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The National Basketball Association is the most popular and profitable professional basketball league in the world. The tournament, which is played by clubs in the USA and Canada, annually gathers millions of fans from around the world on TV screens. The association has existed since 1946, to become a champion in this league - a truly outstanding achievement for every athlete, comparable to getting into the Guinness Book of Records.

Now the NBA has 30 teams, divided into two conferences according to the geographical principle - Western and Eastern. Each season, each team holds 82 matches, so there is more than enough time to show their skills.

Absolute record holder

The best sniper in the history of the NBA - center “Milwaukee Bucks” and “Los Angeles Lakers” Karim Abdul-Jabbar. He began his career in 1969 in a team from Wisconsin, and on the 75th he moved to the City of Angels, where he achieved major successes in the NBA. The records set by him in the 70s have not been broken so far.

nba records
During his career, Abdul-Jabbar scored 38 387 points. This took him 1,560 matches. Thus, the average performance was 24.6 points per game. The makings of a future basketball star in Karim appeared even at birth - the growth of the baby was 57.2 cm with a weight of almost 6 kilograms.

An impressive list of his personal achievements in the NBA. Individual records of Abdul-Jabbar seem incredible - 60.4 percent of hits from the game. This figure was set in the Lakers in the 1979/80 season. During his career, Karim became the champion of the National Basketball Association 6 times, the same number of times he was recognized as the most valuable NBA player, for 4 seasons he held the title of leader of the regular championship in block shots, in the 76th he became the best in rebounds. In both teams, in which Abdul-Jabbar played, he was assigned number 33.

Interestingly, at birth, his name was Ferdinand Lewis Alsindor Jr. He changed his name at 24, after the adoption of Islam. In this, his fate is similar to the life of the famous boxer Muhammad Ali.

After finishing his professional career, Karim began acting in films. He made his debut in the movie "Game of Death", while still performing in the NBA. It is noteworthy that the main role in this picture belongs to Bruce Lee, who did not live to see the premiere. The release of the film was timed to the 5th anniversary of his death.

Abdul-Jabbar played a total of more than 20 full-length films. The latter - the television series "Boys with Children" - was released recently, in 2012.

Number 2

The second line in the ranking of NBA champions in terms of points is taken by the player who also completed his career. Carl Malone played for Utah Jazz and the Los Angeles Lakers from 1985 to 2004. By the way, five of the seven best NBA snipers set records for points as part of a team from the city of Angels.

NBA record for points

Carl Malone was a heavy forward. The main task of such a player is the selection of the ball in attack and defense. Over the 19 years of his professional career, Malone managed to earn 36,928 points. At the same time, he spent almost 100 games less than Abdul-Jabbar, so his average performance per match is higher - 25 points per game.

Karl has one more absolute record - in the number of free throws made and realized. There were 9,787 of them. Those who really have iron nerves.

In third position

On the third line of our rating is a player whose professional career ended just the other day. This is Kobe Bryant. For 20 years he has not cheated on one of the strongest clubs in the Los Angeles Lakers League. The two-meter basketball player, nicknamed Black Mamba, has long dreamed of entering the history of the NBA. The records of this athlete are as follows. To date, Bryant has 33 643 points.

NBA career record points
He completed his career in the spring of 2016 on a major note. In the last match with “Utah” Bryant scored 60 points. In general, gaining a lot of points for a match is one of its main advantages. According to this indicator, he is the second in the association - in 2006, in a game against the “Toronto Raptors” Kobe Bryant earned 81 points.

Highscores per game

During one match, another eminent basketball player - Wilt Chamberlain earned the most points. The peak of his career occurred in the 60-70s. Starting to play in Philadelphia, he ended his career, like most stars in Los Angeles, becoming a two-time NBA champion. He can safely enter records in points for a match into his asset.

nba score on points per match
The most outstanding was the 1961/62 season. Chamberlain scored 100 points in one game, scored a series of 35 shots without a single miss, and scored 4,029 points in 80 games of the season. In the NBA, selection records belong to him. During his career Chamberlain made 23,942 successful selection.

On the 5th line in the list of snipers of the National Basketball Association of Chamberlain, during his career he earned 31,419 points. Like Abdul-Jabbar, after finishing his professional career in sports, he went to the cinema. In the 1984 film Conan the Destroyer, Chamberlain has one of the main roles, Bombats.

His Air

Perhaps many were surprised, but where in this ranking is perhaps the most famous basketball player on the planet - Michael Jordan? The attacking defender, “Chicago Bulls” and “Washington Wizards”, nicknamed “His Highness” 4th line.

NBA individual records
Jordan did not earn as much as the top three winners - 32,292 points, but he spent an order of magnitude fewer matches - only 1,072. So, on average, this player remains the most productive in the NBA. Michael Jordan began setting points for his career as a young man, ultimately achieving a score of 30.1 points per game, to the envy of his opponents.

In 2009, Jordan received a place in the Basketball Hall of Fame for outstanding achievements - two-time Olympic champion, 6-time NBA champion, participated in the all-star game 14 times. By right, he is considered one of the best defenders in world basketball history, who played a key role in the fact that today it is one of the most popular sports on the planet.

You can still beat the record

Of the current NBA players, whose records have not yet been completed, German Dirk Nowitzki stands out special. This is the best sniper in league history among Europeans and white basketball players. After all, all the athletes that we talked about earlier are African-Americans.

nba rebound records
Nowitzki stands for the Dallas Mavericks team and is on the 6th position in the list of the best NBA snipers. He began his career in the league in 1999, the team has not changed since then. He has already earned 29,491 points, but, unlike previous heroes, still continues his career, despite his age - he is 38 years old.

It was the outstanding game of Nowitzki that became the determining factor due to which Dallas won the championship of the National Basketball Association for the first time in its history in 2011. In the final series, he was recognized as the most valuable player. This is a universal heavy striker with a good set throw from both close and long range.

Champions among current players

Another basketball player who continues to set records in the NBA today is LeBron James. Light forward Cleveland and Miami Heat have already chalked up 26,833 points, averaging 27.2 per game. Not going to stop there. Moreover, in the last season he became the NBA champion in the “Cleveland Cavaliers” for the third time in his career.

nba player records
Given his age (he is only 31 years old), he is quite capable, if not breaking the record of Abdul-Jabbar, then settle down in the first three. So far, James has the 11th line.

Next to him is another eminent basketball player, 5-time NBA champion Tim Duncan, who plays for San Antonio Spurs. He earned only a few hundred points less than James, but his age (Duncan is 40 years old) suggests that he will soon have to complete his professional career.

Highest scoring position

If we analyze the list of the 50 most successful NBA players by position, then an interesting pattern is revealed. It is not possible to establish at what position in the NBA the records of players are most often set. The fact is that exactly 11 athletes each had the main roles of light forward, heavy forward, center and attacking defender. That is, there is not even a minimal advantage in any of the positions.

For obvious reasons, only point defenders remain in disfavor, since they are at the forefront of the attack least often. Only 6 representatives of this role were included in the coveted rating, the most productive of them - Oscar Robertson - is in 12th place, his career fell on the 60-70s.


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