Location Tracking Bug (GPS Tracker)

GPS navigation has come into our lives firmly and somehow surprisingly fast. The cost of a simple navigator is slightly higher than the price of a good liquid compass, the set of functions, the information content of these two navigation devices, and there is nothing to compare. And considering that today 95 out of 100 phones come with a built-in GPS module, orienting by stars, tree crowns and moss on stones will soon become about the same anachronism as a postman with a telegram in his bag.

location tracking bug

On the other hand, unfortunately, theft of cars and other property in our country is not uncommon. Unfortunately, sometimes people also disappear. So, for example, according to statistics, at least several hundred people do not return annually from a “silent hunt”. This is especially true for the elderly. Many unpleasant incidents could be avoided by using a conventional GPS bug to track location.

How it works

Recall a little school geometry. This will help us understand how the bug works to track the location and in general the positioning system of an object on the Earth's surface. Suppose we have a certain point "X", the location of which must be calculated. We have the following data at our disposal:

  • distance from an unknown point to three others (T1, T2 and T3);
  • the coordinates of these three points.

bug to track vehicle location

The desired position of the “X” point is easy to determine: just put the points with known coordinates on the diagram:

  • construct a circle centered at point T1 and a radius equal to the distance from point T1 to point “X”;
  • do the same with points T2 and T3;
  • the intersection of the constructed circles will give the point "X".

And a bug for tracking location, like other GPS devices, by this principle finds its location on the surface of the planet. Points with known coordinates are satellites of navigation systems. The GPS-module of the device receives data on their position in space in real time, and the program calculates the distance to spacecraft from the duration of the signal from them.

Positioning systems

The pioneer of satellite navigation systems available to the mass consumer is the American GPS. The first devices were placed on marine vessels and military equipment, then, gradually becoming cheaper and improved, they reached personal cars and even cell phones.

bug to track the location of the car on the phone

In addition to the Americans, satellite navigation services are represented by our country, a united Europe and, of course, China. And if the first civilian GPS devices worked, as a rule, only with US satellites, then the ones that are being released now perfectly see our GLONASS, the European Galileo, and BeiDou, developed in the Middle Kingdom.

How to use a GPS bug

The GPS bug is a symbiosis of two systems:

  • satellite positioning devices;
  • cellular communication on the GSM platform.

Each of the systems has its own function. The GPS module in real time tracks its location and converts the received data into geographical coordinates: latitude and longitude. The cellular communication unit upon request provides these coordinates to a third-party mobile device, the telephone number of which is previously entered into the bug’s memory. To do this, the location tracking bug is equipped with a SIM card slot.

There are several ways to get coordinates on a smartphone from a bug (also called trackers) in several ways, depending on the device of the tracker or the preferences of the owner. More often than not, an empty SMS is simply sent to the bug’s SIM card number, or an “idle” call is made. In response to the mobile device, an SMS arrives with the coordinates of the beacon.

human location bug

A more advanced way is to use special mobile applications. The method is somewhat more complicated, but the location of the object is immediately visible on the interactive map. If necessary, all movements of a person or object, the carrier of the tracker, can be tracked online.

How to use GPS bugs in a car

The bug to track the location of the car is equipped with a special antenna that allows you to properly hide the device itself from prying eyes, but at the same time remain visible to the satellites of navigation systems. There is also no familiar lithium-ion battery; instead, the tracker is connected to the on-board network of a car (or motorcycle). It is best to mount the beacon in such places so that the hijacker either does not find it, or it would take an unreasonably long time to dismantle it.

Sometimes the owners take such a trick: they install a real beacon, which is well hidden, and the “dummy” is an old inoperative module, but nevertheless with a SIM card and connected to the network. A bug to track the location of the car on the phone is best equipped with a SIM card with zero monthly fee and expensive calls.

If grandfather is a mushroom picker

A lot of trouble for rescuers and family worries is sometimes caused by the elderly - lovers of mushrooms and berries living in rural areas. Unfortunately, sometimes it is not possible to find the missing alive.

bug to track the location of the child

In this case, a bug bought in advance to track a person’s location will relieve family members of their worries, the old man’s stress, and may even be a salvation for him. Indeed, sometimes a lost person, even by phoning, is not able to explain where he is.

Where are our children

You can also partially protect yourself from worries about children by using a bug to track your location. After all, it’s hard to make a child follow all our instructions exactly: what route to go home from school, how to behave, etc. Special trackers for children have additional functions, besides tracking the location. This is the possibility of remote listening, etc. Such gadgets are produced in the form of watches, key chains, other trinkets. And the small size allows them to be hidden even in school clothes. However, it is worth remembering that the tracker is not a panacea. And the basis of child safety is proper education and training in safe behavior.

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