Awesome manicure: options with photos

Without exception, all women want to look the most beautiful. Such is female nature and essence. However, each of the fair sex understands how much work, money and time is behind every sleek beauty. Well, here's how, for example, a modern woman to do without manicure. Neat well-groomed hands with beautiful nails are one of the most important components of the beauty of appearance. What options are awesome manicure can be done to be in the trend of the season?

How to make high-quality gel polish?

The first thing to start any manicure with is the preparation of nails for applying varnish. The final result often depends on this stage. To soften the rough skin of the hands, make a bath with the addition of sea salt. After 10-15 minutes, get your hands out and proceed to remove the cuticle. This can be done with special tweezers or an orange tree stick. Also, do not forget to slightly file the side rollers framing the nail plates. Touch up the nails, giving them the same length and shape.

The next step is the application of gel polish. Coat your nails with a thin layer of primer. After a few seconds, apply a thin layer of base gel polish. Dry in a special LED lamp for 1 minute. Next use colored varnish. If it is not thick enough and dense, first apply one coat, dry and only then coat with a second. Finally, apply the topcoat to your nails.

Be sure to "seal" the tips of the nails, that is, their end parts. This technique is used by everyone who wants to save the life of their manicure for a long time. To seal, simply swipe the semi-dry brush with the top along the edges of the nails. If you consistently and carefully complete all the above steps, you will undoubtedly receive a funky manicure.

Beautiful coating in soft colors

Today it is quite rare to meet a woman whose all nails are painted the same color. Modern fashion dictates a slightly different idea of ​​what is stylish and which coating should be chosen first. If you are looking for a variant of awesomely beautiful manicure, we suggest paying attention to the following idea.

lilac design

The technique called "marble" is incredibly popular this season. In general, everything is clear here, it got its name thanks to the imitation of natural marble stone, which is widely used in various directions. To make a similar design, you will need an ordinary package. Cut a small piece of cellophane and crumple it. Next, apply a little dark gray and purple varnish to its surface. Then gently attach the lump from the bag to the already painted white nail. Dry the resulting pattern in a lamp and cover with a top gel polish.

French funky manicure is made in the form of a triangle. This technique lengthens the fingers, making them more elegant.

And for the flickering effect, this funky manicure uses a rub. The powder is applied to an already dried top using a special applicator. After rubbing, coat the nails with another layer of top-coat varnish.

White and Gold Nail Design

If you like to shine in every sense of the word, we recommend that you look at the design of nails with gold sparkles. However, it must be borne in mind that this type of funky manicure is suitable only for long nails.

fashionable nail design

Many women are worried about how to achieve a dense glitter finish. Experienced craftsmen advise in this case two options. The first is the acquisition of a shiny varnish with fine sparkles and a thick consistency. Such gel polish lies just in a dense layer, without gaps. And the second tip is to use loose sparkles. Drawing over a shiny nail is applied with a thin brush with a long artificial pile.

Delicate design

For romantic natures, turquoise manicure with rhinestones is suitable. The latter are laid out on top of the topcoat before drying under the lamp. It is more convenient to do this with tweezers. In order for rhinestones to hold better on the nail after drying, fill the space between them with the top. On top of the rhinestones are not covered with anything, otherwise they will lose their luster.

beautiful manicure

New Year's motives

Winter holidays are approaching, which means that it's time to think through your New Year's image. In addition to a beautiful dress, we recommend not to forget about nails. To decorate your pens, select awesomely beautiful manicure in red colors. This bright and rich color will cheer you up and transform the overall look of a woman. Below in the photo a funky manicure with gel polish.

red nails

In this design option, several techniques are used at once: glitter (sparkles), hand painting, rubbing. To make the pattern on the nails smooth and beautiful, we recommend training on acrylic nails. You can also study and fill your hand on ordinary cardboard. Avoid too thick lines and too many details. Both that, and another looks excessively and will spoil any manicure.

Stylish minimalism

If you are bored of the classic nail design options, then pay attention to the awesome ideas for manicure in the style of minimalism. This direction is extremely popular today not only in nail art, but also in the interior, and even clothing. Such a manicure will definitely not go unnoticed.

unusual nails

You will need: a thin brush, white and black varnishes and gold ribbons for nails. Use the brush to draw triangles and small details. When gluing the tape, do not forget that it should end slightly reaching the edge of the nail. Otherwise, there is a risk that its ends will cling to clothes and hair.

The sea worries once ...

Another very popular design preferred by many women is marine. The theme of the sea brings to mind about vacations, distant lands and travels. Therefore, it is perfect not only in the season of most departures, but also in gloomy winter days when you want to remember pleasant sunny moments.

marine manicure

To make the stripes on the nails even, you can use ribbons or a thin brush. However, in the second case, you will have to try. Since not every girl succeeds in drawing neat strips, in the case of ribbons, everything is much simpler. Just coat the nails with white varnish and dry in a lamp, then apply a top and also dry. Stick horizontal strips on the nail and coat them with blue gel polish on top. Dry and remove the tapes. Thus, you can decorate half of the nail, or its upper part.

Draw an anchor or a helm using the same thin brush and golden small sparkles. The most awesome manicure is ready!

Restraint and luxury

Of course, not all women like bright nail designs, so nail art masters are ready to offer them a lot of ideas for creating a restrained, but very effective manicure. One of these is the following option.

floral design

Unnamed fingers in this design are highlighted by beautiful hand-painted. But to achieve such beauty is possible only with some artistic skills. However, not so long ago, such a thing as sliders appeared in the nail industry. Today it is a widely used material for creating various types of manicure without using murals.

Simply put, sliders are a thin film with a pattern printed on it. Select the one you need, then cut it out of the slider to fit your nail. After that, put on a cotton pad moistened with water and wait until moisture is absorbed into the paper. Take tweezers and separate the slider from the substrate, transfer to the nail and straighten. At the end, cover with two layers of top coat. Thus, you can create a varied manicure with drawings, even without the skills of drawing.

Gloss black

Women with character need something that reflects their inner strength and fire. Therefore, often their choice in the shade of nails falls on dark tones, such as black or burgundy.

black nails

To decorate monophonic black nails, you can use the decor in the form of small balls. In another way, it is called "caviar manicure." The eggs are applied to a fresh layer of top coat and slightly crushed with a finger, and then dried under a lamp.


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