French coffee: description, composition and features of preparation

Coffee has exceptional properties. Over the years, the popularity of this drink only grows stronger, a whole culture of connoisseurs and true fans develops. In such people, the morning begins with aroma and taste, which set the tone for the rest of the day. Each coffee lover has in his arsenal more than one recipe for roasting and making coffee. The French version of the use of this drink is distinguished by sophistication and special charm.

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A bit of history

The French are a nation that at all times has been known for its special attitude to gastronomy and everything related to eating. It was from France that the term "haute cuisine" came from, where banal cooking was elevated to the rank of art. This drink was no exception: French coffee beans are appreciated all over the world for their aroma and special taste.

The drink gained massive popularity among the gourmet nation in the middle of the 17th century with the light hand of King Louis XIV. This representative of the French monarchy not only introduced the fashion for coffee, but he himself was an avid coffee lover. He brewed a cup of morning aromatic drink with his own hand and did not trust anyone in this important event.

Later, coffee became a favorite treat among the general population, having squeezed an equally noble drink - French wine. The popularity of coffee has become so great that it negatively affected the production of wine in France. This fact extremely upset the local winemakers and made them organize dishonest provocations, the purpose of which was to discredit the drink and declare its harmfulness.

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But neither constant anti-coffee propaganda, nor the subsequent condemnation of the clergy could affect the popularity of coffee. The French people appreciated this drink and continued to complement its natural taste at its discretion.

The popularity of the drink in France today

To date , coffee has only strengthened its position as the most popular drink for the French. Moreover, its prevalence is gaining momentum and soon there will not be a single resident of the country who does not drink this drink. Today, this figure is approaching 90%, which means that 9 out of 10 French people cannot imagine the beginning of their day without a cup of aromatic drink.

Statistics show that rarely what kind of Frenchman is limited to one cup of an invigorating drink per day. It is common practice to drink one cup for awakening, and the next - for enjoyment. There are often cases when the French even buy different varieties: cheaper is used primarily in the morning; and better and more expensive - a little later, in a moment of solitude and enjoy the taste and aroma of coffee. The French example proves that you need to live with style!

french coffee composition

Why exactly french?

Typically, the marking indicates the country of origin. In turn, the phrase "French coffee" says something completely different. The fact is that in France, coffee beans are not grown, but only very actively consumed.

And to make this use as enjoyable as possible, the French begin with the first stage of processing grains - their roasting.

All self-respecting French coffee houses themselves roast coffee beans for their visitors. French roasting can occur even directly at the client so that the drink is as aromatic as possible. There are several special technologies for roasting coffee beans, but most professional coffee makers prefer to keep them secret.

coffee french roast

It is also customary to designate the recipe for the preparation of this drink as the informal term “French coffee”. It also includes cognac, cane sugar and vanilla.

Classic brandy recipe

In order to try real coffee according to the classic recipe, it is best to go to Paris and look at one of the magic coffee houses on its picturesque street. But if there is no such opportunity yet, you should not despair - you can make real French coffee yourself. Its composition is completely uncomplicated, and the cooking process requires inspiration and creative impulse.

For cooking, you will not need a large amount of complex equipment or utensils: the whole process takes place in a cup. Before you start preparing a drink according to the French recipe, you must pre-brew a grain coffee from high-quality Arabica, but not too strong. For one serving of drink, 40 ml of coffee is enough.

The glass or cup from which the finished drink will be consumed must be preheated. Cognac, in an amount of 30 ml, gently pours into the bottom of the hot dishes. It is better to choose cognac of good quality and for the fullness of the sensations of taste - also French.

coffee french

In cognac, carefully put two pieces of sugar, which equals about one teaspoon without a hill.

Then gently brewed hot brewed coffee, in a thin stream, to avoid mixing the ingredients.

The process of preparation is completed by a small amount of whipped cream, which are carefully laid out on top of the coffee with a spoon.

Mix the resulting drink is not worth it: if everything is done correctly, then it will consist of several separate layers. Its use through a tube is allowed in order to better feel each of the constituent elements.

A bit of vanilla?

A variation of the classics in the French version of the preparation is the addition of vanilla to coffee. The French manufacturer even sells ready-made packages of ground grains that already contain powdered vanilla.

coffee french roast

There is a lot of controversy and disagreement about vanilla powder - it is believed that vanilla powder does not decorate, but only interrupts the natural coffee aroma.

But here it’s a matter of everyone’s choice: for some, vanilla is absolutely superfluous, and only the coffee aroma is enough, and someone will blur in a smile from the warm notes of the sweet aroma of vanilla coffee.

In any case, it’s definitely worth trying the French traditional drink with vanilla.

Subtleties and secrets

The French, as true connoisseurs of a delicate taste, know a lot of the subtleties of choosing and making a drink from coffee beans.

First of all, you need to choose the right drink, because a good quality product will never be the cheapest. It is better to give preference to proven brands that are not the first year on the market, or even the first century.

french coffee beans

To get the most aromatic drink, you should buy coffee beans and grind them yourself. And you need to do this immediately before further use.

Another French secret is sugar. Our usual white beet sugar is not respected and trusted by the gourmet nation. Only cane brown sugar is added to the drink . It is believed that it is not only healthier than white, but also able to better emphasize the versatility of the taste of coffee.

And what kind of Frenchman will drink his favorite drink without traditional baking? A hot croissant, a bun or other fresh pastries, which France is so famous for, will complement the pleasure of a small cup of aromatic drink.

There are many recipes for making a drink, almost every country has its own subtleties of its use.

Do not deprive yourself of the pleasure of joining the French as a connoisseur of coffee. But one should not forget about moderation, coffee is a product that significantly affects the vascular system and metabolism, therefore it should not be abused.


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