How is paving laid? You can do it easily on sand with your own hands.

Which owner doesn’t want his yard to be beautiful? How to ennoble the adjoining space? Where to start? And you can start with landscaping and landscaping. And if the workers are too expensive or you yourself want to show your creative and labor potential, then some kind of coating will help here - paving stones, paving slabs. Laying these materials is not so difficult. The main thing is to stock up with due patience and accuracy. And at the initial stage, first select the tile itself.

do-it-yourself paving slabs on sand

Wide range of tiles

Now there are many varieties of paving slabs. You have the right to choose the color, shape and texture that you like. However, it is dangerous to rely only on color. You should also not forget about the performance and durability of the tile. It is necessary to pay attention to the form. Ask your supplier what weight the tiles can support. It is necessary to pay attention to the texture of the tile: will it not be slippery in winter? Consider: whether to establish a drain on the plane of a tile or a storm shower of an open type? In any case, it is necessary to consider the design of storm water inlets or individual gutters. Laying paving slabs on the sand with your own hands is done with the calculation of the required number of elements required for installation. To do this, it is better to transfer your pad to paper. In other words, it is necessary to make an appropriate drawing. You will also need to calculate the actual location of the drawings if you will be doing curly styling. Having the material and the project in hand, laying the paving slabs on the sand with their own hands will be more qualitative and quick.

Styling technology

It will not be difficult to prepare the territory for paving slabs if you have a level (optical or laser). However, if it is not, a normal water level will do. The laying of paving slabs must be carried out after checking the site for slopes and leveling it so that the slope is from the house, and in no case to it. We hammer the pegs all over the plane and put marks on the slope. After you need to pull the thread on the marked marks.

paving slabs
You need to set the curbs to the desired height. The top of the paving slabs corresponds to the top of the curb. And remember the bias! We level the plane by elimination and rubble. For small differences in height, screening, sand is suitable. The height of the bedding will depend on its base. Water everything after planning the place. Seal the preparation with a vibrating plate or other tool such as a fungus.

What is necessary?

paving stones paving slabs laying
You may not find something, but it is necessary to have a turbine, rails, containers, brush, cords, level, hammer, shovel and rake. Laying paving slabs on the sand with your own hands will also require water and cement. Here you need to apply a dry cement-sand mixture. The subsidence of the tile during operation depends on the thickness. The remnants of the dry mixture must be brushed. Laying paving slabs on the sand with your own hands naturally takes time and effort. But the result will surely please you.


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