Ivanovo: Tekstil Profi - the largest shopping center

The city of Ivanovo was not in vain nicknamed the Russian Manchester. Such recognition was given deservedly: in the Soviet years, numerous spinning and weaving mills of the “city of brides” provided for the needs of the whole country, supplying high-quality fabrics from various materials. At present, unfortunately, the settlement has lost such a high significance in the textile plan. Numerous factories closed. The share of professionals in this type of activity has significantly decreased. Despite this, Ivanovo remains the most developed city in weaving and industrial Russia, and proof of this is the branch, which will be discussed later.

Ivanovo: Textile Profi - general description

This is one of the largest industrial textile complexes in the Russian Federation. Its main feature is a quality product with affordable prices. The goods of regional Ivanovo manufacturers, as well as foreign companies are presented. Record holder in area - 110,000 sq. M. m - “Textile Profi” is equally convenient for both retail customers and wholesale customers.

Ivanovo textile pros

It is characteristic that the complex gradually expanded during its existence. New buildings were immediately occupied by local companies specializing in knitwear. There were places reserved for textile organizations from neighboring regions, as well as representatives of far and near abroad (Turkey, Pakistan, Iran, Belarus).

Not without a separate room for children's goods. It presents an assortment of clothes for children from the youngest age.

For tenants appropriate conditions are provided. High-speed Internet, audio playback system. From an engineering point of view, there are no problems: water supply, heat supply, electricity supply and other mechanisms for ensuring the stable operation of the complex are fully operational.

textile pro Ivanovo location map

At the same time, there is a parking zone for which you do not have to pay. Wholesale customers are provided with overnight parking, also absolutely free. The building is equipped with ATMs, payment terminals. Work consultants who are versed in the product. A freight transportation service is functioning.


textile pro Ivanovo reviews

Many people prefer to save, rather than overpay. Even if you have to get to neighboring cities to save finances. Ivanovo attracts residents of nearby regions by the availability of its knitwear. People willingly come to this region in order to get the necessary goods at a low price, fortunately, there are enough markets in the city. They attract a large and at the same time high-quality assortment, prompting them to return to Ivanovo again and again. Textile Profi is one of the leaders in its field.

Assortment of goods

The branch presents the widest selection of textile products. Well-known truth - a person spends a third of his life in a dream, which is why the broad demand for products of this kind is understandable. Everyone will find bed linens that are acceptable in their assessment criteria. It is worth worrying that the choice may be difficult. Torment for a long time may not leave you, not letting you decide.

Pleasant terry products will surely please the buyer. Here, the client can get textiles for the home, placing a purchase in the kitchen, in the shower, bedroom. Clothing for tourism, overalls and much more are presented in abundance on the largest site of the textile-oriented city of Ivanovo - “Textile Profi”. You can be sure: you will find what you were looking for.

textile pro Ivanovo operating mode

How to get there

If you do not have a personal vehicle, but come from the Nizhny Novgorod, Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Moscow, Novgorod, Vladimir regions, take the bus shopping tour to Ivanovo. Textile Profi acts as the organizer of such trips. You will be taken to the complex itself, and after a certain time, when the purchases are finished, you will go back.

So, the distance from Moscow is 300 km, while the road is good, a trip from there will take no more than 5 hours.

If you get on your own, then in the city itself you need to use public transport. A minibus of the following numbers will take you to Krasnaya Talka: No. 24, 27, 38, 42, 115. You can use bus No. 23 and trolleybuses No. 7, 8 that run around the city. They will certainly deliver you straight to Tekstil Profi (Ivanovo). The location map is not limited to public transport, the organization has its own shuttle system. Using shuttles, you can reach your destination for free. So, the first route starts from the complex itself, passing through the 4th city hospital, Sovremennik and Spartak Street. The second shuttle begins its journey from the same place as the first, stopping near Glavka and reaching the railway station. After that, the flight goes along the same route in the opposite direction.

textile pro Ivanovo reviews

“Textile Profi”, Ivanovo: mode of operation

The complex is open to buyers throughout the week, there are no weekends. If you decide to come, remember or write down the work schedule :

Monday Friday

8.00 - 17.00


9.00 - 17.00


9.00 - 17.00

Having decided to come, you will most likely be satisfied. Low prices for goods of the most pleasant quality are pleasing to the eye. Getting to the “plus” is not difficult, at least you will pay back the fuel spent on the trip or “beat off” the ticket price for the route to “Textile Profi” (Ivanovo).

Reviews are full of bright, kind feelings for the branch. People confirm in them all those virtues that are mentioned in this article. Shocked by low prices and a huge selection of products, those who traveled are in a hurry to leave positive comments and claim that they intend to return once and get what they could not get for the first time. Some note that there are shops in the region with lower prices, but having traveled once, they change their minds, making sure that they have no equal in quality of goods and ease of service.

We hope we answered your questions about the Textile Profi branch (Ivanovo). You can verify the correctness of the information presented here by coming here in person.

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