Hatha Yoga Instructor Olga Bulanova

Bulanova Olga is one of the professional instructors in the growing popularity of hatha yoga. With its help, all comers learn the basics of this direction, learn the rules of physical harmony and self-improvement. More about this wonderful and fair woman we will tell in this article.

Bulanova Olga

Brief information about the life of the heroine

Bulanova Olga is a pretty and pleasant woman who began her acquaintance with yoga in mid-1994. Then she could not even imagine how much she would be drawn into this wonderful world of asanas, harmony and healing of her whole body.

Our heroine chose Jayyakumar Swamishri as her first teacher. In order to learn all the necessary basics from Hatha Yoga, she had to temporarily move to South India, where she followed the teacher to a small town called Mysore. Later, Olga Bulanova returned to Moscow and continued her studies, but already in the specialized yoga center named after J. Nehru, organized at the Embassy of India in the capital. Here she studied from 1995 to 1999.

yoga with Olga Bulanova

Self-development and self-search

Having gained certain knowledge and experience in the field of hatha yoga, Olga Bulanova decided not to stop there. This time she decided to engage in self-knowledge and self-improvement. To begin with, she had to thoroughly study the technology of integrated training, which is the author’s technique of Andrey Sidersky. This technique consisted in a certain presentation of material adapted to the Russian mentality, but with the preservation of the effectiveness and uncompromisingness of the eastern principle of instruction.

Olga Bulanova for beginners

Later Olga was interested in the principle of the presentation of material from Andrei Lappa, who had lived in Russia and America for a long time. During the compilation of our own practice, our heroine began to apply her knowledge gained through training at the J. Nehru Center and after passing theoretical courses of other masters in the field of yoga art. From that moment, Olga Bulanova (hatha yoga - her favorite type of activity) firmly decided for herself that she would become a professional instructor and would share her knowledge with other people.

Obtaining a teacher certificate

Continuing to engage in ashtanga-vinyasa yoga from a video featuring Patabbha Joyce, she went to classes with Igor Medvedev in parallel. After a while in early 1999, she was allowed to recruit her group and teach. At the same time, our heroine received a certificate allowing her to begin a full-fledged teaching career. According to preliminary information, this document was issued by the Center to J. Nehru. And so began yoga with Olga Bulanova.

Start of teaching

Since the spring of 1999, Olga began to teach hatha yoga, especially breathing (pranayama) and the subtleties of meditation. For these purposes, she chose a center called Ritambhara. In the period from 2000 to 2006, Bulanova taught at the Ashtanga Yoga Center in the capital. The lessons were quite successful, as people came to our heroine’s classes almost every day. She herself liked that she could share her knowledge and skills with the same students as she had previously been.

Continuing education in India

Like any other teacher, periodically Olga went to improve her own qualifications. So, according to her story, she had to repeatedly go to India for new knowledge. For example, there she found her new mentor and teacher, Bal Mukund Singh. There she met such wonderful people as:

  • Alternative medicine lover Madawan.
  • Hatha Yoga Fan Venkatesh.
  • A connoisseur of the long and long meditation of Sheshadri.

Participation in thematic programs and seminars

Bulanova repeatedly became a participant in various thematic evenings, trainings and programs. For example, in 2005, she successfully performed in a kind of amateur competition between hatha yoga instructors. Exactly a year later, she repeated her overwhelming success, presenting to the audience the audience her own bunch of famous asanas. At the same time, she began training yoga lovers who visited the club of spiritual traditions, which was called "Kailash".

In early 2008, she was offered her own time on television. She gladly took advantage of the offer and began to lead the author’s program on the wonderful “Live!” Channel. At the end of the same year and the next eight years, Bulanova was the permanent leader at the teacher training among other yoga instructors at the Prana (yoga center).

Olga Bulanova Hatha Yoga

What Olga Bulanova offers for beginners: studio, classes

Olga is currently leading her groups of students in the same Prana center. Its students, as a rule, are not only people with basic knowledge of yoga, but also more advanced students. To help them, Bulanova’s teacher gives practical advice, corrects mistakes during class, and also conducts his own video blog, where he uploads various video lessons for beginners, intermediate level students and continuing students.

Among admirers of her talent there are many office workers, bankers, nutritionists, housewives and people of other professions. And her friend, partner and faithful husband Vladimir Zaitsev helps her in all this .

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