Housing loan: conditions, application for a loan

Housing loan is one of the main ways to buy housing in our country. It is justified that banks provide it on almost the same terms. The difference is only in the nuances. Consider some of the provisions of the mortgage in Sberbank and the procedure for filling out the questionnaire.

A little bit about the credit system

Does it matter where to get a home loan? Watching from what point of view to look. Regardless of the bank, the interest rate is almost the same. The minimum and maximum rates are regulated by the Central Bank. Within the given paradigm, credit organizations are entitled to make a choice.

housing mortgage

The Central Bank also issues orders, recommendations, letters, which in one way or another must be executed by banks. Due to this, the credit system is kept in a single framework. How much they meet the needs is another topic.

In addition to the documents of the Central Bank, the regulatory system is created by relevant laws, of which the topic touches on:

  • mortgage law ;
  • the law on banks and banking activities;
  • consumer credit law.

Why is the purchase of new objects credited?

Housing loan, as they say on many portals - this is a loan that is given for the purchase of housing. Despite the provisions of a number of laws, this includes not only the mortgage law itself. However, the target loan for the purchase of housing by banks is given exclusively within the framework of the mortgage. Note that all programs are aimed at acquiring new housing. Objects belonging to the class of secondary housing are not included in the sphere of interests of citizens.

There are several reasons for this:

  • a home loan is a risky undertaking for a bank, and a new home is easier to sell;
  • new houses or apartments do not bear the risks associated with the previous owners (illegal transactions that infringe on the rights of the former owners or their heirs in the past can seriously affect the new owners);
  • excluding the inclusion of a house in a demolition program for dilapidated or dilapidated housing.
housing loan terms

Due to the latest factors, the fulfillment of housing loan conditions is available to a limited number of citizens.

What programs are offered by banks

Take, for example, Sberbank, which takes part in all government programs. In addition, it offers a standard list of loans for citizens. No one can find a broader list of programs.

Mortgage for large families

A home mortgage loan with state support includes the following conditions:

  • loan amount up to 8 million rubles .;
  • 6% rate;
  • loan agreement term up to 30 years.

Real estate acquisition from the developer

Acquisition of housing under construction from the developer from the bank or suitable for its criteria:

  • amount from 300 thousand rubles;
  • loan agreement term up to 30 years;
  • rate of 7.4%.

Buying a home using maternity capital

Mortgage with maternity capital. Sberbank is one of the organizations that are allowed to work with state social support funds:

  • amount from 300 thousand;
  • loan agreement term up to 30 years;
  • rate of 8.9%;
  • no additional commissions or fees.

Refinancing program

The mortgage refinancing program is a program of both Sberbank and other organizations:

  • minimum amount 1 million rubles .;
  • loan agreement term - 30 years;
  • rate of 9.5%;
  • no commission.

Construction loan

Under what conditions is a loan issued for construction?

  • the minimum amount of 300 thousand rubles;
  • loan agreement term - 30 years;
  • rate of 10%;
  • no commission.
home mortgage loan

Participation in this lending program requires an agreement with the developer and the project and all related documentation.

country estate

The Bank provides an opportunity to participate in the program on the following conditions:

  • the minimum amount of 300 thousand rubles;
  • loan agreement term - 30 years;
  • rate of 10%;
  • amount of the contribution in favor of the bank before receiving a loan of 25%.

The contribution rate may be higher.

The loan covers both construction and the acquisition of finished real estate.

Military mortgage

The program consists of the following conditions:

  • maximum amount up to 2.33 million rubles;
  • the maximum term of the loan agreement is up to 20 years;
  • rate of 9.5%;
  • the bank does not require confirmation of solvency.

Issuance of a loan secured by real estate

Program Terms:

  • the maximum amount of 10 million;
  • loan agreement term up to 20 years;
  • minimum rate of 12%;
  • lack of additional payments in favor of the bank.

Resale Programs

Conditions for acquiring an object in the secondary market:

  • the minimum amount of 300 thousand rubles;
  • loan agreement term - 30 years;
  • rate from 8.6%.
housing loan application

Usually, citizens who want to apply for a “housing loan at Sberbank” do not take into account the wording of the presence in the wording of the conditions for the interest rate of the “from” particle. This means that the stake will be higher than they expected. In the case of a mortgage, a difference of even one percent in terms of monthly payments is significant.

Loan Procedure

A bank loan is a chain of actions, the first of which is the submission of a housing loan application. It serves as the main source of information about the client, not counting the documents attached to it.

What documents are attached

Their list is determined by the loan product that the client wishes to use. For some of them, only two papers are required: a questionnaire and a passport. Lack of sufficient information is replaced by an increased down payment.

application for a housing loan

The standard list includes:

  • a copy of the passport of the applicant and other persons (co-borrower, guarantor, etc.);
  • military ID (for those who have not reached the age of 27);
  • certificate of income from the place of work for the last six months (two certificates, if at the same time working in two places);
  • certificate of the amount of the pension assigned for life from the PF branch;
  • a copy of the employment record, contracts confirming the fact of an employment relationship or the existence of another source of income.

Persons receiving money on a Sberbank card get rid of the obligation to provide documents proving income.

Filling procedure

An application or a questionnaire for obtaining a home loan by a client can be filled out both in the department and at home, independently. However, it is much easier for many to use the services of a bank specialist who is able to clarify the nuances. Not every citizen is constantly faced with filling out this kind of documentation.

Questionnaire Items

Below we consider what items the questionnaire consists of:

  • information about the borrower (surname, name, patronymic) is entered in the top line, regardless of who fills out the questionnaire (second borrower, surety);
  • the first field contains the name, surname, patronymic of the person filling out the questionnaire;
  • information about the citizen’s passport (series, number, by whom and when issued) the information on the passport is also indicated in the questionnaire;
  • date and reason for changing the surname, name and patronymic;
  • in the contact field, enter all phone numbers by which you can communicate with the client, as well as the email number, if any;
  • items on education and family;
  • in the next field the place of residence indicated in the passport and the real one is entered;
  • surnames, first names and patronymics of family members living directly with the applicant (the degree of relationship is also entered);
  • clause on labor activity, other official income;
  • information about expenses;
  • information about the income and expenses of the whole family;
  • loan objectives (investment, construction);
  • whether the borrower is subject to special conditions;
  • the presence of real estate and a car on the right of ownership, if any.
housing loan in a savings bank

In the application for a housing loan in Sberbank, it is proposed to note his participation in the salary projects of the bank, receiving pensions or social benefits through its branches.

In the questionnaire, the borrower writes, for what amount he claims, which property he wants to purchase. It is worth indicating the willingness to pay the down payment or the amount that is available for this. The Credit Committee calculates the amount of credit in such a way that no more than half of the total income of the borrower's family is spent on repayment.

A checkmark is put in the statement confirming the person’s consent to the processing of his personal data.

From time to time, the bank changes the questionnaire and the rules for filling it out, but the changes made cannot be called critical.


People who want to take money on a loan to buy a home can use the proposed programs of banks. The most attractive is Sberbank. Its activities are primarily aimed at citizens of consumers.

Sberbank housing loan application

They are offered different options, you can even try to buy an object in the secondary market, however, additional guarantees will be required, and the bank will issue a loan with a higher rate.

Isn’t it easier to use a consumer loan? The rate on them is much higher, but there is no need to provide the bank with a down payment.

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