Favorite by many Pyramid Solitaire

The French word solitaire translates as patience. The first similar game appeared among the prisoners in prison enemies of Cardinal Mazarin and King Louis XIV. What else did prisoners in the dungeons laid out of cold stone have to do, how not to try to pass the time with the help of maps? In the future, solitaire games became a favorite pastime of the ladies of the Rococo era, after which this game became popular in the rest of the world. And today she is no less beloved.

solitaire pyramid
With the development of technology, an electronic version of the game "Pyramid" (solitaire) has appeared. Consequently, it became possible to lay it out wherever convenient, even without a deck of cards. Our contemporaries, exhausted by economic shocks and crises, are useful to know the rules of this game. Explaining this benefit is easy - Solitaire Pyramid soothes nerves.

For him, a complete playing deck of 52 cards is used. The jokers are removed. A deck of cards is shuffled - and out of the fifteen top cards, a figure resembling a pyramid is laid out (while opening these cards). For the Pyramid solitaire to be real, this figure must consist of 5 rows. So, in the first row there is 1 card, in the second - 2, and so up to 5 cards in the last row. The remaining cards are laid aside in a closed deck. They will be needed in the future to compensate for those that were removed from the pyramid, as well as for their per
solitaire pyramid mat
laying on the descending or ascending rows on the original cards.

Before you start playing Pyramid-Rug solitaire, you must first decide which cards to call base. You should evaluate the laid out pyramid, and then mark 2, 3 or 4 times repeating cards of general value (for example, 2, 3 or 4 ladies; 2, 3 or 4 sevens, and so on). These cards will be basic. It is on them that the remaining deck will be collected. In ascending or descending order - this must be solved, also based on the cards lying in the pyramid. If you notice that you can take more cards from it for the ascending order - it will be just that, and vice versa.

Further, when you lay out the Pyramid solitaire, the base cards are removed from the deck, after which they are placed under the pyramid, on top are the ones that lay on them. Then in the pyramid empty places are filled with cards from the deck. Next, you need to see which cards you can put on top of the base, then empty the spaces that have arisen are filled.

When playing Pyramid Solitaire, the moment may come when there are no more empty spaces in the pyramid. At the same time, there will be nothing to put on base cards either. In this case, proceed as follows. You need to open one card, and also create an open deck. At the same time, its top card should be free to shift. If it is possible to take a card from the pyramid, this is done immediately. Free space must be closed with a card from the deck. Moreover, if you looked at the deck three times, but the solitaire still did not work out - try again.

There is also a complicated version of this solitaire, when the aces are immediately determined by the base cards, and the sequence is increasing. At the very beginning of the game, all the aces are taken out, after which they are placed under the pyramid.

solitaire pyramid
The next option is when the aces are not removed from the deck in advance, but are extracted directly from the pyramid. In such cases, winning is much more difficult, the more joyful will be the moment of victory!

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