology of family life has been studying it. Perhaps it would be nice for all married couples to get acquainted with the information on this topic in more detail, because according to the ancient Roman proverb โ€œwarned - means armedโ€.

And we will start from the very beginning, namely from the first year of family life. During this period, the newlyweds make a lot of mistakes, which in principle is a normal process. The main thing is that the spouses at this stage make every effort to learn how to recognize all their faults, and also to recognize them in time. Family life is not only entertainment and all kinds of pleasures for both one side and the other. This is also a huge responsibility. And this is important to remember.

At this stage of family life, you must learn to compromise. If the newlyweds do not give in to each other, then such a marriage will lead to nothing. Do not demonstrate your integrity.

After a short period of time, namely in the third or fifth year of family life, the relationship of the spouses is again tested. But now they are of a slightly different nature, which is associated, as a rule, with the appearance of the child. It would seem that the baby brought joy to the family, but now the spouse began to linger more and more at work, spend less time at home. And he motivates this by the fact that his wife does not care about him at all.

The spouse, not yet having time to really get out of postpartum depression, immediately finds herself in a whirlpool of family troubles. She is engaged in a baby, household chores, and by evening she simply does not have strength.

The solution to all problems at this stage comes down only to the help of her husband. Try to attract him to the educational process. Let him deal with the child more. But the main role nevertheless at this moment is assigned to the woman. She should have as much patience and wisdom as possible. And then all the problems will be left far behind.

The crises of family life have a certain periodicity, and in the seventh - ninth year of marriage the next round begins. It would seem, well, what else could happen? It seems that everything has long been settled, there is a favorite job, a good income, the children have reached a certain age. But no, not so simple. Now comes the time of hopeless boredom and monotony. The soul begins to ask for something bright, and, as a rule, outside of its family. Spouses begin to move away from each other, increasingly focusing on their own interests.

There will be only one advice here - try to diversify your family and intimate life.

If you managed to survive this stage, then you can relax for a while. The next crisis arises only in the fourteenth to sixteenth year of marriage. A certain feeling of emptiness comes. Children grew up, spouses are already fed up with each other. And it seems that thereโ€™s nothing to talk about. Now the time has come to set new joint goals and to achieve their implementation with joint efforts.

If you can pass all these tests, then completely new horizons will open before you. And the rules of family life will help you in this, to know which is simply necessary.

It is no coincidence that marriage is considered a kind of strength test, and the crises of family life are a direct confirmation of this. Appreciate what you have! You can always break it, but building anew is not as easy as it seems at first glance!


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