Do-it-yourself plastic window care: a set of tools, tips

The main advantage of plastic windows made of high-quality PVC is that they are easy to care for. Of course, everyone wants plastic windows to serve for a long time, without losing their attractiveness. By observing the basic rules for care, you can increase the life of the product. It is especially important that you can take care of plastic windows with your own hands without any help.

PVC profile care: basic recommendations

Numerous tips on choosing tools for the care of plastic windows do not exclude the fact that soap is a traditional tool, which is ideal for removing dirt and stains. As a rule, the smooth surface of the PVC profile does not contain microcracks and bumps. That is why a soft cloth or sponge soaked in soapy water makes housewives easier to work with.

Do-it-yourself plastic window care

Before washing plastic windows and window sills, it is recommended to use a melamine sponge, which should be moistened in water and squeezed well. Such a sponge perfectly copes with various kinds of pollution. It should be noted that to clean the profile of natural pollution, it is desirable to use non-aggressive agents. However, to clean the plastic windows from the remnants of the mounting foam, a special composition is used.

It should be noted that to get rid of stubborn stains it is recommended to use such a professional tool as Cosmofen. Among the shortcomings of the product, it is necessary to highlight its destructive effect on the surface layer of PVC. At this location without protection, the profile will become much more polluted than untreated areas.

Sealing Rubber Care

Sealing gums are located around the perimeter of the sashes and frames. They protect the room from moisture and drafts. To increase their service life, timely lubrication and cleaning of the sealing rubber should be carried out. Otherwise, after a few years it will lose elasticity and become brittle.

Experts recommend the use of products containing glycerol, which must be distributed evenly over the entire surface. Using the lubricant is enough 2 times a year, because careful care will get rid of precipitation and unpleasant drafts.

Double-glazed window care

Caring for plastic windows with your own hands is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Despite this, the formation of dirt and scratches reduces the ability to transmit light. As a result, more energy is consumed for lighting the room than would be desirable. Therefore, it is important to maintain cleanliness and monitor the condition of the glass. To clean the glass, it is advisable to use warm water and a liquid detergent.

How to adjust a plastic window for the winter

It should be noted that before choosing a kit for the care of plastic windows, it is recommended to consider the coating of glass. After all, glass with a special coating requires special care during care. It is recommended that you first check the effect of the product in a small area. Then use it over the entire surface.

Hardware Care

Of course, the functioning of the window depends on the quality of the hardware, in particular its basic moving elements. Therefore, while caring for plastic windows with your own hands, it is advisable to avoid getting various objects in the area between the frame and the sash. Do not hang clothes or other foreign objects on the sash.

Set for the care of plastic windows

So, if the window handle is loose, it can be easily adjusted. To do this, slowly raise the decorative strip, which is located under the handle, and rotate it horizontally. Then it is necessary to tighten the fixing screws securing the handle to the frame.

To increase the life of the accessories, it is recommended to lubricate all moving parts 2-4 times during the year. Lubricants should be selected so that there is no resin in their composition.

Adjustment of plastic windows

Plastic Window Care

If it is detected that the sash does not close and touches the frame while opening or closing the window, adjustment is required. There are several ways to solve the problem, but the most effective is selected based on the identified cause.

If you need to urgently fix or adjust the window, then it is worth adjusting the fittings. Some windows are already equipped with an adjustable design. Therefore, you can eliminate the sag of the sash and take care of the plastic windows with your own hands by adjusting the hinges.

How to adjust a plastic window for the winter?

If there are adjustable fittings, the sash windows can be translated both in summer and in winter mode. A similar function is needed in case the existing mode does not satisfy the owners. So, after a certain time, a feeling of purging may occur.

How to wash plastic windows and window sills

Before you adjust the plastic window for the winter, it should be noted that it should be tightly adjacent to the frame to avoid draft. As a rule, the adjustment of the windows leads to a weakening of the pressure of the sash to the frame and reduces the load on the hardware. As a result, the wear of the hardware itself is reduced. When high tightness is not required, it is recommended to use the summer mode to extend the life of the fittings.

It should be noted that the transition from summer to winter and vice versa is the only way to adjust the plastic window, which does not require specialist intervention. It is the simplest and most understandable.

Before you adjust the plastic window, you need to determine the places where you need to strengthen the narthex. So, for a start, you should find a close locking element. It is important to pay attention to the marker in the element, which is an indicator of the pressure density and represents a point and a notch. To ensure a tight porch, it is necessary to rotate this element with the hexagon in a position in which the marker will point towards the room. To switch to summer mode, the marker must be directed in the opposite direction.

Window care: how to choose a tool?

To always maintain the window in good functional condition, you can pick up a set of tools yourself or use the recommendations of professionals. So, a standard window care kit should include the following:

Plastic Window Care Tips

  • solvent-free liquid cleaner for PVC profile;
  • glycerin-based silicone greases for lubricating sealants;
  • machine oil for fitting lubrication.

New plastic windows protect not only from the cold, but also from drafts and noise. Therefore, it is also advisable to pay attention to proper care. If you use the recommendations and take into account simple tips, caring for plastic windows will not be difficult. It should also be noted that the plastic profile is afraid of mechanical damage and is quite sensitive to high temperatures.


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