The Hanged Man (Tarot) Card: Meaning. The Hanged Man Card: Meaning in Fortune Telling

Tarot cards consist of 78 cards with images in which the symbols of occultism, astrology, alchemy are encrypted.

hanged tarot meaning

The origin of the tarot is unclear and shrouded in many legends. But both occult and traditional scholars agree on one thing - the Tarot represents a collection of encrypted secret knowledge of the past. In the images of the cards traced mystical traditions of India, Egypt, Persia, China.

Modern Tarot Deck

When and where the Tarot deck first appeared in its modern form is not known for certain. It consists of 78 cards, which are divided into 2 types:

  • Junior Arcana
  • Senior Arcana.

Minor Arcana resemble traditional playing cards and consist of 56 cards, which, in turn, are divided into 4 suits: swords, bowls (cups), pentacles (denarius), wands.

tarot card hanged meaning

Senior Arcana consists of 22 cards, each of which has its own plot and deep philosophical meaning. The cards are numbered from zero to 21 and, located by numbers, symbolically depict human life.

Image on the Hanged Man card

hanged tarot
Tarot, being a carrier of ancient knowledge, involves a detailed analysis and interpretation of the drawing of each card of the major arcana.

The Hanged Tarot card is an image of a young man hanging upside down on a gallows or a tree - the pattern may vary depending on the deck. Also, a person can hang between two columns symbolizing the portal. In a number of modern decks, you can find an almost schematic, meager image, where there is only a figure suspended from a beam, and nothing more. The canonical image is where, instead of the gallows, there is a living, sometimes flowering, tree.

Often the "Hanged Man" Tarot is portrayed suspended by one leg, while the second is bent and laid for the first. The hands of the gallows are tied either behind the back or over the head. At the same time, the person’s face is portrayed as thoughtful, calm and peaceful, there is no sign of suffering on it. This symbolizes the fact that this position is the choice of the person himself. And this voluntary choice is made for the sake of some goal for which it is worth suffering. Humility and a voluntary sacrifice are depicted by the Hanged Man tarot card. The meaning of discipleship is also realized in the map. Since the teaching is at the same time coercion, restriction of freedom, and new opportunities in the knowledge of the world, the true course of things.

Card value

In the scenario, “The Hanged Man” symbolizes the highest spiritual wisdom. Therefore, if this card has been issued to you, then a spiritual journey has begun, or will begin soon, that will lead to growth and gaining wisdom. Such a journey can lead to the transformation of your "I", to abandon your old essence and accept a new one, for which material and worldly problems are alien, and the main thing is spiritual enlightenment. By sacrificing traditional worldviews and worldly values, you can gain the understanding and wisdom that the Hanged Man tarot card promises. The meaning of existence, according to this lasso, can be comprehended not so much by reason as by intuition, resorting to meditation, interpretation of dreams, fortune telling.

Direct position of the card

tarot card hanged
When the “Hanged Man” is in a direct position, the Tarot is warned that the time has begun to suspend his activities. In order not to stray from the spiritual path, it is necessary to reconsider your priorities and goals, your attitude to life. Time seems to stop for you, there is a feeling of “slow motion”. There comes a period of testing, during which it is necessary to learn certain lessons. This is a transitional period from old to new; before you is an opportunity to realize your desires and achieve your goals.

However, in order to achieve the goal, you will have to give up something or sacrifice something. To acquire a new one, one must sacrifice the old - this principle of life is most clearly manifested in the Hanged Tarot card. The value of this lasso is closely connected with the system of human spiritual values. Therefore, in order to understand yourself, it is better to delve into your "I" and resort to meditation, contemplation and rest. The advice of others at this moment can only do harm.

Inverted Card Position

If the card is in a position where "Hanged"

hanged tarot combination
upside down, tarot indicate that you are deceiving yourself. The chances are great that your sacrifice was in vain. And this is due to the fact that, falling under the influence of others, you had to abandon your own life values ​​and aspirations. Perhaps in your relationship with someone you are assigned the role of the victim.

There is also the possibility that you cannot, even for the sake of your cherished goal, make the necessary sacrifice. And this is explained by the fear of acting in one's own way, not in the way that is customary in society. Now the best thing for you is to try to turn your world upside down in order to see clearly. If you asked cards about business, then you should not follow the advice of others or make large contributions. It would be better to wait and ponder the current situation.

But do not be upset, a period of uncertainty, one way or another, will pass. And if you spend this time reassessing your views and plans for your future life, then your actions in the future will lead to achieving goals and success. This is the essence of the inverted Tarot card.

Relationship value

Appearing in the realm of feelings, the lasso manifests its most negative aspects. This applies to both direct and inverted position of the card. “The Hanged Man” indicates the need to recognize the fact that the causes of the current situation lie in the past and require rethinking.

Relations. Direct position

In the upright position, “The Hanged Man” indicates a crisis in relations caused by the reluctance of one of the partners to sacrifice something in order to continue the relationship. Or one of the partners devotes himself all to another, not receiving anything in return. Also, the card can talk about prolonged loneliness, the inability of a person to find a couple for himself. In addition, in some cases it indicates the failure of attempts to restore relations to their former harmony and warmth. This is how the lasso is interpreted, falling into a position next to the cards “Lovers” or “Ace of Cups”.

If the “Hanged Man” fell out in a position that speaks of the past, then he indicates a past difficult period of a lonely life or trial, when a person either consciously remained lonely or dedicated his existence to a person to whom they were foretelling.

Relations. Inverted position

The inverted meaning of the Hanged Arcana is interpreted extremely negatively. The main value of the card will be associated with selfishness and selfishness, unwillingness to listen to a partner and make concessions. About the indifference, rudeness and lack of love says "The Hanged Man" (Tarot). Relations have reached an impasse, life priorities of partners are too different, which does not allow finding a common language and reaching an agreement.

However, when the “Hanged Man” falls out with the “Star” lasso, the couple still has hope to fix it. In combination with the "Sun" card promises a successful resolution of the problem. If “The Hanged Man” fell out with the “Jester”, Tarot says that there is an extremely unexpected way out of the situation; and with the “Judgment”, in order to gain prosperity and success, one will have to atone for old sins.

If a lonely person asked a question, then the “Hanged Man” indicates neglect of spiritual values ​​and the departure of interests in the material sphere. The person whom they are guessing shows vanity, mercantile attitude towards others, thirsts for respect and worship. Appearing in such a situation, the lasso warns a person of a huge mistake, calls for a rethinking of his existence.

hanged tarot relationship

Combination of lasso with other cards

Equally important for the Arcane "Hanged" combination. The tarot initially implies the interpretation of cards not separately, but in combination. Moreover, some combinations can not only change the value of the card, but also strengthen or weaken it.

So, the cards that enhance the value of the Hanged Arcana include:

  • “Strength” - indicates the need for patience, which will help to gain time;
  • "Jester" - speaks of a commitment to society, belief in existence;
  • “10 swords” - testifies to martyrdom and sacrifice;
  • "Nun" - activity will be reduced, the waiting period.

Weaken the value of the lasso will:

  • “4 pentacles” - speaks of control, restraint;
  • "Mage" - a manifestation of activity, violent activity;
  • "Chariot" - the desire for self-affirmation;
  • "7 Wands" - confrontation and defiant behavior.

Psychological understanding of lasso

hanged inverted tarot
The change in life, a new and difficult to comprehend, is evidenced by the appearance of the Hanged Arcana (Tarot). The value of the card calls not to be scared, but to open up to a new one, look at the world in a different way. If the world gets upside down, you can follow his example. But observing what is happening, it is necessary to maintain calm and clarity of thought. As soon as possible you need to learn to find and maintain a balance between your inner "I" and the surrounding reality. In no case do you need to go into yourself and be limited only to your own world. Waiting, observing and comprehending what is happening is what is required of a person at this stage. The main thing is to remember that soon the period of calm will end, and life will boil again and require action.

In short, “The Hanged Man” means a dead end in life. But do not be discouraged, since such a situation makes it possible to rethink life. And, therefore, change it and your view of the world as a whole. The passivity to which this card condemns resembles a bedridden patient. But this is a period of spiritual healing and transformation.

Advice if you have an inverted Hanged Man card

Trying to comprehend what is happening, remember, in order to avoid mistakes, you need to consider events from all sides. When you change your point of view, your attitude to what is happening will change. If this approach does not help, then you will have to make the necessary sacrifice - only in this way will you be able to accept something new. However, do not cling to the old, the victim will be justified, and in return you will receive immeasurably more.


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