Do-it-yourself installation of the hob in the countertop

Integrated stoves for the kitchen, while combining a hob and an oven, are fading into the past. Modern housewives are less likely to use ovens for their intended purpose. They are increasingly turning into a warehouse of pots and pans.

installation of the hob in the countertop

Why overpay for an unnecessary metal cabinet when you can buy a convenient and aesthetic hob, and the free space formed under it is perfect for storing dishes and other things. The installation of a hob in a countertop is possible even for an inexperienced master, because its installation absolutely does not require experience and qualifications.

Varieties of hobs

So, before proceeding with such a procedure as installing the hob on the countertop with your own hands (you can see the photo in this article), you should understand the varieties of these devices. The following main types of hobs:

  1. Electric.
  2. Induction.
  3. Gas.

It is advisable to entrust the installation and installation of the latter option to a professional, as improper connection can lead to serious problems. When using gas stoves in a room, special requirements must be observed. During the installation of electrical panels, it is also important to observe caution and safety rules when working with high voltage. It is necessary to provide high-quality power supply with grounding.

do-it-yourself installation of the hob in the countertop photo

When buying a hob, it is important to pay special attention to its overall dimensions. Since the installation of the hob in the countertop should be carried out with a small margin at the edges. In addition, you need to determine the place of the insert. Spend a power outlet in advance .

Countertop Installation

If you purchased a glass or stone countertop, it is advisable to entrust its installation to professionals. Since you do not know about all the intricacies of the process, you can damage an expensive thing. If the countertop is made of chipboard, you can cope with the installation yourself, but with some construction skills.

installation of a hob in an artificial stone countertop

You will need the following:

  • Tile grout.
  • Tiles for cladding surface countertops.
  • Mounting or tile adhesive.
  • Tungsten sprayed tile.
  • Gun with silicone sealant.
  • Electric jigsaw.
  • Water resistant wood board.
  • Tool kit - square, screwdriver, screws.

The replacement of countertops should begin with the dismantling of the old. Despite the fact that you do not need the old countertop in the future, you need to remove it very carefully to avoid damage to the kitchen set.

It is very important to fit the new countertop to the size of your furniture. It is likely that you will need to cut off too much. In this case, the exposed edges of the chipboard are exposed. This material absorbs moisture well, so cuts need to be well treated with sealant. If the countertop is mounted with saw cuts to the plate, it is advisable to close them using special end plates.

Necessary tools

Before proceeding to a process such as installing a hob in a countertop (photos show what they are), you need to prepare the following tools:

  • Pencil.
  • Roulette.
  • Jigsaw.
  • A drill / driver with a drill for wood with a diameter of 8-10 mm.
  • Sealant.

Preparatory process

First you need to make sure that in the place where the hob will be installed in the countertop, there are available power sources. The presence of an outlet, the suitable length of the gas supply hose, without pressure and bends for the gas stove - these are two fundamental aspects.

If the wiring is old and there is no certainty that it is reliable, it is recommended to conduct an independent cable for the plate directly from the meter.

installation of the hob in the countertop photo

Installing the hob in the countertop

  1. First you need to make a hole in the countertop. For this, according to the instructions, an opening is marked. If the instruction is missing, then
    the full dimension of the hob is outlined , with approximately 5 mm each need to be retreated from each side.
  2. With the help of a drill and a drill, a hole is drilled on the tree , so as not to go beyond the boundary of the contour. Then we continue to work with a jigsaw. To reduce chips, it is recommended to take a file with small teeth. In addition, you can paste over the contour with stationery or masking tape.
  3. After the drink has been completed, it is necessary to paint over or treat the sawn edges with sealant to prevent swelling of the countertops.
  4. Next, the hob is installed in the 28 mm countertop, fixed and connected to the network.

Panel insertion should be carried out with maximum accuracy. Otherwise, even a 1 cm error can ruin a countertop, which is one of the most expensive elements of a kitchen unit.

Artificial stone countertop

Compared with its counterparts from chipboard, an artificial stone countertop is the most durable. Despite this, the main problem is the installation of a hob in an artificial stone countertop.

In most cases, an artificial stone countertop is ordered with ready-made holes for a particular hob. But what if the countertop is already installed, and the hob is not yet there? In this case, the most reliable and best option will be to give the countertop to qualified specialists who, using a professional tool, will make the necessary hole.

If you still decide to take a chance, then this work can be done according to the technology described above, but only instead of a jigsaw you will need to take an angle grinder and a diamond-coated disk for cutting concrete.

installation of the hob in the countertop 28 mm

It is important to remember that the self-installation of the hob in the countertop must be well thought out at all stages of installation. Only in this case less time will be spent on carrying out this type of work, and their quality and the subsequent result will significantly improve.


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