What is a student portfolio? How to make it up?

A student’s portfolio is the so-called catalog of student’s achievements during his studies at a particular educational institution. It helps to objectively evaluate strengths, as well as skills and knowledge acquired as a result of scientific activity.

The rating of a future specialist who will soon enter the labor market directly depends on his ability to compete, motivation for career achievements, and the level of professional competence. These factors contribute to the compilation of their own portfolio by students of the university.


student portfolio

Modern pedagogical technologies distinguish three types of student portfolio:

  1. Documentation - a portfolio of documents certifying individual student achievements in the educational process.
  2. Portfolio of works - a collection of student works of a creative, research nature, as well as marked successes in olympiads, competitions and scientific conferences.
  3. Testimonial portfolio - an assessment of your own achievements in addition to the reviews of teachers, fellow students, parents, etc.

Student Portfolio Content

A systematic list of merit of a student at a university or college is a work of a creative nature, but the approach to it should be strictly fixed by facts. It can be created as a portfolio of documents on paper or as an electronic presentation with photographs, extracts and copies of documents.

The sections of the student's portfolio should be clear and concise, backed up only by reliable facts from everyday work and student practice.

student portfolio sample
There is a diverse structure of the student's portfolio, its sample will perhaps be as follows:

  • personal information (autobiography, interests, hobbies, competence, level of proficiency in a specialty);
  • level of knowledge of the future profession (results of scientific research, practical work, course projects , etc.);
  • official documents (diplomas, certificates and other awards);
  • description of professional skills (reports on student practice);
  • scientific works (publications and developments);
  • additional educational base (courses, electives, seminars, conferences).

This collection of documents and achievements of a particular student can facilitate the selection of applicants for a particular position for a potential employer. So a bright student portfolio is one of the significant chances of a successful job placement.

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