What is a life landmark - how to find your own?

Life is designed in such a way as to constantly set before us more and more new tasks. Their solution depends on the system of values ​​and life guidelines. It is they who determine whether our decisions are right or wrong. The problem of generations is that everyone has their own meaning and purpose. It corresponds to the realities of the current life. And the past generation offers solutions that match the realities of a past life. The determination of one’s life guidelines and values ​​is necessary for a modern person, since the development of modern society is rapidly accelerating. And it is important not to get lost in a large stream of opportunities and limitations.

you can not stop time

Successful man

Reflections on the meaning and purpose in life will inevitably lead to consideration of the degree of success of a person. These two concepts are closely related.

Success very often becomes an external reflection of what a person actually aspires to. Such a litmus test. Changed the color, so I'm on the right track. No - the search continues. Signs of success transform over time and become characteristic features of entire generations.

To the question of who can be considered a successful person, our contemporaries answer approximately the following.

  • This is a man who does not stop there. Constantly developing and self-improving.
  • His life goals and guidelines change according to the requirements and conditions of our time.
  • Confident.
  • Demanded as a specialist, personality.
  • Able to help others, lead others.
  • Dreams, makes a dream a goal and reaches it.

The family, as a landmark in life, was placed first in the attribute of success. To be loved, to develop spiritually, was noted with the same importance as material well-being.

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What is the basis for determining life values ​​and guidelines? This is what we "measure" life. For most of our parents and grandmothers, these were material wealth, in the form of an apartment, a car, a summer residence. In the last century, you had to be like everyone else, equal to the best: excellent students, production leaders and so on.

Today, wealth has become easier to acquire. The deficit has practically disappeared, new opportunities for earning funds have appeared, a variety of goods and services can excite any imagination.

This is one of the prerequisites for changing the value system and landmarks of modern man. This contributed to the fact that their own implementation came out on top, leaving aside the material.

Life benchmark is an internal concept; it is difficult to define it. It is difficult to determine and designate the subjective, internal coordinates of the soul and consciousness.

life values ​​and landmarks

Meaning of life

Questions about the meaning of life and the search for a landmark in life arise in a person much less frequently than everyday or related activities. Their appearance suggests that some period in life ends and gives rise to a new one.

If thoughts of the futility of everything that happens are accompanied by feelings of self-doubt, anxiety. So, you are on the verge of reassessing your life coordinate system and creating a new one. If everything around changes at a tremendous speed, then you will not be allowed to fall behind.

one on one with the world

The choice

If you prefer to find solutions yourself, then you have to work hard. The first thing you need to do is to determine the life benchmark yourself, which at this stage gives you direction in life. Take the paper, pen. Designate all your “life roles”. A child, spouse, parent, member of a community (church, party, organization, etc.), employee, boss, friend. Everything that you do at the moment. Next to each entry with a role, write the name of the person. This should be the one whose assessment of your fulfillment of this role is important to you. Now think that he could answer the question: "What are you?" Write down your thoughts. This will help you understand what exactly is your value system at this stage.

Remember what you dreamed of doing in your childhood, youth or the recent past. Try to start something new.

Try to discover your hidden talents. If you do not realize your inner potentials, this can cause a feeling of emptiness inside yourself, a lack of vitality and motives. Carefully observe what pleases you personally. Which brings joy and a sense of self-satisfaction. Does this activity make you happy, increase your self-esteem? Is it hard to figure it out for yourself? Specialists will help you. Psychologists, psychotherapists.

meaning of life


Each person has his own concept of values. This is neither bad nor good. This is a given. How and where do they come from? The very first source is the soul. Even young children who do not yet have social experience react completely differently to what is happening around. These invisible strings of the soul give birth to a permanent piece of music that leads us through life. Growing up, the soul gives birth to conscience. They are the most important duet, which gives our life guidelines a definition.

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A family

Family and upbringing in it determine the further development of the life value system. This is the main place where the basic life guidelines of the person are laid. There are children who, like a sponge, absorb family values, put them in priority throughout life. But on the contrary, they grow and give themselves a vow that they will not adhere to parental values ​​in their own family.

Life experience

Being face to face with society, a person earns his personal experience in communicating with him. The person’s life guidelines, revived in the soul and developed in the family, continue to change as they gain life experience.

The property of the psyche of analysis and synthesis allows us to evaluate everything that happens to a person’s personality and to draw conclusions about the benefits or vice versa. This helps in determining life values.

For example, a seriously ill person prioritizes the value of physical health. Which, perhaps, before the illness he did not appreciate or did not appreciate enough. The feelings experienced, for example, by athletes, actors, musicians after a successful performance, turn their activities into the meaning of life.

Everyone has their own values, since everyone has their own experience, unique, inimitable. What makes you happy brings joy, satisfaction, inspires, and there is real value.

Eternal values

But do not forget about such concepts as morality. These are timeless, classic values. This is what distinguishes us from organisms. They do not change with time, nor with age, nor with nationality. Just the very title of "man" implies the ability to love and protect one's neighbor. Keeping the everlasting commandments that speak of the importance and value of life itself.

Our personal life guidelines are always commensurate with the concepts of these eternal values.

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