Carpet cleaning at home

Carpets are an important part of the interior that brings warmth and beauty to homes. They are actively used to emphasize the style of the room and fill it with home comfort. For the carpet to last for a long time, you need to take care of its condition and regularly clean it. But over time, a vacuum cleaner alone will not be enough. Even if you carefully treat such a coating, over the years of use a dark layer of dust forms on it, which can only be removed by periodic cleaning of the carpet. And if there was a stain on it, then you can not do without special cleaning. Consider the most popular and effective methods for cleaning carpet.

Soda Cleaning

Soda is considered an effective folk method for cleaning home carpets. It is combined with many other drugs that are usually present in every home. Yes, and soda itself is always at hand. In addition, its cost will not affect the family budget, and the results of cleaning sometimes exceed the effect of special cleaners. Do not forget that soda is absolutely harmless to carpet pile, and disinfection of perennial coatings will also not be superfluous. This method of cleaning is very simple: half a glass of soda is diluted in 5 liters of warm water, which is sprayed onto the carpet. After 40 minutes, the water will absorb all the impurities, and you just need to remove the soda with a vacuum cleaner. The result will be the restoration of the carpet its former colors, as well as the removal of dirt.

Vacuum cleaning

Dry soda is also used to clean the carpet. To return to its previous form, it is enough to evenly spill the substance to the surface, rub it into the pile and leave for an hour. You can also mix soda with salt in equal proportions to give shine to carpet fibers.

Dry soda cleaning

A common folk stain remover is the reaction of soda and vinegar. Judging by the reviews, cleaning carpets in this way effectively removes even stained spots. The nuance consists in applying the solution directly to the place of contamination at the very moment of mixing the solution. You can refine this method by adding detergent to enhance the cleaning effect.

The reaction of soda and vinegar

Cleaning with ammonia

To remove stains from juice or wine, ammonia has proven effective. Before cleaning, the carpet should be vacuumed. After preparing the solution: 2 teaspoons of ammonia and a liter of water, in which the brush will be wetted during cleaning. It is recommended to wipe the fibers of the carpet, and not its base. After processing, the cleaning area dries for 5 minutes and is wiped with a dry cloth or rag.

Gasoline and sawdust to remove particularly difficult contaminants

If a spot of urine or wine has formed on the carpet, nail polish, chocolate or plasticine has dried up, normal rubbing will not help here. Of course, few people will want to use toxic gasoline, the smell of which will last for several days. But some persistent stains can be removed only in this way, without resorting to the expensive services of cleaning companies. Yes, and the smell of urine is unlikely to be better than gasoline. The preparation of the necessary material for cleaning the carpet in this way consists of several stages:

  • first, a soap solution is made;
  • 10 to 1 gasoline is added to the solution;
  • sawdust is poured into gasoline and is there until completely saturated;
  • after filing, they are removed and the stain remover is ready.

The resulting sawdust is placed at the site of contamination until they dry completely. At this time, they absorb all the dirt. After the sawdust is swept away with a broom.

Sauerkraut Shoe

This product was also able to conduct high-quality cleaning of home carpets. You should start by washing the cabbage, if you do not want to give your floor its inherent smell. The surface is cleaned of debris and dust. After the cabbage is evenly distributed on the carpet and rolled out with a broom or broom to contamination. Dirty cabbage is collected, washed, and sent back to the coating to repeat these procedures until it is no longer contaminated. Carpet cleaning ends with a vacuum cleaner.

Special Carpet Cleaning Chemicals

Today, the market for home carpet cleaning offers a wide variety of shampoos, granules, sprays and powders. Some types are used on the same principle as cleaning with dry soda. Usually granules or powder are evenly scattered on the surface of the carpet, rubbed into the pile and cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.

Special Powder Cleaning

Contamination is also removed with shampoo foam, which you just need to apply to dirty places and vacuum it at the end.

Special sprays are applied to stubborn stains, left for up to 3 minutes for the complete penetration of the detergent into the fibers of the pile, and then rubbed vigorously into the surface. After drying, the treated area is vacuum cleaned.

Spray cleaning

When working with such products, one should remember about their high toxicity and danger to pets. At the end of the work, it is necessary to carefully ventilate the room.

Special carpet cleaner β€œVanish”

It will be useful for housewives who are desperate to remove dirt from the carpet on their own to find out about this special tool that can help in the most difficult cases. It is universal for spots of various origins and does not require large power inputs. Vanish is sold in the form of a powder or liquid carpet cleaner. It is used in the form of foam, which is formed after mixing the product with warm water in a ratio of 1 to 9. The foam should be thick, but the liquid should not be used. Also, avoid getting it on the carpet. Further, the foam should remain for some time on the surface with the window open. The final step is to remove the dirty foam with a vacuum cleaner. It is important not to spread it on the surface.

Special tool "Vanish"

Dry cleaning of carpets

This type of cleaning is used when it is not possible to get rid of accumulated dirt with the help of improvised means, and special cleaning agents turned out to be powerless before the dirt that had eaten into the base. In addition, bald spots, spools and lumps of pile can form on the surface of the carpet, which you can no longer get rid of yourself. There is a likelihood of dust mites. In this case, a set of measures such as thorough cleaning and further disinfection will be required. Then it remains to resort to the services of cleaning companies that carry out carpet cleaning at home. The cost of such services does not compare with the costs of public funds, but the effectiveness is guaranteed by the contractor.

Carpet cleaning by a cleaning company

Basic recommendations for cleaning carpets

To avoid painful cleansing and ensure a pleasant appearance of any carpet, you should adhere to some recommendations:

  1. The carpet should be cleaned of dust 1-2 times a week, regardless of whether pollution appears. The frequency of regular cleaning depends on the level of use of the surface.
  2. Before using any cleaning agent, it is recommended to test its effect on an inconspicuous area. If the product has not been aggressive (color and pile have not changed), then it can be safely applied throughout the carpet.
  3. If a stain has formed on the pile, you should immediately proceed to its removal. Getting rid of old stains is much more difficult. Often this is only possible for cleaning companies. Thus, the delay will affect the wallet.
  4. It is always better to give preference to home harmless cleaning methods. Chemical-based products can cause allergic reactions in humans and animals.
  5. Woolen coatings are preferably dry cleaned.
  6. In order to avoid the formation of fungus after wet cleaning, it is recommended to dry the carpet with a fan heater, hairdryer or other accessible way.
  7. When cleaning, do not use hot water and hard brushes, which contribute to a deeper penetration of dirt into the fibers.
  8. Before using special chemical-based cleaning products, you should always familiarize yourself with the order of the work and the scope of their application. The use of one type of cleaning agent for any carpeting is not allowed.
  9. Natural materials do not tolerate chemical cleaning.

By purchasing a carpet, we get not only home comfort, but also at the same time quickly contaminated surface, subject to intensive use. In order to less frequently carry out general cleaning of pile products, one must not forget to regularly clean them of dust, and in case of stains or other impurities do not delay to clean them. Then any carpet will last as long as possible and will retain its former appearance.


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