Fortune telling is dangerous fun or a way to know the future?

Fortune telling is perhaps one of the most unusual ways to look into your future. After all, it is believed that in this case, the souls of ancestors help a person. Today we will not talk about the laws of physics or recall the phenomenon of dowsing. Let's leave the logic and pay tribute to the supernatural.
As you know, the days from Christmas to Epiphany are considered the best time for divination. According to ancient Slavic traditions, the spirits of the ancestors at this time visit the earth and anyone can come into contact with them. Well-known fortune-telling on a plate is essentially a kind of spiritualistic session.
By the way, the Orthodox Church considers any fortune-telling a great sin, and it is forbidden to disturb the souls of the dead even at Christmas time.

Christmas fortune telling on a plate is mentioned in some literary works, in addition to the Internet today there are many descriptions of the process. Do not be surprised, any fortune-telling undergoes changes over time, and each locality has its own traditions.

Now a little about how fortune-telling looks on a plate. To conduct the ceremony, you will need a small, porcelain plate, a sheet of white paper, a pencil, a candle and a company of several people (ideally an odd amount). One of the fortunetellers fills the sheet field as follows. In the middle is a circle with a diameter slightly larger than a plate. All letters of the alphabet are written along the circle line, then numbers from zero to nine. On the diagonal are paired answers “Yes” and “No”, “Hello” and “Goodbye”. Those who want to tickle their nerves seriously can depict the moon and the cemetery cross in diagonals.

To get the answer you need, draw a pointing arrow on the surface of the plate. It is most correct to apply it with a candle soot. The plate itself must also be held above the flame. After this, you can begin to challenge the spirit. The whole company is invited to sit around the table, put your fingertips on a plate. You can invite to the conversation of any spirit. Would you like to talk with your great-great-grandmother or are you more interested in Napoleon? Invite anyone, just do not forget about basic politeness. Hello, say goodbye, please speak and thanks when communicating with representatives of the other world necessarily. Of course, fortunetelling with the plate has its own explanation, but we have agreed to not resort to scientific interpretations for today. Moreover, the esoteric component in this matter also has every right to exist.

I must say that fortune telling with an arrow on a plate was a popular amusement for bored nobles. Challenge of spirits, cooking, fortune-telling on a saucer ... Those who have studied this issue in more depth know that all these esoteric practices are essentially identical.

Spiritualism became widespread by the middle of the nineteenth century. Particularly imbued with the idea of ​​communicating with the other world, united in society and even had their own print media. I must say that the fascination with esotericism embraced not only superstitious people, but also quite educated representatives of society: politicians, writers, and even scientists. Even Arthur Conan Doyle could not get past this burning topic. And this is not surprising, because if the challenge of the spirit is real practice, then this is direct evidence that life after death exists.

Fortune telling is one of the most dangerous. Say, not all essences of the other world are tuned towards us, living, peacefully. And if the spirit does not want to leave the premises, you risk becoming the "sovereign owner" of the newly-appeared poltergeist. In addition, in addition to hooligan actions, called to answer the question of essence, they can cause a person more serious damage, even death.

Therefore, before asking spirits about your future, think carefully about whether your curiosity is worth the sacrifice.


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