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There is not much money, as everyone knows, and someone does not even have enough money for even the most necessary things. That is why many people try to work overtime or look for additional sources of income in the evenings and weekends. But what about those who can’t leave home for a long time due to circumstances or health conditions? It is for helping such people that there is a homework exchange.

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The essence and principles of activity

Under the auspices of the employment service in Moscow, the Women's Business Center has been created and successfully operates. It is with this organization that the Home Work Exchange officially operates. The essence of the work of this organization is to help those who want to find permanent or temporary income at home. As a rule, women come here on maternity leave and young mothers who want to devote maximum time to home and children, and to earn extra money during free hours. In addition, students, seniors, people with disabilities or poor health come to find additional income .


Employees of the organization help all applicants to understand the main issues:

  • What is a labor exchange ?
  • Homework - what kind of work falls into this category?
  • Jobs - what is available and what can be expected?
  • Options and forms of remuneration - how not to miscalculate with the fee?

Specialists politely and competently advise applicants on the list of proposed types of work, the amount of payment for their implementation, and also help determine the choice of suitable vacancies, based on personal data, skills and abilities, preferences and wishes of everyone who has applied for help. The home-labor exchange regularly holds master classes at which everyone can get new knowledge or even learn different types of crafts and needlework. Often various seminars and exhibitions are organized, the purpose of which is also to help in finding and choosing a home-based job.

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Jobs and specialties

What can you do without leaving your native walls and get paid for it? It turns out a lot of things!

Today, a variety of handmade products are very popular, the creation of which does not require special workshops and many years of training. Of course, you can independently produce products and sell them on the Internet, in markets and exhibitions. However, this option has high risks that the product will not be sold, and instead of earning, a homegrown master or needlewoman will only incur losses in the amount of the cost of materials and the time spent. Customers posting job advertisements on the labor exchange usually pay piecework for each unit of manufactured products, regardless of whether they are sold or not. That is, the work is done to order, and there is a guarantee of payment. This category includes:

  • Sewing and embroidery of clothes, toys, various home textiles.

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  • Painting on wood, dishes, fabrics.
  • Felting wool products - felt boots, scarves and hats, mittens, toys, trinkets and souvenirs.
  • Crochet, on knitting needles, on forks, on special machines.
  • The assembly of jewelry from stones, beads and beads.
  • Soap making.
  • Carving and burning wood of household utensils, souvenirs, small-sized furniture.

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This list is incomplete and is constantly updated depending on the demand for different types of products, seasonality, fashion and other factors.

Sometimes an employer needs employees to perform simple “office” work, which does not require a specially equipped workplace and a permanent presence in a certain room. Such work can be performed remotely, which means that it can be at home. Here is an indicative list of possible vacancies in this category:

  • Dispatcher or telephone operator of a support service.
  • Sales manager of banking or insurance services, as well as goods of online stores.
  • Copywriter, rewriter (writing articles, information).

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Often on bulletin boards and on the Internet you can find offers for collecting pens, gluing envelopes, seed packing, etc. Of course, there are manufacturers of components for such goods that are ready to transfer the execution of certain technological processes to “homeworkers” to reduce costs. But it is worth remembering that this is extremely rare, and scammers are most often hidden under such tempting offers.

It is important to understand that any work, whether ordinary or at home, requires certain knowledge and skills, attentiveness, responsibility of a serious relationship.

Fraudsters do not sleep

Often, not very decent citizens hide behind the name "home-based labor exchange", whose goal is not to help in finding a job, but to enrich themselves. How to distinguish such scammers from real organizations? There are several basic rules:

  • The applicant is asked for money for any actions (filling out a questionnaire, making a sanitary book, posting information in a database, obtaining a methodology, etc.) - most likely, this is a “divorce”.
  • After choosing a suitable vacancy, the employee must pay the full cost of the finished product, supposedly to make a deposit - most likely, this is a fraud and no one will take the product, and no one will return the money, and even more so they will not pay for the work.
  • The cost of the work is incredibly attractive - for sewing ten sets of bedclothes, the craftswomen offer wages equivalent to those received by the head of the sales department of a large company. It is necessary to objectively evaluate labor and its cost, and everything that seems like a happy event, in this context, is most likely an element of fraud and will only lead to disappointment and loss of one's own money.

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These are just the basic rules, but nobody has canceled vigilance and attentiveness! And the best thing is to ask to show the documents and make sure that you contacted the right address.

Important feature

The activities of this organization have their own very important subtlety. The home work exchange works only with legal customers, signing contracts and other documents. Unfortunately, many firms and companies, so to speak, to optimize taxation, or, more simply, not to pay taxes, prefer to order work to “homeworkers” without formalizing the relationship. On the one hand, this seriously reduces the list of vacancies that the exchange can offer. But on the other hand, this measure is fully consistent with the requirements of current legislation and makes the work of a homeworker more legally protected.

Where to looking for?

The first homework exchange opened in Moscow. As already indicated in the article, it operates at the Women's Business Center, which is located at the address: 148/1 Kashirskoye Shosse, Moscow.

The home exchange of work in St. Petersburg is also carrying out its activities at the address: 21 Rosenstein Street, St. Petersburg.

Opinions and reviews

In general, the home work exchange is called upon to understand citizens in the world of vacancies and offers. Reviews about this organization in Moscow are the most diverse, but mostly positive and kind. People who came here for help and reacted to all the recommendations of specialists with all responsibility and seriousness, got the desired job and were satisfied. The home-based labor exchange in St. Petersburg also boasts some successes. Reviews about her are also mostly good.

There are also negative opinions of people about these organizations, but here it is worth remembering about scammers who illegally use a well-known name, and about people who want to get a lot, a lot of money for “doing nothing” at home.

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