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The services of a transport company are often required by businessmen, and sometimes by ordinary citizens, when it is necessary to deliver large things that are not suitable for sending by mail to another city or country. At first glance, the problem is unsolvable. But nothing is impossible, because there are companies that specialize in such services. One of the largest is the Energy Mall. She works in hundreds of areas within the former Soviet Union and abroad. When you first contact the freight carrier, especially if you have to send valuables, you want to collect the maximum amount of information. Therefore, today we will study what former and current customers say about the Energy Mall. Reviews will allow you to make a fairly objective picture of the company and the possibility of cooperation with it.

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Territory covered

This is the first advantage that seriously distinguishes the carrier from competitors. Most flights are provided for in Russia. In total, 242 branches work here, that is, in each administrative center and city with a population of more than 100,000 people there are several points that can be contacted and transferred. This is very convenient for the consumer, which is why the Energy Mall is becoming more and more famous. Reviews emphasize that with a lack of time it turns out to be very important, if not decisive, the proximity of the reception point. In addition to the territory of the Russian Federation, there are 6 branches in China, 5 in Kyrgyzstan, one in Armenia, five in Poland and five in Belarus, and 16 in Kazakhstan.

Shipping Schedule

Work to call centers is in full swing. Here they accept applications and advise customers, direct them to the nearest point of cargo reception. The courtesy and correctness of the staff repeatedly emphasize the reviews. TC "Energy" is a place where every person will be listened carefully, his requirements and wishes are taken into account. And the result will be the prompt delivery of cargo to the destination on time and in safety. It should be noted that a large number of reviews indicate precisely the reverent attitude of the carrier to its immediate responsibilities.

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Company Achievements

Opened more than 10 years ago, the company managed to secure the trust of a large number of businessmen, who most often use similar services. The company has passed the certification of GOST ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001: 2008) and received a certificate of conformity. This suggests that all business processes are perfectly debugged, each employee knows what he is responsible for and how he must fulfill his responsibilities. All this leads to the expected result, each package arrives at the destination on time. This is confirmed by reviews.

In 2009, Energy Mall became a laureate of the inter-regional competition "The Best Products and Services of Siberia". And in 2014 she was awarded the prize "Leader of Russia". These are serious achievements that the company is rightly proud of.

Service cost calculation

This question worries the consumer in the first place. In order for you to be able to calculate all shipping costs in advance, the Energy transport company has developed an online service for you, which is available on the official website. You will be required to fill out a special form, indicating the weight and volume, point of departure and destination. However, in order to obtain information on the final payment amount, you must contact the managers. For example, oversized cargo is estimated at a different tariff, which does not take into account the standard form. Depending on the size and weight, the premium may be from 25 to 100% of the initial cost.

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Cargo tracking

TC "Energy" provides its customers with a very convenient service, namely: at any time you can find out exactly where the goods are sent. For planning meeting times, this is an indispensable service. You don’t even have to bother the manager or call the driver. Throughout the journey, the movement of cars is monitored, and data is transmitted directly to the office. A special program constantly updates the data on the site, so you can find out at what point the values ​​are sent up to the minute. You only need to know the invoice number. TC "Energy" ensures that customers experience as little inconvenience as possible. Your task is only to apply for transportation, professionals will do the rest. In their reviews, regular customers note that they are primarily interested in the high quality of services, which they find in this company.

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Rural delivery

Another popular service that is often used by Russians. If it is necessary to quickly deliver a parcel weighing more than 20 kg to regional and regional district centers in Russia, they are usually sent by mail. This is not always convenient, but there are post offices everywhere, in every city and in the countryside. The Energy company, by contrast, has branches in cities, but not in remote areas. Therefore, their symbiosis works just perfect. Take the goods in the office of the shopping center "Energy". Tracking of cargo occurs, as usual, on the site. And you can get the parcel at any post office. A notice will come from the nearest of them.

Full security

Energy transport company is not just so popular. The impeccable reputation that the company has earned over many years contributes to this. Below we will consider the reviews that customers leave, but most of them have no doubt in the highest quality of the services provided. Employees primarily care about the safety of delivered goods, concluding contracts only with the most reliable and trusted carriers. In addition, managers carry out satellite tracking of each car, organize the protection of storage facilities. Technical experts monitor the technical condition of vehicles and video surveillance systems.

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This is the business of each client, but fully protects your property from any accidents that may occur along the way. Therefore, company specialists strongly recommend that you go through this procedure, despite the fact that this slightly increases the cost of the service. PJSC "Insurance Joint Stock Company" ENERGOGARANT "" is a reliable partner of the company. This allows you to completely avoid losses.

Why did you choose this insurance company? This is due to high reliability and relatively low prices. Judge for yourself: with the declared cost of the cargo up to 100 thousand rubles, insurance will cost only 50 rubles if the transportation takes place on the territory of the Russian Federation. For international transport - 0.3% of the declared value of the cargo. Payments are made in accordance with this amount.

Where to go

The company has a lot of branches, so we will name only those that are located in capital cities. Most warehouses in Moscow. TC "Energy" has branches at the following addresses:

  • 1st Glass, 7, building 2.
  • Warehouse highway, 7;
  • 1st Dubrovsky passage 78/14;
  • st. Amurskaya, 21;
  • st. Princely, possession 2;
  • Moscow region Vidnovsky district, s. Aparinki, possession 9;

This is a complete list of branches located in Moscow. TC Energia opened its first branch here, and then it began the victorious march around the country.

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northern capital

Here, customers have less choices. Two branches of the Energy Mall operate across the city. St. Petersburg is in the near future waiting for the opening of three more branches, because the carrier’s load level is only increasing. It speaks better than any words about the high quality of the services provided. The office and warehouse are located at ul. Kubinskaya 78. Here you are expected from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 20:00. The second warehouse of shopping center "Energy", St. Petersburg, st. Krasnoarmeyskaya, d.11.

Positive reviews

Analyzing what the company's customers write, we can conclude that the employees fulfill their duties very well, providing quality services. Many people indicate that they are regular customers and do not want to look for another carrier. Competitive prices, delays, if any, are not the fault of the company: weather conditions, the emergency situation on the highway ... But the main thing is that the cargo was delivered on time. Customers also note that it is extremely difficult to find another carrier that would have the same coverage of settlements. It’s good if the final destination is Moscow. TC "Energy" delivers to villages and neighborhoods, as well as throughout the near and far abroad. The courtesy and correctness of the entire staff is also noted, from managers to drivers who sometimes have to fulfill the role of a loader. Many entrepreneurs say that you don’t have to worry about receiving soon if the delivery of Energy is carried out.

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Negative reviews

There are few of them, but let's talk about the shortcomings that were found by customers. But even they note a rather low cost of delivery. TC "Energy" provides its customers with favorable conditions for cooperation. And of the minuses, an uncomfortable schedule is noted. Weekdays are closed at 18:00, and not everyone has the opportunity to find time during the day. All other negative reviews that could be found are special cases, force majeure, errors in invoices, delays due to accidents. Situations are unpleasant, but it is worth noting that the company bears full responsibility and compensates for the loss of customers if they were.

Instead of a conclusion

Whether or not to use the services of a freight carrier is the choice of each of us. But if you need to deliver oversized cargo on time and at the same time minimize the risks associated with its shipment, then pay attention to this company. Working on the market for more than 10 years, it has all the capabilities to provide services at the highest level. The company’s website is extremely conveniently made, where you can find all the necessary information, as well as place an order and track the movement of your transport without the need to additionally contact managers or call drivers.

Judging by the reviews, the company TC "Energy" is trustworthy. Most regular customers note the exceptional courtesy of the staff, as well as high efficiency in the delivery of goods. The cost of delivery of the goods will depend on its weight and size, as well as on the conditions of the application. If you indicate that you are sending a valuable cargo, then the cost increases, but the carrier’s liability also increases. For this, a separate transport is used, most often air transportation is involved, especially if urgency is also paid extra. Addresses of TC "Energy" and other necessary details can always be found on the official website of the company.


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