If hair falls out, which doctor should I go to?

Many women notice how, regardless of the coming season and their physical and emotional state, their hair is falling out more and more . Which doctor should I contact to prevent the process in a timely manner? Let's talk about this in our article today.

Are there any hair loss rates ?

Just want to warn readers that you should not panic ahead of time. If you lose from 50 to 150 hairs daily (depending on the splendor of the hair), this is normal. Remember that the follicles on the head are regularly updated, and no matter how hard you try, you cannot completely prevent hair loss. But if you find that your hair is thinning beyond measure, then you should start to worry. So which doctor should I go to if hair with root falls out?

Hair loss to which doctor to contact

A person who knows all about hair loss

A specialist trichologist does not conduct a reception in a regular clinic, his focus is too narrow. This doctor examines problems associated with scalp diseases and hair damage. But what about those who do not have the financial capabilities to visit a trichologist in a private cosmetology clinic or who live in rural areas? In the event that you notice that your hair has begun to fall out, which doctor should I go to? An alternative still exists. Since trichology is a section of cosmetic dermatology, you can make an appointment with a dermatologist. This specialist conducts admission in any clinic, including in rural areas.

Simple test

Many women love long hair, and sometimes the total mass lost can be misleading. In order to make absolutely sure that your hair has thinned beyond measure, count the amount of hair that fell out per day. For a more accurate result, we recommend that you do not wash your hair a day or two before the experiment. In the morning you can count the hairs remaining after sleeping on the pillow. Then comb your hair with a clean comb and count how many more are left on the bristles. Record the result in a notebook.

Hair loss to which doctor to contact

During the day after each combing, observe how many hairs you lose additionally. Remember to inspect the clothes. Wash your hair at the end of the day, just remember to close the drain hole. Everything that remains in the bathroom or on your hands should also be recounted. This is a rather time-consuming process, but only in this way will you know with absolute accuracy how much hair you lose daily.

Depending on age

So, we found out that all people have hair loss. Which doctor should I contact if my daily loss rate is exceeded? Trichologists or dermatologists will study your problem in detail, advise and prescribe the necessary treatment. If you regularly visit beauty salons, you can also contact a cosmetologist. But did you know that depending on age, problems with hormonal changes, and also hair pigment, the daily rate of hair loss can vary?

So, in adolescents during the transition period, up to 10% of follicles on the head are actively dying. Therefore, the question of which doctor to go to if the child's hair falls out should be considered in the context of the characteristics of the functioning of the child's body. Do not panic ahead of time if you notice this problem when combing in a child. During the period of active growth of children (age from 3 to 7 years), most of the hair follicles are in the active phase. Well, if your 10-year-old daughter still has excessive loss, this is an occasion to make an appointment with a dermatologist or trichologist. Recall that by the transitional age, during active hormonal adjustment, the average rate of hair loss increases again. Do not forget about the features of the hormonal background during pregnancy and lactation. Most often, excessive hair loss during these periods is a temporary phenomenon.

Hair falls out which doctor to contact

Depending on hair pigment

So, you performed the counting procedure and found out that your hair is falling out severely. Which doctor to go to, you already understand. Do you know that depending on the natural pigmentation, every woman loses a different amount of hair daily? So, for example, natural blondes have the most bulbs on their heads - up to 150,000. Their hair is quite thin, which is why blond women lose more hair by nature than brunettes or red-haired beauties. The rate of loss for blondes ranges from 100 to 150 hairs per day. Natural red-haired young ladies also have thick hair. On the head of the average "red-haired beast" there are about 80,000 follicles. Therefore, the rate of loss for them varies from 70 to 90 hairs daily. Natural brunettes have from 100 to 110 thousand bulbs, so their daily rate of loss is set in the region from 80 to 110 hairs.

which doctor should i contact if hair with root falls out

Reasons for the loss

If hair falls out, which doctor to contact, we found out. Now let's talk about the causes of significant losses. In fact, there are a lot of them, we will list only the main ones.

  • Excessive enthusiasm for hair dyeing and styling. Many women often dye their hair, and do it at home, using cheap dyes. After the next procedure, curls more than ever need additional protection. This should not be forgotten. Also, some beauties are too zealous in styling hair, applying too many cosmetic compositions to the hair: foam, mousses and varnishes. All this spoils the scalp and impairs the functioning of the sebaceous glands. Tip: the more hair is in a natural state, breathe, the better for the skin. For the same reason, in case of hair loss, you should abandon too tight hairstyles.
  • Improper nutrition. For normal functioning, the bulbs on the head need nutrition not only from the outside, but also from the inside. So, women who are accustomed to sitting on strict diets are more likely to experience hair loss than those who have a balanced diet. Tip: if you follow a strict diet for a long time, do not forget to enrich your diet with raw vegetables, fruits and multivitamins.
  • Bad ecology and hard water. If you do not know why hair falls out (which doctor to contact, we examined in detail in the materials of this publication), then you should not discount the polluted conditions of a metropolis and hard low-quality water in apartment buildings. Tip: soften the water by boiling.
  • Cerebrovascular accident. This problem is of a deeper nature and is treated by a therapist and a neurologist. However, not only the brain, but also the follicles on the head suffer from insufficient inflow to the cells of the head.

Hair began to fall out which doctor to contact

We got acquainted with the main reasons why hair falls out. Which doctor should be consulted in case of unpleasant symptoms, you know. In any case, the doctor will examine the internal state of the body, prescribe appropriate tests and give individual recommendations based on the results.

Other professionals working with this issue

Did you know that medication can be involved in the problem of excessive hair loss? Study in detail the instructions for the drug that you are taking, and find out if there is a signaled side effect. We have already noted that in different periods (childhood, adolescence, postpartum), the hormonal background of the body is somewhat changed. An excess of the hormone testosterone is associated with male pattern baldness. However, women have similar problems.

If a trichologist or dermatologist does not help you, and your hair is still falling out, which doctor should you contact in this case? Then the gynecologist-endocrinologist will help you. The fact is that some women may have thyroid problems. You should worry if the cosmetic treatment does not have the desired effect, and the hair itself becomes excessively greasy the very next day after washing. A gynecologist-endocrinologist will prescribe a biochemical blood test, a hormone test, and also check the thyroid gland.

Which doctor should I contact if women have hair loss on their heads

General examination for excessive hair loss

Now you know which doctor to contact if hair falls on the head. In women, this problem is especially acute. If men usually do not worry about thinning hair, then the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity are not ready to say goodbye to hair. Now we will get to know what kind of examination and treatment a trichologist appoints. In any case, analysis is indispensable. The most obvious measure is blood donation for biochemistry, and blood tests for vitamins, minerals and hormones are additionally prescribed. The specialist also examines the patient’s hair structure in order to determine the mineral status and makes a trichogram.

General treatment

If hair falls out, which doctor to go to, now you know. After passing the tests and proper tests, the trichologist prescribes a special homeopathic treatment with preparations containing minoxidol, laser therapy and head massage, and also gives recommendations for special restorative shampoos, cosmetic masks and correction of patient nutrition.

to which doctor to go if the hair on the head falls out
Now our readers are aware of which doctor to go to if hair falls on their heads. We hope our article was helpful.

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