What to consider when choosing a topic for self-education for educators

Self-education topics for educators
The teacher of the preschool institution works in a team that fulfills the social order of the society for raising children. The entire composition of kindergarten workers is aimed at their problem (s) related to the region, situation, direction of upbringing or the contingent of children. In this situation, the topics of self-education for educators should be formulated so that they integrate into the general process of education of a specific DOE.

How to determine a young specialist with the direction of self-education

The main idea of ​​choosing a strategy should belong to the teacher, but first you need to creatively reflect on the issue by including your mentors, administration and the methodological community in this work. Let's start with what we love and what we can do best. Opportunities, abilities and desires are different for everyone. Some of them are good at composing fairy tales and are happy to introduce children to this, while others are wonderful athletes who know a lot about the Olympic movement. Not everyone can learn to serve themselves through a little person’s game right away. Leaders will be able to adjust the topics on the self-education of educators so that they overlap and complement one another.

At what points should I dwell before voicing the question

Themes on self-education of educators
What do you want to learn for yourself to increase your professionalism? Some are few in nature, do not know how to notice the wonderful moments of life in the garden. The kids will give thought, you will develop together in yourself and in them research and search activity in the process of experimenting with plants and insects. Others want to learn how to deal with hyperactive guys. Be sure to consider which group of children will have to work at first. It is good to be able to work separately with each child and with a small problem group of kids. Experienced teachers perfectly combine different forms and techniques of exposure to their wards. Self-education topics for preschool educators should include the specialist’s own skill.

Foresee the result

This is very important, and experienced colleagues will help. Self-education topics for educators are often offered by a methodologist, and a young worker should be prepared for certain risks during the experiment. For example, hardening the body of a preschooler by pouring cold water. If you are afraid to experiment at this stage, take a different topic, let it be the inculcation of creative abilities through artistic creation, music. Try to determine for yourself the goal that will be the result of your self-education.

Russian teacher Vasily Sukhomlinsky advised constantly working on himself

Creative search will certainly lead to mastery. Modern topics of self-education for educators should include not only the latest developments in pedagogical science, but also changing priorities, innovative technologies. Young educators must be ahead of the time. In the process of working on the selected problem, try to skillfully correct it for modernity.

Self-education topics for preschool teachers
The theme “Formation of a preschooler’s interest in learning through the game” involves the use of not only live games, but also computer-based intellectual programs for children. Work on the selected problem should be carried out for a long time (up to 2-3 years): an individual study of the theory, testing pedagogical techniques in practice, attending special lectures and courses on the selected topic.

The choice of a topic on self-education for educators should also include how to present it to colleagues as a report upon completion. It’s good when the presentation is accompanied by the presentation of their work, demonstration of didactic material, children's creative performances. Now practicing a group choice of topics on self-education for educators. Two to three people study the same problem in different directions or in different age categories of children, for example, a nursery group and children 4-5 years old.

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