How to remove a spot from a ballpoint pen. Ballpoint pen stain removal

There are probably very few people who at least once in their lives haven’t stained themselves with a ballpoint pen. You will often meet those who have done this more than once. Especially schoolchildren. Their white blouses and shirts are asked to put a blot on themselves and ask their mother a task on how to remove a stain from a ballpoint pen.

There are no insoluble tasks

how to remove a spot from a ballpoint pen
Moms of schoolchildren on such tasks, as they say, have already eaten a dog. And in this case, they have not one or two ways.

Removing stains from a ballpoint pen will require the preparation of a special solution of water and ammonia mixed in equal volumes. Wipe the stain with a cotton swab dipped in the resulting liquid. Processing is best started from the edges, gradually moving towards the center (to avoid streaks). Then rinse the fabric gently with clean water.

If it was not possible to remove the stain from the ballpoint pen immediately, the procedure should be repeated, then the product must be washed in the usual way. It is best to purchase a powder that is already designed to fight stains.

The solution obtained by mixing in equal parts of turpentine and ammonia can act more effectively on the removal of ink stains . Immediately after treatment with a cotton pad soaked in the product, the place is washed with liquid soap, then machine washed.

Diluting in equal amounts of acetone and ethyl alcohol, you can also get a stain remover. In order for it to work, it is necessary to moisten it well with the contaminated place and leave it for a quarter of an hour, then rinse with water and throw it into the washing machine.

We will do without special solutions

stain removal from a ballpoint pen
So, how to remove a stain from a ballpoint pen without preparing a solution? You can use the preparations in a dry form, for example, baby powder (talcum powder). It has an adsorbing property and quickly removes pollution. Sprinkling the stain with baby talcum powder, cover it with a clean cloth and leave for half an hour. Then thoroughly brush.

Fine table salt should be leveled on the surface of the stain and pour lemon juice over it. Ten minutes later, the fabric is washed with cool water, then washed with laundry soap. By the way, if the stain is fresh, then lemon juice can cope with it even without sodium chloride.

Stains from a ballpoint pen are also removed using sour milk or kefir. To do this, the fabric is placed for several hours in warmed milk. By the way, if the stain is large, then the dairy product must be replaced several times with fresh. After the procedure, traces may remain, in which case they must be stuck in a soapy water solution, in which to add a little ammonia or borax.

Efficiency depends on the quality of the fabric.

Removing stains from a ballpoint pen is not equally effective on various fabrics. This must be remembered. Some products work well, for example, on natural fabrics, others on synthetic ones.

remove ballpoint pen stain
For the first, you can use any of the solutions prepared on the basis of undiluted medical alcohol. To it add optionally glycerin, vinegar or acetone. The latter must be taken in its pure form, in no case not replacing it with nail polish remover. It can discolor the fabric, and instead of a spot from a ballpoint pen you will get a spot of a lighter shade than the main material.

A sponge is moistened with any of the above solutions, and a stain is gently rubbed with it. For greater efficiency, it can be pressed to the fabric and hold for some time. Soon, the ink will brighten, and washing will help them disappear completely.

Ink on white

A good remedy for dealing with stains on white cotton fabrics is an oxalic acid solution, best of all hot. However, remember that after removing the ink stain, the item should be thoroughly rinsed in warm water. By the way, oxalic acid will cope not only with ink pollution, but also with stains from tea or rust.

Painted skin

remove stain from ballpoint pen
How to remove a ballpoint pen stain on leather surfaces? Here, too, has its own specifics.

A blot from white genuine leather can be removed by pouring a few drops of hydrogen peroxide on it. After half an hour, the stain should be wiped with a piece of cotton wool soaked in vodka or alcohol.

If you find an old ink stain on your skin, first apply a slurry of salt and water on it, leave it for a couple of hours, then wipe the surface with a brush and soap solution.

It should be remembered that artificial skin, dermatitis or leatherette from aggressive stain-removing solutions can behave unpredictably, so you need to be careful.

With colored fabrics, caution will not hurt

Stains from a ballpoint pen on dyed woolen or cotton fabrics can be removed with citric acid, and on silk with stained turpentine or mustard. Dry mustard must be diluted with water, grease the stain obtained with the gruel and left in this form for a day. Then you need to wash the fabric in warm water.

ballpoint stain removal
How to remove a spot from a ballpoint pen on multi-colored fabrics? In this case, the best solution is a solution in which equal amounts of alcohol, a 10 percent solution of ammonia and distilled water are mixed.

And yet, no matter what method you choose to use when removing stains, you should first check this method on the inside of the product or at its seams, because the fabric must be resistant to chemicals. For example, for synthetics it is not recommended to use acetone and any other solvents: they can corrode the fibers of the material.

If you don’t want to wash the whole thing after removing the stains, use molten paraffin. It must be applied around the contamination and only then proceed with the elimination procedure. Before washing in water with a detergent, it is advisable to add vinegar, alcohol, lemon juice and stash the place where there was a stubborn stain.

Summarizing all of the above, we can say with confidence: do not try to remove the stain from the ballpoint pen with ordinary washing powder, it is better to choose one of the recommended methods. Or use the special stain removers that are sold on the distribution network of any city.


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