7 Pentacles (Tarot): meaning and position

The Seven Pentacles of Tarot is considered a wise card, promising. This card is the best option for those who are patient, calm and focused. But fidgets and overly active people, it does not bode well.

7 pentacles tarot meaning

Arkan makes you think about the main thing - the correct use of time. Is it worth it to rush when the result can come on its own? Is it possible to gain power over time? All these questions are more rhetorical, the answer to them can be obtained using the card of 7 Pentacles of the Tarot. The meaning of the map and its interpretation will be given in the review.

What is pictured?

The universal Ryder-Waite deck can create a holistic picture of the worldview without missing a single detail, even if it looks insignificant. It is worth noting that in it each unit is an important link. Seven Pentacles serves as a continuation of the plot depicted on the six. What can be seen on the map that interests us?

The seven depicts a tired peasant who leaned on his working tool - a hoe. Directly in front of it is a grape bush, where instead of fruits, 7 discs are hung.

It can be assumed that the peasant took advantage of the money received earlier by buying bushes and planting them carefully. It remains only to wait for the harvest. And it is he who will say whether the peasant is a good master or not.

On the map, the worker is completely exhausted. After all, he not only planted a bush, he also looked after him, watered, dug. Now you need to rest, but he is not going to leave the garden. The peasant stands and waits for the harvest, having forgotten about minor matters and household chores.


Now it’s clear what is shown on the card of the 7 Pentacles of Tarot. The value will help determine exactly this picture. It can be seen that the peasant worked. Accordingly, he should receive a reward for this. There will certainly be fruits, but one must be patient.

7 pentacles of tarot meaning in a relationship

Is it possible to wait for the real gifts? From the silhouette you can see that the peasant is obsessed with his own goal, a dream. It may seem that he will be standing near the bush both tomorrow and in a week. This is where you can see the main meaning of the map. She is trying to convey that one must be able to wait for good results of her own work.

But will they justify the hopes? It is worthwhile to understand that sometimes efforts can be disrupted due to unforeseen circumstances. Same thing with the grape bush. It may break or rain will flood it. The card wants to say that you need to prepare for any outcome, do not focus on any one, the desired option.

Experts say the following: if a card of 7 Tarot Pentacles has fallen, the meaning of which is described in this article, the results of your own labor can be expected only after a year. And sometimes this is the best case scenario. It is impossible to abandon the started projects, to make hasty, unfounded conclusions.

You just have to wait. And here one more meaning of the map is hidden: you should forget about rash actions. It is recommended to pause, ponder each action, find reasonable solutions.

Direct position

Card 7 of the Tarot Pentacles, the significance of which is described in the article, will help to find answers to questions about whether it is possible to achieve success and profit from the business that has been started. It is closely related to time and results. Arkan wants to convey that strength and labor will surely pay off in the future.

What determines the value of the 7 Pentacles of the Tarot? The situation plays a very important role. It is worth talking about what interpretation options are possible if the card has fallen directly.

  1. Efforts can justify themselves.
  2. The first fruits will be received at least in a year.
  3. Do not abandon previously begun work, start solving new problems, and implement other projects. You need to be patient.
  4. Labor will be appreciated.
  5. Even while waiting, you should not sit back.
  6. You can encounter a variety of problems at the initial stage. To get good results from the work you have begun, you need to be patient, do not stop halfway. Then the problems will go away and the fruits will be worthy.

The card suggests that without proper patience, you can lose everything. In such a situation, the result will be even more offensive, since the efforts were in vain. However, accelerating the development of events will not work.

What other interpretation does the 7 Pentacles of the Tarot have in divination? The value in the forward state of the card is usually positive. She claims that events are developing gradually, in stages. This is good, because a protracted year can bring a lot of benefits.

fortune telling 7 pentacles tarot meaning

Inverted card

Not only in the direct form can drop 7 Pentacles of Tarot. The meaning of the inverted card is as follows: it informs that dreams will not come true, the work begun will not bring success. And the cause of this will be anxiety, the desire to achieve results instantly.

Failure may be preceded by other conditions. For example, not enough effort was made, or you let it go by chance, hoping for a favorable set of circumstances.

What can an inverted card warn about?

  1. The result of the case is still not completely lost, but it will take longer to achieve the desired effect.
  2. A person acts under the control of emotions, and negative ones. Fear, depression and anxiety will only aggravate the matter, adversely affect the project started.
  3. Profit can hardly be obtained.
  4. Lack of success will lead to self-pity. The inner state of the soul will deteriorate.
  5. Changes required. Maybe you need to choose a different direction or speed.

The inverted seven says something is missing. Perhaps you are overcome by laziness, or there are no necessary resources, or the project started should not initially be profitable. In other words, the money spent cannot be recouped. An inverted card can also warn of a collision with financial problems.

What to expect from the card?

The general meaning of the Seven is understandable. But you need to figure out what to expect from this in a particular scenario, what you need to prepare for. After all, you can find answers to a variety of questions using the "7 Pentacles" of the Tarot. The meaning in love, health, in the work of this card will be presented below.

7 pentacles tarot value in health

Work, success

Let's say there is a private matter that brings good profit. But at the same time I would like even greater success, since the available results seem insignificant. In the upright position, the card predicts success in the future, regardless of the fact that hopes for this are not even visible. You just have to be patient. And the time that is required for the sustainability of the project must be used to good effect.

An inverted card predicts failure. The started business will not bring much success. Perhaps the business project was not thought through to the end. And the profit that is available is already an excellent result, and there will be no improvement. There may be several reasons for this, from laziness to small unforeseen circumstances, seemingly insignificant details that were not thought out at the very beginning.

Personal relationships

What can say about personal life card 7 Pentacles Tarot? The value in the relationship with the card may differ depending on the situation.

On the way I met a man with whom to have a good time together. But is he your destiny? Will the nascent relationship become strong and lasting? The 7 Pentacle Tarot card gives a positive answer to these questions. The value in the relationship, however, may be different even with a card that has been drawn upright.

7 pentacles of tarot meaning for personal relationships

If both partners have the same aspirations and desires regarding relations with each other, then everything will be fine. If there is no patience, interconnection, reconciliation, then the union is doomed.

If this card has fallen, do not rush. Developing relationships is necessary gradually. However, casting them is not recommended. Time must be trusted, only it is able to put everything in its place.

Card 7 of the Tarot Pentacles fell upside down? The value for personal relationships in this situation will be negative. Harmony with a partner cannot be achieved. The reason for this is the confidence that they met by chance and made a mistake when they decided on a relationship.

What can a card say about a person

What else can the Tarot Pentacle Card 7 tell? Its significance for personal relationships is known, but what about the personality of the person who pulled the card? A card of Seven disks in an upright position can characterize a person as patient, able to wait. He is able to improve the projects in which he is engaged. Accordingly, success will certainly come.

7 Pentacles Tarot Significance for Personal

Naturally, a person is able to show insecurity and even rebellion. However, he is able to evaluate time at its true worth, use it correctly. And this is precisely what will lead him to high results.

Health status

What other interpretations does the card of the 7 Pentacles of the Tarot have? The value in health is not entirely positive, either in a direct or inverted state. The likelihood of an internal disease is high, and the first symptoms will not appear soon. Therefore, time for treatment will be lost. The card is also able to report the presence of chronic fatigue, melancholy.

Inverted, the map promises the rapid development of a disease. There is a chance of injury. Perhaps old sores will make themselves felt.

Self improvement

What else can the 7 Pentacles of Tarot tell? The meaning of Ryder-Waite is this: more patience must be exercised. The card that has fallen hints that it is necessary not only to launch the project, but also to support it without committing rash acts. Lack of exposure will negatively affect the results.

Fatigue is not recommended to be confused with laziness. Naturally, you can’t do without rest, but it should not be long. Work on the project should be accompanied by short breaks so that it would be possible not only to evaluate what was done, but also to accumulate an internal resource and make changes to the chosen strategy.

In an inverted state, the seven reports that there will be no progress due to the presence of excessive laziness. Emotional losses will not keep you waiting if you can’t cope with it.

7 pentacle tarot value inverted

Answers on questions

If fortunetelling is simple, where is it necessary to get an answer in the form of yes or no, what can the card of 7 Tarot Pentacles tell? In “78 doors” the meaning is as follows:

  1. In the direct form, the answer is positive. You can achieve the expected result by showing patience and prudence. It is very important to avoid conflict situations, you must be able to switch to other matters, as the project started will develop slowly, in stages. You should not make big plans, know how to enjoy every day.
  2. Inverted position - the answer is no. Probably, the relation to the started project is not serious. You do not make proper efforts, respectively, the result will not be good. But you can still change.

Why does the position of the card play an important role?

The card, which fell in the upright position, reports an optimistic mood. A man is waiting for success, he is ready for it. The main thing is that he knows what he is striving for and what all his actions are aimed at. Yes, you need to make a lot of effort, but the fruits will be good.

To some extent, the card reports a dependency on money, since the initiated business is aimed more at profit. And in order to achieve the desired result, it will take a lot of work, which can lead to emotional burnout.

The inverted Seven reports frivolous intentions. A man is in a hurry, wants to get instant profit, does not think about trifles. And this haste will adversely affect the final result. The card reports constant irritation, negative emotions that usually occur with failures. To achieve the desired interfere with laziness and mediocrity. If you do not change the attitude to the started project, it will not bring profit.

7 pentacle tarot value of 78 doors

Card Features in Other Tarot Decks

Above was described the card of 7 Pentacles of Tarot (meaning and interpretation) in the universal deck. But there is also a scandalous deck, mystical. Seven in it is made in black and blue. In the very center vertically you can see coins. The background itself may resemble peacock feathers. Not only the image is different, but also the value.

In Thoth's deck, the card reports a feeling like fear. And only with the help of the power of thought can we achieve the desired results. Tarologists consider the Pentacle seven as a hint. She says that you can cope with all the negative emotions, overcome uncertainty.

Combination with other cards

A huge role is played not only by the card itself, but also by the value that it bears in combination with other cards. Seven with the “Hanged Man” and “Four of Swords” reports on what to expect. Progress will certainly be, but patience must be shown. Though slowly, you are moving towards the intended goal.

Did the “Jester” and the Seven Pentacles fall out? The case will be abandoned halfway. And the main reason for this is the lack of patience. In conjunction with the “High Priestess,” the seven warns that troubles can bring unnecessary worries about the business that has been started and its success.

Fallen seven together with the “Empress” reports good events. All started business will start to bring good profit, a promising proposal will be made soon, you will begin to implement a profitable and large project. The combination of the seven with the Ace of Wands also speaks of success.

In combination with the “Mage” lasso, the Seven reports that the person is waiting for his success. Whether this happens or not depends only on him. Did the seven and the “Emperor" drop out? The started project will require additional investments. If the “Chariot” has fallen, a crisis awaits ahead. “Wheel of Fortune” in combination with the seven reports a lack of stability.

Arkan "Death" says that will have to change plans due to external circumstances. The combination of the seven with the Hermit warns of defeat. “Devil” with “Moon” also speak about troubles. The "Sun", on the contrary, portends a reward in the presence of patience.

Did the “Hierophant” and the seven fall out? It is necessary to show patience, mercy. Arkan “Lovers” warns that the union will be favorable, but both partners should work on it. In combination with the “Force”, the seven hints at the need to show more endurance and stamina. Arkan “Justice” reports that a person is able to cope with troubles, gossip.

The “star” with the seven informs that a person should patiently wait for the results, hope for the best. If the “Tower” has fallen, the launched project will not bring good results. With the lasso “Court”, the seven portends that things will begin to bear fruit in the near future. Map “World” says that the person has already achieved the set goals, it is necessary to start harvesting.

7 pentacles of tarot meaning in love


This article talked about the meaning of the Tarot card of the 7 Pentacles. It is more philosophical. The card is able to teach the correct use of the available time, patiently wait for the necessary results. You just need to show consistency not only in decisions, but also in thoughts with actions. Otherwise, the expected happiness will not be.

Although the minor lasso advises to learn to wait, it does not mean passive waiting, but hard work. If you are able to achieve your goals, confront troubles and cope with difficulties, the result will certainly be good.

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