How to restore a nail plate: symptoms and causes of damage, necessary preparations, their composition, instructions for use, regularity of the procedure, reviews and results

Nails are adversely affected by various factors. Often there is destruction of the plates, growth retardation and other pathologies. That is why it is important to know how to restore the nail plate. This is described in the article.

Damage reasons

Nails lose their appearance for the following reasons:

  1. Often this is due to fungal, bacterial and viral infections. Nail plates can separate, thicken, change color.
  2. Damage occurs with a hereditary factor.
  3. Nails spoil from diseases that limit oxygen in the blood, leading to the accumulation of toxins and other troubles.
  4. Physical exposure can also damage your nails.
  5. Dehydrated or dry nail plates exfoliate and crack. This is due to insufficient moisture in the plate or disorder.
  6. Taking medications can lead to damage to the nails due to side effects.
  7. It is also associated with skin diseases - psoriasis, warts, lichen planus.
  8. Malnutrition, in which some components are missing, is also one of the reasons.
  9. Extreme weather leads to damage to the nail plate.
  10. There are substances that are dangerous to humans and can damage nails. For example, arsenic poisoning leads to horizontal tubercles and white lines.
  11. Nail damage is associated with aging. Imbalance occurs with age, so the skin is more susceptible to disease.
how to restore a nail plate

Judging by the reviews, there are various damage to the nails. Effective means allow to improve their condition.


Damaged nails are immediately apparent. Symptoms are determined by the causes of destruction. Some of them are serious, capable of causing a loss of the nail. The main symptoms include the appearance of:

  • peeling, cracking, delamination;
  • transverse lines;
  • small pits;
  • longitudinal tubercles;
  • hyperpigmentation;
  • fragility;
  • dark stripes;
  • nail compartments;
  • cuts of the nail bed and cuticle;
  • blue nails;
  • thickening of nails;
  • whitening under the nails.
nail plate repair varnish

Damaged nails are usually immediately noticeable. And the presence of various symptoms can worsen the appearance of the arms and legs. Therefore, it is important to know how to restore the nail plate after gel polish.

The main ways

For any causes and symptoms, it is necessary to take measures to improve the condition of the arms and legs. There are several ways to solve the problem. How to restore a nail plate? If the cause of weakening of the nails is a fungus or trauma, first medical treatment is needed. Only then can recovery be done. If gel polish was used, then the procedures must be carried out after removal of the material.

how to restore the nail plate after gel polish

If the forms of pathology are strong, it is advisable to visit specialists. In other cases, the use of reducing agents is allowed. How to quickly restore the nail plate? You won’t be able to do this quickly. It takes time to normalize natural processes.

Usually for recovery use:

  • cosmetic products;
  • folk methods.

Cosmetic products usually help faster, but it is important to remember about possible contraindications and side effects. Alternative methods can not get the result quickly, but are the safest.

Cosmetic products

How to restore the nail plate after gel polish, injury or fungus? You should choose restorative cosmetic products. They are sold in stores and pharmacies. There are various forms of these recovery agents, but varnishes are usually used. Then the treatment takes from 2 weeks to a month. Sometimes it takes longer to recover.

how to restore a nail plate at home

Varnish, restoring the nail plate, is considered the most convenient. The most popular tools include the following:

  1. "Smart enamel." In this varnish fruit acids and vitamin A are added. The result of its use is the restoration of the nail plates and the improvement of their growth. Varnish is used after treatment of the fungus and removal of gel polish. It is also recommended to be used as a prophylaxis of the fungus.
  2. IBX preparations. These funds penetrate into the deeper layers of the nails and restore their condition. With them, the growth of the nail plate is accelerated, and its strength is increased. The drugs are used for "sealing", recovery after many injuries.

Choosing the type of product, it is advisable to consult with the master. Only a specialist can tell you how to repair a damaged nail plate faster and safer. According to reviews, it was the varnish that helped many. It is effective and safe for any damage.

Folk remedies

How to restore a nail plate at home? Folk remedies are perfect for this. They strengthen the nail plates and accelerate their growth. Recover able:

  • baths;
  • rubbing.

A complex effect is necessary to eliminate the effects of the fungus, the use of gel polish or injury. Folk remedies can be combined with cosmetic.


If you are interested in how to restore the nail plate after an injury, then you should pay attention to the baths. They are prepared with various components that can make the nails strong. Still baths improve their growth and eliminate deformation of the structure. They differ only in the components added to the container with warm water. Keep nails in liquid for no more than 20 minutes. The following recipes apply:

  1. Sea salt (1 tbsp. L.) Must be dissolved in water (1 liter). It is allowed to add a decoction of herbs (oak bark, sage, chamomile), lemon juice and essential oils. If esters are added, it is necessary to pre-soak the salt with them so that the film does not appear on the water.
  2. The water where the potatoes were cooked is used as a bath. You can add other components that have a specific effect on the nails.
  3. Apple cider vinegar (2 tbsp.) Is poured into the water (1 liter). It is undesirable to add oils to this bath, but you can use herbal infusions or soda (1/2 tbsp. L.). This composition is suitable for recovery after a fungus and its prevention.
how to restore a nail plate after gel

After the bath, you need to wipe your fingers dry, and treat your nails with essential oil or lemon juice. Apply oil or juice with massage movements to accelerate blood circulation and the intake of beneficial components in the tissue. Cosmetic preparations for recovery are also used.

According to reviews, the use of baths quickly gives positive results. There is a restoration of the structure of the nails, as well as an improvement in their appearance. Baths - this is exactly the method that is suitable for most injuries.

Other methods

Still how to restore a nail plate? There are other ways:

  1. Gelatin (1 tbsp.) Is added to warm water (1 cup). Fingers should be treated with cream and lowered into a gelatinous mass when it swells for 20 minutes. In gelatin, there is such a substance as keratin, which restores, strengthens nails.
  2. The juice of berries (currants, strawberries) is rubbed into the nails. Instead, olive oil is also suitable. Rubbing is preferably done every other day, but you can do them daily.
  3. Ground red pepper (1/2 tsp) should be mixed with boiled water (1 tbsp.) And hand cream (1 tsp.). The mixture must be heated in a water bath and slightly cooled. Then it is treated with nails. This method accelerates recovery, improves the growth of nail plates.

Before using folk remedies, you should check if there is an allergy to the components used, as well as contraindications. Treatment with folk remedies allows you to get results in a month. Perform the procedure 2 times a week.

Salon treatments

Reinforcement is carried out in almost every cabin. Masters can carry out different procedures. One effective is wax sealing. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Nails need shaping.
  2. Then the surface must be sanded with nail files.
  3. Cleansing nails from contamination.
  4. Waxing is carried out.
  5. The skin and nails are treated with oils.
how to restore a nail plate after an injury

Varnish can be applied after 1/3 hours. Before this, you need to wash your hands. Sealing can be used after building, as well as with the constant use of household chemicals. Beautiful nails will delight you for several weeks. After erasing the film, the procedure is repeated.

Still strengthening is done with a cloth or paper. For this:

  1. They carry out nail polishing.
  2. Then it is covered with glue or clear varnish.
  3. You need to glue the material.
  4. It is bent under the nail.
  5. Fixer can be applied.

The material lasts 3-4 days. Nails are varnished. If the strengthening was done with paper, you can’t paint your nails. Manicure will be ugly. If varnish is applied to paper, it will dry for a long time.

According to reviews, many people restore the nail plate with folk remedies. After baths and rubbing, an excellent result appears.


The article describes the main ways to restore the nail plate. This procedure should be carried out comprehensively, so it is important to consider the diet. You also need to drink vitamins - 1 course, which will solve this problem.

how to quickly restore the nail plate

To reduce the risk of fungus, prophylaxis is necessary. Reduce the effect of gel polish will get a special tool "diamond powder". This substance is used before the procedures. Powder serves as protection against the harmful effects of gels. Even diamond powder strengthens the natural plate.

If powder was used during gel coating of the nails, then restoration may not be required. It is almost impossible to exclude damage to the nails, but leaving, proper nutrition and reducing the negative impact preserves the health and beauty of the nail plates.


Thus, many factors act on nails. In case of damage, it is important to repair them in a timely manner. And for this, both store and home remedies are effective.


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