What to do if the ear lays: the causes of discomfort and ways to resolve it

What should I do if I have an ear?

Everyone can remember the feeling when the ear was blocked and ringing in the head. There is little pleasant, even if the feeling passes quickly. It is much worse if it turns out to be quite long. There can be many reasons for this. The answer to the question of what to do if the ear is blocked depends on specific reasons. Therefore, it is worth considering each separately to deal with the necessary actions in each case.

What to do if you put your ear in after bathing?

The cause of discomfort is water, which enters the Eustachian tube. Trying to get the water wet with a cotton swab or swab is definitely not worth it. Just try to lie on your side, on the side of which the injured ear so that the water flows out. Pull the lobe slightly and swallow. If water is in the middle ear and causes pain, drip anti-inflammatory ear drops. They often have analgesic effects, so very soon your condition will change for the better.

Stuffed ear, how to treat?

What should I do if my ear is blocked by pressure drops?

Ears often lays when climbing or descending from a great height. No less often it happens that after a flight in an airplane, an ear was blocked. How to treat, and is it necessary to treat this condition? The cause of discomfort is the deterioration of the sound in the middle ear cavity, the pressure in which differs from the pressure around the person. There is no need to take any special measures. You can simply help improve hearing by repeating several swallowing movements that open the lumen of the Eustachian tube.

What if the ear plugs from a sulfuric plug?

As a rule, sulfur cork does not cause pain, but simply leads to hearing loss and a feeling of stuffiness. Most often, it appears in only one ear. Its occurrence can be caused by various individual features of the structure of the auditory meatus or in violation of hygiene. Do not deeply clean the ear canals with cotton buds, this provokes an accumulation of sulfur. For treatment, the ear needs to be rinsed with furatsilin, sometimes it may be necessary to use anti-inflammatory drops for prevention.

What should I do if I get an ear from a cold?

The ear is stuffy and ringing
During a cold, discomfort can occur without any connection with inflammation of the hearing aid itself. This is due to the narrowing of the Eustachian tube due to a runny nose. It is impossible to cure a stuffy ear separately from the underlying disease, so you should take care of the common cold. And to alleviate the condition, it is worth using nasal drops narrowing the vessels. They will reduce swelling of the nasal mucosa and help improve hearing. Alternatively, you can just try to inflate a regular balloon or hold your nose tightly with your fingers and try to exhale strongly. If the inflammatory process in the body affects the ear itself , congestion appears along with pain. In this case, you will need to take antibiotics and drugs that strengthen the immune system. Physiotherapy may also be required, which should be recommended by the attending physician.

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