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It has long been proven that our brain is the most advanced natural computer. At the same time, its functioning is carried out on different wave ranges, depending on the state in which we are - awake or sleeping. This knowledge allows us to control our consciousness in order to achieve various results in changing our reality, for example, to solve health problems, to reveal our creative abilities, and so on. Techniques based on neuro-linguistic programming and visualization contain the Silva method. People’s reviews using this “technology of happiness” are sometimes even stunning with successful results.

Jose Silva

A Mexican-born, Jose Silva lived and worked in Texas. Despite the fact that he did not even have an elementary education, the scientist was able not only to build a business in the field of radio engineering, but also to make a discovery in parapsychology, which at the moment is called the "Silva Method". The feedback from those participating in the training was various at first. Of course, no one could deny the visual successful results, but still there were ardent opponents, and just skeptics who did not want to see the obvious.

The interest in parapsychology in Jose Silva arose during the examination by the medical board when he was hired by the American Army. Applied abilities in radio engineering, as well as the enormous potential of logic and natural talent, allowed Jose Silva to make a phenomenal discovery that pushed all of humanity to a new frontier of existence.

Silva technique of three fingers

Experiments Silva

The American parapsychologist came to the discovery when he decided to help his children improve school performance by applying his knowledge of hypnosis and NLP. Carrying out experiments with meditation, Silva discovered extrasensory abilities in his daughter. The scientist came to the conclusion that in a relaxed state, the human brain moves to a different level of consciousness, which opens up such supernatural possibilities as guessing thoughts at a distance, foreseeing the future, and others.

Jose Silva determined that in an active state the human brain functions on beta waves. Whereas during relaxation, the activity of the nerve centers switches to the frequency of alpha waves, and during deep meditation the theta waves were recorded. It is these two levels that are used in this method. In this case, visualization of positive images and suggestion of affirmations containing the necessary settings are used. In general, the Silva method, reviews of which you can hear quite often today, is to achieve health, wealth and happiness through mind control.

Used Techniques

silva method a glass of water

Meditation on relaxation using exposure to sound waves of alpha frequencies gives excellent results. At the same time, there are such changes in a person’s state as restoring health, unlocking creativity, improving memory, and others. There are also several methods of influencing the subconscious that make up the Silva method. “Three-finger technique” allows you to fix any result. So, you can program yourself for courage or resourcefulness, you just have to enter a meditative state and feel the situation in which you are determined or show ingenuity. Fold three fingers and repeat the phrase in a similar vein: "Every time I fold my fingers in this way, I feel bold, my creative abilities improve."

There is also another trick that is part of the Silva method - “Glass of water”, which is mainly used to improve health. It consists in visualizing a blue ray aimed at a vessel of water. At the same time, a person mentally charges the contents with healing energy and imagines that when he drinks this water, his problems will disappear.

These techniques are described in the writings of Jose Silva and presented in the trainings of his daughter Laura Silva. Using these simple exercises, you can achieve good results in various areas of our lives. The Silva method, reviews of which can be heard from the followers of the scientist, brought many people health, happiness and prosperity.


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