Almond-shaped nail design: description

It is impossible to imagine a complete female image without a manicure, which is given special attention. If the fingers of the fair sex are far from the desired length, they can be visually increased. The almond-shaped form of nails will help in this matter . The design is chosen to your liking - the one that the lady wants. In this case, the pens will look most feminine and natural, which will very harmoniously affect the creation of a single image.

Almond shaped nails

Those who do not know all the subtleties of the person may wonder what the design of nails is almond-shaped. This term involves nail art in a certain form, and it is not natural, but is created by a manicurist. For a long time, such parameters remain quite popular. Therefore, most women choose almond-shaped nails. The design is determined by the length of the plate and the actual situation - the lady does everyday manicure or is preparing for a certain celebration. Naturally, the use of additional accessories is not forbidden, which may be the same, for example, stickers. Screen patterns look very gentle with contrasting varnish or, for example, the Cat's Eye style.

almond-shaped nail design

If the fingers are not ideal and have some flaws, a beautiful design on almond-shaped nails will help to hide them. Such a manicure will give additional charm to their owner. Many masters unanimously claim that this is a kind of classic of the genre that will never go out of style. It's like a little black dress by Coco Chanel. Despite all its charm, it is the almond-shaped nail design that has its drawbacks.

Firstly, they are impractical and traumatic, and secondly, it will be difficult for a woman to perform everyday tasks. It should be borne in mind that such a manicure is not suitable for all persons. A beginner of nail cases may not pay attention to this, but an experienced master will always tell you how best to arrange the pens. Do not neglect the advice of a professional, because it is his job to see the “result without result”. Therefore, no matter how wonderful the idea may seem, prior coordination with the contractor is necessary. We are talking about women with a chubby physique and short fingers, which are most suitable for the amygdala shape of nails. Design, of course, is chosen by the customer.

Give the nails an almond shape

How is this classic manicure made out? Everything is simple. It is enough to remember that the tip of the nail should taper upward, but not be too sharp, otherwise the effect will turn out to be different. This design of the plate just explains the similarity with the nut of the same name. There is a special sequence of actions to get the right almond-shaped nails. Design can be thought out initially or immediately before the application of varnish.

almond shaped nail design

So, initially it is necessary to give the plate a square shape. For this, you do not need a whole set of tools. After all, it will only require a nail file and nail scissors. After the first stage is successfully completed, sharp corners are removed. And finally, the final action comes down to aligning the nail and shaping the almonds. A prerequisite - the length of all received "nuts" should be the same. It is important to remember that on too short plates, such a manicure will look ridiculous, more like small triangles.

Design options

Observing the "prelude", you can proceed to the most interesting. How to make an almond-shaped nail design? A lot of options. The main thing in this matter is to emphasize the beauty of forms. The most popular options are:

  • Natural French. A very common manicure, perfectly emphasizing the shape of the free edge. You can make a classic, add a few rhinestones when you visit a gala event or dilute with juicy colors if you plan, for example, a trip on vacation.

almond shaped design

  • Plain coating. Apparent simplicity is always in fashion. A huge selection of varnishes allows you to create a unique color, and you can supplement the image with a couple of stickers.
  • Lunar manicure. The contrast of the colors of the base of the nail and the free edge will give originality and individuality to the fingers.
  • Aquarium manicure or volume modeling. This option is perfect for special occasions, whether it is a wedding or, for example, graduation. Skillfully selected by the master, the simultaneous combination of rhinestones, stickers, lace and sparkles will give originality not only to the nails themselves, but to the whole image.


Recently, juicy colors have been very popular - bright fingers flicker now and again, attracting attention. Ombre technique will help create a summer design of almond-shaped nails. In this case, gradient manicure is a great solution. Especially if it is made with neon colors, for example, from bright pink at the base of the hole to saturated yellow at the top of the plate.

summer design of almond-shaped nails


Another option for summer manicure is the design in turquoise style. Solid lacquering is adjacent to a neat openwork black painting on two adjacent fingers. You can add a frame of turquoise rhinestones. Then the owner of such beauty will undoubtedly be in the spotlight.

White manicure

Well, for dessert - a chic manicure in white tones, the highlight of which is a voluminous red flower, "grown" on the ring finger. You can add a few silver rhinestones and a small floral print on an adjacent finger - a similar solution will definitely distinguish a woman from the crowd, indicating the style and sophistication of character.

beautiful design on almond-shaped nails


It would seem that the variety of colors and manicure techniques allows each woman to express her self. Although it is the almond-shaped nail design that is considered the most sophisticated and popular.


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