Caviar manicure. Your unique image

What tricks do modern fashionistas-beauties, darling darlings not go to, trying to look original, bright, stylish, glamorous! One of the most effective tools for creating a memorable image is manicure. But all sorts of service jackets, gel and acrylic nails with a sophisticated design and print can already be considered yesterday.

Caviar Manicure

caviar manicure
The know-how, which is offered today by leading stylists of the West and which is spreading with us at the speed of a tornado, can be described in two words: caviar manicure. Moreover, in addition to the usual base coatings and varnishes, special small beads are applied to the nails. In appearance, they really resemble eggs. Such beads are produced in different colors. And the caviar manicure itself can be done both in one-color and all iridescent shades at the same time. The combination of beads and lipstick of the same tones looks especially interesting and spectacular.
manicure gel polish
In this case, the nails themselves seem sprinkled with caviar balls. Impressive! But the advantages of a new way of decorating nails do not end there. A similar design also protects women's marigolds from damage and unforeseen breakdowns. Covered with beads, they are as if enclosed in armor. Here he is such a wonderful, caviar manicure!

Application Technique

On the plus side, everything is clear. It's time to go to action and try to apply the know-how on yourself. You can go to the salon, or you can try to cope on your own. So, how to make caviar manicure for yourself?

caviar manicure
First you need to buy beads. Small round beads will do. The English company, which has developed a new trend, has released pearl-shining balls of black, silver and other shades. You can purchase a specific color or mix. You will also need a basic base, any suitable nail polish and colorless varnish or fixative. By the way, such a manicure is done with gel polish too. Let's get started? The beginning is traditional: to clean the nails from the old manicure and make baths for the hands.
caviar manicure technology
To process cuticles, to correct the shape of nails, to polish the surface. Then, in two layers, apply the base, and after it - any opaque varnish. It is needed to completely hide all the flaws of the nail plates. In addition, the varnish serves as a kind of backlight for beads. Therefore, a tip: under light "eggs", select either light shades of varnishes (you can use the same color as beads), which will emphasize the tenderness of manicure, or contrasting ones - this will enhance the visual effect.
sprinkle with beads
Spread a soft cloth on the table in advance. When the nails are painted, pour beads on them from the bottle, trying to cover the surface completely. After that, with a clean, dry finger of your free hand, tap the beads on each finger so that they adhere well. Wait 20 minutes. Now take a clear varnish or fixative and carefully paint over your freshly baked nails. Better twice. Wait for the varnish to dry. Done, you can proceed to the second hand.
manicure photo gallery
You can not decide what color varnish to make a manicure? The photo gallery in the article will help you make a choice. Good luck, be beautiful!


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