Animal manicure: fashion trends

Animal manicure is a fashion trend, the popularity of which is growing. It is relevant for young girls who want to express their individuality and creativity in this way.

animal manicure

With cats

An interesting pattern can be made on the nails of any length. A manicure with cats will look great and give the image of a girl tenderness.

The animal can be depicted on one nail or on each. To diversify the design, drawings of cat paws or muzzles will help. There are several ways to create such a manicure:

  1. Using ready-made stickers with the image of cats. First, the nail is covered with a main varnish of a suitable color, then the pattern is translated and covered with a transparent finish.
  2. Using stamping. To do this, you will need a stamp and a metal plate with a printed animal pattern.
  3. This method is suitable for those who can draw. The cat is depicted on the nail with a thin brush and colored varnish.
    cat manicure

Any method requires accuracy. Manicure with cats can be done in the salon or on your own.

With chanterelles

The ideas of manicure with animals are diverse. Very cute look foxes painted on nails. This design is complemented by tails, paws, decorative elements.

How to make a manicure with a chanterelle :

  1. The main colors of the varnish are white and orange. One shade covers the nails on the right hand, the other on the left.
  2. On one white finger we draw an orange fox face.
  3. Decorate the picture with rhinestones (optional).
  4. On several fingers, you can draw the legs of a fox.

Animal manicure - a design that can be used at any time of the year. The fox, made in orange shades, is ideal for autumn time.

With owls

Manicure with animals makes it possible to create a unique nail design. An owl will make the image of a girl mysterious and mysterious. The easiest way to make such a picture is to use ready-made stickers. Drawing a picture of an owl with a brush will become more difficult. This will require accuracy and patience.

animal manicure ideas

Drawing a bird yourself is not so difficult:

  • apply the main shade of varnish;
  • choose the nails on which we will draw;
  • using a very thin brush, draw the outline of an owl, ears and paws, after which all details are drawn;
  • remember that each applied layer needs time to dry;
  • the finished drawing of an owl is coated with a finish varnish.

Images of birds of prey are very popular, they can be supplemented with feathers, footprints, small rhinestones.

Deep sea

Going on vacation, girls prefer to make an unusual, bright manicure. The marine theme makes it possible to show imagination and draw any underwater animal on the nails .

The technique of execution is no different from applying other patterns and pictures. The main thing here is to choose the right colors (shades from soft blue to dark blue will do).

Starfish look very nice. They are painted with bright orange or red varnishes on a blue background. You can complement this design with sparkles or small rhinestones.

Dolphins remain at the peak of popularity, because these animals carry peace of mind and tranquility. Dolphin is ideal for creative people for manicure. Fish and turtles can be painted with bright colors, decorating the drawings with green algae.

Cute dogs

The manicure with the faces of the animals is original and unique. For drawing a dog, we determine the basic shades of varnish. Masters, as a rule, recommend a combination of white, light brown, coffee and black.

In addition to the muzzle of the dog, the manicure can be supplemented with paws, a bone or a tail. The animal is depicted in full or only the muzzle is drawn.

Dog portraits look great, but this technique requires artistic skills. The image is created using a thin brush and several shades of varnish. The more realistic the dog’s drawing, the more lively the nail design looks.

animal face manicure

Teddy bears

Manicure with animals is a rather bright, but at the same time simple design. Which animal will be depicted on the nails? This choice is not easy. Teddy Bears have won the hearts of young girls for a long time. They can be decorated with snowflakes, small rhinestones, sparkles and bows. You can draw a bear on one or all fingers.

The animals depicted will look more realistic than those offered in the form of ready-made stickers. Teddy Bears go well with a French jacket. For the image of the beast, gray, brown and white shades of varnish are used.

Animals painted on female nails can tell a lot about the nature of their owner. For example, domestic cats will say about soft disposition, kindness and good attitude towards people. Leopards indicate that the girl is very brave and courageous.

Teddy bears are suitable for gentle and creative people, and marine animals will tell about the frivolity and the girl’s great desire to visit warm countries.

Which animal to choose and how to complement the design of the manicure depends entirely on the preferences and wishes of the woman. The main thing is that the nails look fashionable and harmonize with the style of clothing.


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