What is A-GPS and what is its use.

Currently, even schoolchildren know what a GPS navigator is. This is a computer and receiver, enclosed in a common enclosure. The receiver receives signals from satellites in orbit, and the computer, in turn, decrypts these signals and indicates the location of the receiver. In 1977, the first GPS satellite was launched. It was launched by the developers of the program itself - the Americans. The GPS system was used until 1983 only by the military, and after that it became available for use by ordinary people.

what is a gps

Many owners of GPS-navigators have noticed that in places where a large number of tall structures and buildings are located, the device searches for satellites for quite a long time. The solution to this problem was the A-GPS system.

Consider what A-GPS is and when it is needed.

Given that this system is quite young (its debut came in 2001), the question of what A-GPS is is currently relevant. It, like GPS, was developed in the USA. A-GPS is a system that speeds up the GPS receiver in determining coordinates. This system uses the signal emanating from the cell towers, respectively, the larger the visibility of the device of these towers, the higher the accuracy of determining the distance. At each starting satellite search, A-GPS provides the navigator with the location of the closest satellites through special servers. Having learned what A-GPS is , it becomes clear that with its help the operation of the GPS navigator will become much more effective. After all, thanks to the joint work of two devices, positioning is accelerated significantly.

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Having decided what A-GPS and GPS-navigator are, it is worth paying attention to the GPS-tracker. This device is designed to monitor through satellite the movement of an object on which this small electronic device is “installed”. GPS-tracker is a kind of “bug” that can be hidden without problems, for example, in the passenger compartment, and thus track all further movements of this object.

Basically, a GPS tracker includes 2 devices: a GPS receiver and a GSM modem. Using a satellite system, he is able to determine the coordinates of the movement and speed, and then transmit this data to the observer via the GPRS channel (via cellular communication).

what is gps tracker

Having learned what a GPS tracker is, let’s try to understand why this device is needed. Its main task is to control the location of the object. It will help a lot, for example, in a car theft situation. Also, using this device, you can track the route of your soulmate or child. In practice, this requires a mobile phone or computer. The data transmitted by the GPS tracker is superimposed on an electronic map, so that the address of the location of the object becomes known.

In size, the GPS tracker is smaller than a cell phone. The device has a battery, which is charged both from the cigarette lighter and from a regular electrical outlet. Some models are equipped with panic buttons.

Having learned all about navigators from our article, you can safely purchase this device, because in a modern city, especially if it is a metropolis, it is simply impossible to do without this technique.

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