Pasta dish: cooking technologies and recipes

Pasta, which includes various types of vermicelli, noodles, horns, shells, tubes, etc., are among the dishes that are very simple to prepare. They are tasty, nutritious, well satisfy hunger and supply our body with B vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins and other valuable substances that are so necessary for it. In the kitchens of most nations of the world, there are a huge number of ways to cook this valuable product.

Common technology

pasta dish
Before talking about specific recipes, we recall how to cook a dish of pasta . They are laid in a large pot with enough boiling salted water. The calculation of the liquid is this: for every 100 g of “dough”, 2 cups of water. Salt - half a teaspoon. Asleep spaghetti, noodles, horns, etc., they need to be prevented so that they do not stick to the bottom or walls of the pan. A pasta dish is cooked for 20-30 minutes, if the varieties are thinner, vermicelli, for example, is slightly less - 12-15. Then the water is drained, the “dough” is washed under running water and seasoned with warm oil, sauce or gravy. This is, so to speak, the first, most famous method. But there is a second, less common - when a pasta dish is boiled in a small amount of boiling water (1 glass per 100 g of product). 20 minutes should be kept on medium heat, stirring occasionally. Then reduce the gas under the pan to a minimum and leave the pasta to pre-heat for another 15 minutes. At the end, put oil in the food and serve on the table.

Pasta with cottage cheese

pasta dishes recipes
The simplest pasta dish is when the “dough” is made with cottage cheese. Almost any grade and type of product is suitable for this. Boiled in one of the ways described above, pasta is mixed with cottage cheese - sweet or salted, and can be feta cheese, as well as butter. Sprinkle the salted ones on the table with chopped herbs and pepper. So do if pasta seasoned with grated cheese. And instead of butter, frying from vegetable oil and passivated onions is used. Appetizing smell and seductive taste will delight you!

Macaroni in tomato and mushroom sauce

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Pasta recipes are often recommended to combine with tomato sauces and gravy. For example, like this. Cook the “tubes” or spaghetti. Boil ham (100-150 g) and mushrooms (200-250 g). Cut them into small cubes and fry in vegetable oil. Separately, put out 5-6 tomatoes, having previously removed the skin from them and finely chopped. Then mix mushroom roasting with tomato, add chopped garlic (3 cloves), boil. Mix with pasta and serve hot.

Cottage cheese pasta

pasta dish
A delicious and original dish is pasta, or noodles. It is made with a variety of fillings: meat, vegetable, cottage cheese. Here is one of the simple but very mouth-watering recipes: boil pasta, mix with raw eggs (2 for every 250 g of “dough”), add the cottage cheese that was rubbed through a sieve (a glass or more). Grease the frying pan with oil, put the pasta-curd mass, sprinkle with vegetable oil on top and sprinkle with breadcrumbs. Put in the oven for 20 minutes to brown the dish. Then cut into portioned slices, sprinkle with icing sugar and serve as dessert. Yes, you can add vanilla. Or baked noodles with tomato paste, bell pepper and carrots. A spicy and spicy dish emits a captivating aroma, literally melts in your mouth. However, all pasta dishes, photos of which and recipes can be found in cookbooks, look very appetizing.

Cook, taste, fantasize, create your culinary masterpieces!


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