We build a fence from a picket fence with our own hands

With the existing variety of private property fencing, a wooden fence made of a picket fence is invariably popular. Wood is an environmentally friendly material, lightweight, has a beautiful natural texture, so such a fence can be made original and with relatively little material cost. And if, moreover, a fence was made from a picket fence with one's own hands, then this is doubly pleasant.

Do-it-yourself picket fence
To work on the device of the fence, you must first make markings along its perimeter. On the planned line at a distance of 150 cm from each other, dig holes in which the supports will be installed. You need to start this work from the corners of the future fence. Supports can be made of wooden posts or metal pipes. Wooden in places of their occurrence in the ground are covered with bituminous mastic, and sand and gravel drainage are poured into the pit. Then the poles are installed and poured with concrete mixture. If the support is metal, then it is also installed in a pit with a base device made of gravel or rubble and then concreted. It must be remembered that the pillars are the basis of a solid fence, especially if a fence is made from a picket fence with your own hands, so installing them requires special care. After mounting the support posts around the entire perimeter of the site, transverse bars are attached to them. They can be nailed to wooden poles, and to stainless steel they can be attached with metal posts.

DIY picket
Do-it-yourself picket fence can be installed in two ways: each bar is nailed separately to the transverse bars, or pre-assembled spans of the fence are nailed to the support posts. The length of the fence section can be from one to three meters. In order to make a fence made of picket fence with your own hands, it turns out reliable, wood processing must be performed. The tree is destroyed under the influence of moisture, so it must be covered with water-repellent and antiseptic compounds. After the final installation, the fence for the house must be covered with paint for outdoor use.

A wooden fence made of picket fence is readily enclosed by garden plots, rural courtyards, and country houses. The obvious advantages of such a fence include:

  • aesthetic appearance;
  • the possibility of a variety of design decisions;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • the picket fence does not obscure the area and freely transmits sunlight.

Home fence
If the condition of the wood is carefully monitored, then such a fence has practically no drawbacks. Recently, the so-called euro-frame has appeared on the market, which is made of metal, but it is not very popular with the Russian consumer due to its high cost.

When you make a fence from a picket fence with your own hands, the imagination can be limited only by your common sense. The supporting wooden poles can look like original carved balusters, and the fence planks can be straight, rounded or pointed at the top. The links of the fence are decorated with carvings or original colors. And if your site is decorated in the style of country or Provence, then a wooden fence fence is what you need.

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