“Payphone - People's Taxi”: franchise reviews, conditions, features

Surely, each of you is familiar with an application called Yandex.Taxi. Very convenient thing. Install the application on your phone, and anywhere you can quickly call the machine, which will deliver where you need. Today, this project has a competitor that will try to surpass its predecessor. Therefore, we decided to talk about the application “Payphone - People's Taxi”. Let’s review the franchise a little lower, but for now - about what it actually is.

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Unique project

Indeed, there haven’t been such yet. This is a symbiosis of network marketing, modern Internet technologies and taxis. At first glance, things are completely incompatible. But it just has not yet begun to look for reviews about the franchise. "Payphone - People's Taxi" began its activities in 2016. To date, the project is very popular.

In general, if we consider the statistics of projects that have been implemented over the past 5-10 years, then we can say with confidence that not all goods and services can be implemented through a network business. And another example is a taxi. Dozens of companies have already closed precisely because they have chosen this form of business.

But maybe the Payphone-People Taxi application is an exception? Franchise reviews will help you figure this out. At first glance, this is a great idea and a wonderful project that can really become successful.

International project

This is the first corporate taxi in Russia created by drivers for passengers. Working with him is simple and easy. You pay 20 rubles per day for using the application in the "Driver" mode. The rest of the money is left to you. Gradually, each driver forms his own customer base. To do this, he can give out an activation code to passengers. There are two more chips here that may be of interest to you to familiarize yourself:

  • The ability to bargain. Indeed, both parties can agree on a price.
  • Free schedule. Everyone can independently decide where, when and how much he needs to work.
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What is "Payphone - People's Taxi"

Franchise reviews we will analyze as information becomes available. For now, let's decide what is at stake. This is a mobile application for modern smartphones. I must say that today there are so many analogues that there is not just anything to choose from. This can already be called fierce competition. For example, in the west, the UBER application is running. Its value is more than 70 billion dollars. The most popular in Russia is Yandex.Taxi. People’s Taxi can also be compared with him in order to assess his market demand. In the meantime, a little about the opportunities that the company offers:

  • For passengers, it is possible to choose one serving driver, and contact him every time you need to quickly get to any point.
  • There are opportunities for drivers. This is not only a momentary money making, but also building a business, because by inviting friends to work, you also get income from the network.

For passengers, this application is free. A commission of 20 rubles per day is assigned for drivers, which is a very modest amount, given that the average trip costs a passenger 120 rubles. All other services and trips appoint a more substantial commission, and usually it is at least 10%.

What is the network component

So far, everything is clear, but why did we immediately mention the principle of MLO? Where is the principle of building your own business or network? The fact is that the Taxphone (payphone) “People’s taxi” is an application that allows you to tell your friends and acquaintances about it. For this you get money for free trips. But that is not all. The foundation of your future business is the Payphone - People's Taxi franchise.

A small remark. It’s not at all necessary to build a business. The company is quite happy if you get a driver and pay for using the application when you are at work. Drivers are the basis of business, they are always needed.

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Build your own branch

Today it is still a very young company, which is just entering the market. And she decided to do it in her own way. Namely, 20% of the company was divided into a million shares, and today they are actively sold in the market. After all of them are sold out, it will become impossible to buy a franchise of the company. In total, there are three options for the Taxphone "People's Taxi" franchise. They are quite different from each other. The principle is simple: the more you invest in the project and the earlier you enter it, the more you will be able to receive interest.

Initial investment

The “Payphone - People's Taxi” franchise provides 2 earning opportunities. The first is the direct purchase of shares. There are three options here:

  • For 11 500 rubles. By purchasing this package, you get 12% of the drivers you invited. The math is simple if each of the 10 invited taxi drivers a day pays the company 200 rubles of a monthly fee. In this case, you will receive 24 rubles.
  • For 44 500. You also receive 12% of those taxi drivers who were invited personally, as well as 8% from the first level of your partners, and 6% from the second level. That is, each of those invited by you will also have their own interest, and you will receive money for this.
  • For 88 500. At this stage, little is changed. The only thing is that now you already receive income from partners up to level 5.
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Passive income

In addition to franchise income, there is also passive income for those who are among the first to join the company. Of course, it’s more profitable for the organizers not to think too long. To speed up the decision, it is planned to give out a million shares, which will accrue 20% of the company's income. The subtext here is understandable, the earlier you registered with the company, the more shares, and hence the income.

How does Payphone work

He is increasingly gaining popularity. The reasons are simple - in an effort to increase their profits, people are actively sharing this application with their friends. As a result, the number of regular customers and drivers is increasing. Someone's network is growing. Why not yours? Everything is simple here: many do not trust the promises that the founders generously squander and are in no hurry to enter into cooperation with the Narodnoye Taxi company. Customer reviews emphasize that the format of the network business is already so sore that it causes nothing but skepticism.

To register, you must download the application and install on the phone. Connection is free for both drivers and passengers. To access the application you need to enter an activation code. Of course, in each of you he will be his own. There are posts on the network that offer registration by entering the code 4449. Taxi "Payphone - People's Taxi" is always glad to its new partners.

In addition, you can get a unique code from the partner who invited you. In this case, you receive your unique code, which you will distribute to passengers, under which the drivers of your personal network will be registered. Today, the application is used by all of Russia. Reviews about taxi People's Taxi are mostly good, the waiting time for the car is short, and the drivers are polite. This is understandable, because each passenger can leave a review. A taximeter is built into the application. There is an opportunity to work across the country, in the "travel companion" mode.

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Advantages of the system for the passenger

Let’s take a look at the opportunity to build a business. What criteria make it clear that the company is really interesting? The reviews of St. Petersburg's People’s Taxi emphasize that working with him is easy and convenient. Let's look at the main advantages noted by regular customers:

  • Passengers note exceptional simplicity. You can order a taxi and find passing drivers in just three clicks.
  • The second big plus is the honest price. You assign a cost, and the driver whom she arranges is taken to complete your order.
  • Ability to ride a taxi for free. To do this, you need to recommend the application to your friends. In this case, you will receive 10 rubles to your account. They can be collected and used for free trips.
  • It's comfortable. Opening the application, you see all the free drivers around you, in real time. Choose a car and send a request.
  • Security. The application has a SOS button. If you click it, then all users will see that you are in trouble and ask for help.

As you can see, it’s quite convenient. Nothing special is required of you, just install the application and use the services.

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Benefits for the driver

Continues to consider the benefits and features. “Payphone - People's Taxi” is an excellent choice for those who are looking for work today.

  • The driver can connect in 1 minute. Just download the application, switch it to the "Driver" mode, and you can get to work.
  • No commissions for each trip. The driver pays only 600 rubles per month (20 rubles per day), provided that he works seven days a week. At the same time, orders can be accepted throughout the Russian Federation, without limitation.
  • You can create your own passenger network. To do this, you just need to tell the passenger about the application, about free trips and other benefits.
  • Additional income. With this application, everyone can earn, regardless of whether you own your car or rented.
  • Help on the road. If something happened along the way, you can use the SOS button.

Affiliate Program Benefits

Today you have the opportunity to become one of the partners. Let's look at the main advantages:

  • Multiple franchise packages. Each of them has its own characteristics and cost.
  • Profit from people invited to the project.
  • The ability to build a business without leasing cars, hiring people and renting an office. That is, at no additional cost.
  • There are no royalties, mandatory payments or hidden fees.
  • Passive income.
  • You get the opportunity to develop your affiliate network of taxi fleets.

If you have been thinking about the opportunity to start your own business for a long time, you may find your chance in this. Do not forget that you need to evaluate the costs and expected profits, payback period. Already from this we can conclude whether the project is worth the effort.

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Instead of a conclusion

At the beginning of the article, we tried to compare it with the famous Yandex.Taxi with the Taxphone project Narodnaya Taxi. Reviews allow us to hope that it is promising, and will soon take its rightful place in the ranking of well-known companies. But, the numbers make it a little doubtful:

  • To date, the application has 5 or 10 thousand downloads. Unlike the millions that Yandex.Taxi boasts.
  • Views on the net are also disastrous. That is, every day only a handful of people are looking for information about the project.
  • The company does not have millions that can be invested in advertising and promotion. Therefore, only enthusiasts work in the project.

A logical conclusion from all this, if the “People’s taxi” has a chance to become a leader in the taxi market, then for this you will have to make a lot of effort and energy. Many projects that tried to enter the market in the version of MLO quickly curtailed and went into oblivion. We will continue to monitor the prospects for the development of People’s Taxi.

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