Red Light Street - Holland's main attraction

There are places in the world that every person knows about. Of course, far from everywhere and not everyone has the opportunity to go there, but, as they say, the earth is full of rumors. Such well-known places include, for example, the Louvre, the Colosseum, the Hermitage, the Moulin Rouge or ... Red Light District. We’ll talk about the latter.

Street red-light district
At school, at history classes or the Moscow Art Theater, unlike the same Louvre, they don’t talk about it, but nevertheless there are few adults who would secretly not want to look at this sight with at least one eye. Where is Red Light Street? In the capital of the Netherlands - Amsterdam, in the center of its old part. In fact, this is not just one street, but an entire area covering an area of ​​6500 square meters. kilometers. Why is this place so interesting to all tourists and residents of the city? The thing is that, walking along these streets, you can fully enjoy not only the contemplation of the magnificent medieval architecture, but also get bodily satisfaction by using the services of one of the many "night butterflies" that playfully show their charms in the so-called window displays - in the windows lit by red lamps.

red light street in holland
Why exactly the Red Light District? Why not green, yellow or blue? Red color became symbolic for prostitution back in the 14th century. Then Amsterdam was a small port village, where many merchants and sailors always walked. Taverns and gambling houses worked for them, and ladies of easy virtue for a fee were ready to caress travelers who for a long journey had lost the habit of communicating with a woman. One could not even dream of electricity in those days, and therefore the streets were dark. Walking companies or matrons hurrying home lit candles on their way. And it so happened sometimes that the tipsy sailors sometimes confused the pious townspeople with the girls offering love for money. Therefore, the authorities forced prostitutes to use red lights so that men knew who they could approach, and whose honor was strictly monitored by fathers, brothers or husbands. Since then, the red color has been fixed to the "night butterflies", and the Dutch authorities gave them a whole quarter for their hard work. By the way, prostitution is still legalized here, and girls pay the state tax.

where is the red light district
What is Red Light Street in Holland today? There are many one-room premises for rent to girls of easy virtue. Walking around this quarter, at any time of the day you can see these “sex workers” in the lighted windows. They sit on high bar stools, flirt with passers-by, smile, wink or drink coffee and read magazines. Customers can choose a “product” for every taste: passionate Asians, sophisticated Europeans, hot Africans, thin and full, very young and quite mature. The cost of their services is also different. If the girl drew the curtain, it means she is busy, and it makes no sense to knock on her. It is worth noting that not only girls work in the Quarter, but also men and transvestites.

In addition to a friend for the night or for an hour, lovers of voluptuous entertainment can also find sex shops, peep shows, porn theaters, the Hashish Museum and the Erotic Museum in the Red Light District .


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