Vodyanov Ivan: sports achievements and biography

Ivan Vodyanov is one of the most successful bodybuilders in the Russian Federation. He is a media personality and often talks about how to properly engage in order to achieve high results.

Childhood and youth

Ivan was born in 1980 in Moscow. In childhood, the guy was no different from his peers. He was not particularly fond of sports and led a standard lifestyle: he walked with friends, went to school, played football on the street.

The only thing that attracted the child was the viewing of foreign fighters, where it was often possible to see actors with big muscles. The bodybuilder is sure that it was these films that influenced him and contributed to the fact that he decided to engage in bodybuilding.

He began his first strength training when he was not yet twenty years old, and a little later the young man decides to connect his life with bodybuilding. He spends almost all his free time in the gym and tries to maximize his muscles.

In parallel, Ivan Vodyanov studied at the Automobile and Road Institute. Given that he began to get more involved in sports, Ivan decided that it was necessary to obtain a personal trainer certificate.

Bodybuilding Career

vodyanov ivan

From 2000 to 2003, he is actively engaged and preparing for competitions. Already in 2003, he was ready to take part in his first competitions. Unfortunately, the young athlete will not be able to win anything, but with all his voice he will declare himself. For some time he will be considered one of the most promising bodybuilders of the country.

He won his main victories a little later, the athlete never hid that his main goal was to win at Mr. Olympia. Naturally, on the way to this dream, he had to perform at many smaller competitions, where he almost always won.

At one point, the man will suspend his performances due to family circumstances, but the pause will not last long, and Vodyanov will return to professional sports again .

In fact, the athlete is not very famous in the world, but in Russia everyone knows such an athlete as Ivan Vodyanov. Bodybuilding for him is a matter of a lifetime, as he has repeatedly stated.

Training Vodianova

Ivan Vodyanov

The athlete believes that the proportions are not so important for him. He tries to pay more attention to the quality of muscle mass, rather than its volume.

He also pays a lot of attention to safety. Ivan tries to do so as not to harm his body, but to make it as strong and healthy for many years.

Ivan Vodyanov is one of those who, during mass gain, does not count calories. He eats almost everything and is sure that he will be able to achieve high results. Despite the fact that this approach is not entirely standard, it brings success, which can be seen in the physique of Ivan.

It is worth noting that he is one of many athletes who are positive about sports nutrition. He himself actively uses it and advises beginners to do it.

In his interviews, he talks a lot about sports nutrition. Ivan Vodyanov, according to him, was always amazed at the biased opinion of many athletes about a variety of supplements and protein mixtures.

Trained athlete under the leadership of Ugrinov.

In training, he prefers to use new techniques. He believes that everything is new, much better than the old.

Personal life and life outside of sports

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Ivan Vodyanov is an exemplary family man. He spends almost all his free time from training with his family.

It is worth noting that today a man is engaged not only in bodybuilding. He has the main job, which brings him income for the maintenance of the family.

The athlete does not plan to become a coach, as he believes that it is too difficult for him. He is sure that to train, you need to have steel nerves.

Ivan is an active user of social networks. He has many blogs where he is happy to give tips to beginners. In social networks you can also find his photos with world-famous bodybuilders.

Awards and achievements:

  • Master of Sports in Bodybuilding.
  • Absolute champion in the championship of Moscow.
  • Absolute champion at the championship of the South of Russia.
  • Silver medalist of the championship of Russia.
  • Multiple participant and winner of private tournaments.

Brief description of personality

sports nutrition ivana vodyanova

Vodyanov Ivan is a famous person in Russian bodybuilding.

Tries to make training as diverse as possible. He is trying to develop his own teaching methods.

Despite a modest list of awards, he plans to one day win at Olympia.

I am sure that the main thing is not nutrition, but the quality of training. Repeatedly stated that success will be achieved only by those who fully give all the best in the classroom.

Adherent of a healthy lifestyle. To the best of his abilities, he tries to make bodybuilding more accessible, as well as a more popular sport.

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