How to correctly write a resume? Sample Engineer Resume

An engineer is a fairly common profession. This is due, first of all, to the fact that in Russia there are many universities that graduate from these specialists. However, the demand for this profession is considerable, as there are a large number of factories in the country.

When finding employment, you can observe some competition between applicants. As a rule, an enterprise announces a contest of applicants when a vacancy appears. But how to get on it? To do this, you need to correctly compose a resume so that the employer is interested in a personal meeting and gives the applicant a chance to get an interview.

Engineer Resume Sample

So, let's look at a sample resume of an engineer, which will contain the main points and additional ones. On how competently the information about the candidate will be disclosed in him, his acceptance for work in this position depends.

Key points in the summary

Before applying for a vacancy, you must draw up a specific document. In it, necessarily in a short form, comprehensive information about the applicant should be set out, which will open it from the most favorable side. As a basis, you can take a sample resume of an engineer, but you do not need to copy it, because at an interview a lie can easily be found out, which puts the candidate in an uncomfortable position. This document must begin with the surname, name and patronymic of the applicant. It is necessary to indicate the address of residence and contact details (phone, e-mail). Also, information about education is quite important and should be fully disclosed (year of admission and graduation, its name and specialization). The next required item is work experience. Here you can simply rewrite your work book, starting from the last place. It will be useful to supplement what specific duties were carried out and insert a brief description of the projects.

Looking at the sample resume of the engineer, you can notice such a point as additional information. What is meant by it and is it mandatory to fill it? The answer is unequivocal: of course, yes. It is here that you can specify such information that will significantly increase the chances of the applicant, highlighting him against the background of other applicants. For those who do not yet have work experience, this item will help to reveal professional skills. Also in it you can give examples of their own developments, information about language skills, knowledge of modern equipment, the ability to use a computer and programs.

Resume Process Engineer Sample

Engineer Summary: Sample

Krasilnikov Ivan Sergeevich

July 07, 1978

A citizen of Russian Federation

Address: Moscow, st. Lenin, 44-55.

Tel .: (XXX) XXX-XX-XX.

e-mail: .............

Desired position: chief engineer.

Field of activity: construction.

Desired salary: 100,000 p.

Type of employment: full time, business trips are possible.


  1. JSC "Les-Stroy" from 10/19/2010 to the present as a chief engineer. Responsibilities: production control, organization of work of contractors, meetings with customers, scheduling and verification of their implementation, reporting to higher authorities.
  2. Grandstroy LLC from May 28, 2001 to October 18, 2010 as a design engineer. Responsibilities: project development, financial reporting, control of deadlines.

Professional skills: personnel management, organization of "turnkey" construction, scheduling and subsequent monitoring, reporting documentation.

Education: higher, St. Petersburg Military Engineering University, Department of Industrial and Civil Engineering, years of study 1991-1998. Specialty: civil engineer.

Languages: Russian, English, Ukrainian, Belarusian.

Additional information:

  • Driving license, category E.
  • Knowledge of the PC at the level of an experienced user.

About me: sociable, I have organizational skills, hardworking.

Process Engineer Summary: A Sample

Name: Sterchev Ilya Grigorievich.

Date of birth: 12/07/1965.

City of residence: Yekaterinburg.

Mobile phone: (000) 000-00-00.

Desired position: process engineer.

Branch: finishing work.

Expected salary: 50,000 p.


  1. CJSC Mebel Plus. 5 years experience, 2010–2015 Main responsibilities: preparation of individual projects, sizing and manufacturing.
  2. KP "Promgrand". 4 years experience, 2006–2010 Responsibilities: reporting, design, development of drawings.

Education: Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, Department of Physics and Economics of High Technologies, specialty is a process engineer.

Additional Information:

Knowledge of languages: English.

Marital status: single.

Ability to work on the road.

Personal qualities: energetic, active, responsible, take the initiative and can defend my point of view.

Sample CV of a mechanical engineer

To compile it, you can use the above information. The main thing is to choose the right qualities necessary precisely for the vacancy that the applicant is applying for. The heading of the document and the main points are written without any changes, it is necessary to indicate only true information in them, since the personnel department will definitely check its accuracy. Enumerating personal qualities, one needs to weigh how useful they are in the current position, for example, a mechanical engineer must have organizational skills, be responsible and be able to conduct a dialogue.

Mechanical Engineer Resume Sample

Important! In no case should a candidate be attributed to himself those qualities that he does not possess, since experienced recruiters will instantly figure out the fraud.

A sample resume of an engineer will help to correctly compose a document, which will be the first step in finding a highly paid and prestigious job.


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