How to disassemble a plastic window: step-by-step instruction

Owners who have plastic double-glazed windows in the house sometimes decide to replace them. The reason may be the need to change the color of the frames, size, shape of the window or a more reliable alternative from a reputable manufacturer. This raises the question: how to disassemble a plastic window? We will try to find the answer in the material presented.

Disassembly preparation

how to disassemble a plastic window

Before disassembling the plastic window, we recommend preparing the room for upcoming events. It is advisable to remove carpet paths, household appliances, any valuable items from the room that could be damaged in the process.

Wizards who know how to disassemble a plastic window before installing or removing it will be sure to advise you to provide free access to window openings. They recommend to isolate all bulky furniture which cannot be removed from the room with a plastic wrap.


What improvised means should you stock up before disassembling a plastic window with your own hands? The following may come in handy here:

  • sharp knife with a thin, durable blade;
  • set of screwdrivers;
  • chisel;
  • construction spatula;
  • scrap;
  • screwdriver;
  • hammer;
  • cotton gloves.

Now you can proceed to the main process.

Sash dismantling

how to disassemble a plastic window

Trying to figure out how to disassemble a double-glazed window in a plastic window, it is necessary to remove the sashes first. By the way, to cope with the task alone is quite problematic. Therefore, it would be nice to involve a partner in the work.

To dismantle the sash, it is necessary to provide free access to the metal rod on which the presented window construction element is mounted. The latter is covered by a plastic cover. To remove it is not a problem, prying off with any thin blade. Having removed the rod, it should be set aside.

Removing glazing beads

You can understand how to disassemble a plastic window by providing access to fasteners. Itโ€™s easy to get to them if you remove the rubber glazing beads. To get started, remove the longest. Then dismantle the bottom and only last but not least, the top.

To cope with this task, you must use a wide chisel, knife or spatula. The blade of the selected tool must be placed in a narrow gap between the glazing bead and the sash. In the process of dismantling the structural element, translational movements should be performed with a slight rotation of the blade according to the clockwise direction. It is necessary to move sequentially from the beginning of the glazing bead to its end. As soon as the last rubber strip is removed, you can proceed directly to the dismantling of the fasteners.

Disassembly of fittings

how to disassemble a plastic window with your own hands

Before you disassemble the plastic window completely, you should remove the accessories that ensure the integrity of the structure. Some elements are hidden under the pads, which will have to be lifted to remove the fasteners.

In general, to cope with this task is quite simple. This requires only a set of screwdrivers of various sizes and textures. The nature of the required tool is determined by the structure of the slot on the head of the extracted hardware element.

During the process, it is extremely important to lay out the dismantled fasteners in a strict order, to sort the same fittings according to plastic bags. It is advisable to record where this or that part is extracted from. Such an approach to the organization of work in the future will avoid chaos when performing the reassembly of structures.

Dismantling the glass and removing glass

how to disassemble a double-glazed window in a plastic window

At the final stage of work, double-glazed windows are removed directly. The latter consist of several glasses interconnected by a sealant in the frame. First, it is necessary to remove bursting gaskets that hold the structure in the sash. You can cope with the task using an ordinary kitchen knife or a durable spatula. The blade of the selected tool must be placed in the gap between the sash and the glazing. Then, using gentle gentle pressure, the structure should be squeezed in separate places along its perimeter.

To get the glass out of the frame, you will have to remove the layers of sealant, using the same knife blade. Layers of material must be removed sequentially, gaining open access to the metal frame. Work with a knife should be extremely careful, because it is not difficult to damage fragile glass here.

Useful Tips

And now about what you need to consider before disassembling a plastic window:

  1. First of all, it is necessary to draw up a consistent action plan and make sure that all the necessary tools are available to carry out the work.
  2. At each stage of dismantling structural elements, it is recommended to record the sequence of your own actions. After all, remembering the next morning what was done and how yesterday was sometimes difficult.
  3. Getting started, it is recommended to take care of safety in advance. In particular, you should wear cotton gloves on your hands that will protect your limbs from all kinds of damage in the process of interacting with sharp objects and traumatic structures.
  4. Before deciding to engage in the independent dismantling of double-glazed windows and disassembling plastic windows, you need to think about how sound insulation and sealing of joints will be carried out after the structure is returned to its original place. To cope with this task, specialists resort to the use of professional adhesives and sealants. Those who do not understand all the intricacies of installation technology can experience significant difficulties in the process of reinstalling windows.


how to disassemble a plastic window before installation

Before starting the dismantling and disassembling of plastic double-glazed windows, itโ€™s worthwhile once again thinking about taking advantage of the help of experienced craftsmen. Professionals who have repeatedly been involved in installing windows will cope with the task accurately without damaging important structural elements.

But if the financial situation does not allow the involvement of a specialist, it is quite realistic to do the job of disassembling the glass unit with your own hands. To do this, it is enough to do everything, strictly observing the above sequence and at the same time pay attention to the little things.


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