Apple from an apple tree or how Mick Schumacher follows in the footsteps of his father

Mick was inspired by the incredible will to win with his father and is happy to continue the family business. By the way, he has already achieved the first good results in the world of racing. It is not surprising that attention to his person is only growing.

Personal life

Mick was born on March 22, 1999 in Switzerland. The racer is not married, but tries not to show his personal life, preferring to keep everything secret.

At the moment, he is more focused not on creating a family, but on moving his career up. Photo of Mick Schumacher has long been known to all lovers of the racing world, because despite his young age, he showed himself to be an excellent racer with a good future.

Mick Schumacher

The guy took part in karting competitions from the age of 9. True, in order not to attract too much attention, he preferred to speak with his mother's maiden name - Mick Betsch.

Michael Schumacher sets an example for his son

Schumacherโ€™s son Mick always said that his father is his idol. From childhood, the young man did not doubt his decision to be like a dad. Still, in front of him there was always an example to follow.

The son of a seven-time world champion is already making progress and winning races. It is interesting that the first race, in which he arrived first, was the stage of the Spa-Francorsham. It was on this track that Michael made his debut in Formula 1. Mick admits that he is happy to be here, where everything had just begun for his father many years ago.

Father and son racing

By the way, it was on this route that Mick drove one lap on a Benetton B194 before the start of the race. On this transport Michael Schumacher won his first league title.

A few months ago it became known that the great racer received a serious head injury while skiing at a winter resort. After six months spent in a coma, he came to his senses. But, unfortunately, it is unlikely to be able to fully recover.

At the moment, Michael's relatives are trying not to share information about his health. According to some reports, he cannot talk and needs constant care.

Racer career

In 2017, Mick Schumacher made his debut in the Formula 3 race. The son of a world famous racer came in eighth, but this is only the first race. Moreover, experts, having analyzed his driving style, predict him success in this matter.

No wonder the leading Formula 1 teams immediately became interested in him.

For the second year, the son of Schumacher Mick becomes the winner in the Spa Francorscham race. A photo of a happy guy quickly circled all social networks. Many who did not believe in a young man changed their minds.

Mick Schumacher

After this race, Mick began to literally take off on the career ladder. In every season, he pulled out a victory, leaving his rivals far behind. The guy wins the races at Silverstone and Mizan. After such a success, the rider could not be stopped. Already at the Nurburgring, Mick won three victories and two poles. Such a sharp take-off simply could not go unnoticed. And now, the rider is credited with a speedy transition to Formula 1, where his father made an incredible career for himself.

"Formula 1"

At the moment, Mick Schumacher must score another 20 points in order to get a license and take part in the Formula 1 races. But many predict his next debut in racing.

Mick claims to be Pierre Gasley, who intends to go to Red Bull next season.

In fact, Mick Schumacher can participate in these races. Another question: where to rush? After all, he is still young, and it is better to thoroughly prepare and show impressive results than just to take part in the race.

The son of Michael Schumacher

The manager of the rider does not seek to rush his ward. Many argue that the leading companies are simply not interested in the guy. This is not so, because its manager is Sabine Kem. It was she who led the career of Mick's father and she certainly will find many connections in the world of racing. In addition, it is unlikely that the Ferrari or Mercedes refused to take under their wing the son of a rider with whom they had so many events.

Obviously, the desire to slowly go their own way is the decision of an exclusively young rider and his representative.

A comparison of father and son is inevitable, and, of course, they expect an incredible career from Mick. It is worth noting that the well-known phrase that nature rests on children does not apply to the Schumacher family. Of course, Miku lacks the advice of his father, and simply his presence at the races. In addition, his career is monitored by millions of people who, at the slightest mistake, immediately begin to criticize the rider and compare him with his father. Psychologically, it's quite difficult to endure, but Mick Schumacher does it.

The son of a rider successfully conquers the world, and perhaps very soon the young Schumacher will become the world champion for the first time.


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