Brigitte Bottier - a new generation of nail polishes

Unsurpassed French quality, beauty, style, originality and therapeutic effect - all these properties are combined in Brigitte Bottier nail polishes. All varnish collections have a salon level, you can easily use them at home.

Significant advantages and features of varnishes

  • In Brigitte Bottier nail varnishes, the 5 free system is an absolute advantage, which completely eliminates such harmful and toxic substances as camphor, formaldehyde, methylbenzene (toluene), dibutyl phthalate and formaldehyde resins.
  • The process of staining the nail plate is easy and neat thanks to the brush, which was specially developed by Italian experts. It has a slightly rounded shape and is made of natural pile manually. Its width is ideally suited for the shape of the nail and therefore eliminates the ingress of varnish beyond the boundaries of the contour.
  • A huge color palette that can satisfy the most demanding manicure lover.
  • The high content of coloring pigments in Brigitte Bottier nail varnishes allows the application of the product in one layer. In this case, the color does not penetrate the nail plate.
  • Magnificent shine does not grow dull after a while.
  • The varnish is very resistant, it does not crack or crack, even with frequent contact with water. With this coating, you can safely wash the dishes with a detergent and not be afraid of damage.
  • "Vitality" - this product is held on the nail plate for at least a week.
  • Varnishes of this brand do not spread, do not roll off and are easily washed off with ordinary nail polish remover.
Varnish "Neon Dance"

Color palette and assortment

The product range is so large that it can satisfy any imagination. There are even water-based varnishes, thanks to which any plant extracts, various vitamin supplements and natural oils can be added to the composition. This composition allows you to solve the problems of brittle, thin nails, as well as strengthen the nail plate.

The incredibly rich collection of varnishes has everything from classics to the most fashionable trends. Let's look at some of them:

  • Professional Nails Gel Formula. This line of varnishes has a gel coating effect and includes 59 shades. It is divided into two series: Gel Formula and 2 Step Gel Formula. The first series creates a kind of protection on the nail plate due to its increased density and saturation. This helps to maintain the look of "fresh" manicure several times longer. The advantage of 2 Step Gel Formula is that it immediately combines the base coat and the primary color. The “base” provides the adhesion of the nail plate to the color and protects the nail from the penetration of the coloring pigment, and the second part is a quick drying formula, which is becoming stronger every day due to sunlight.
Gel Polish
  • The collection of matte shades includes Pastel - the name speaks for itself - and "Satin Chic" - combines rich color and matte.
  • If you are going to a club or a disco, then the Neon Dance series varnishes will look original, because under ultraviolet light they literally begin to glow.
  • Want ultra-shiny nails with a mirror effect? Then the Mirror collection is just for this occasion.

Brigitte Bottier Magic Nail Polish

The Magic collection contains all the colors of the rainbow and is the novelty of the spring and summer season of 2018. These are matte pastel shades that can turn into glossy and shining thanks to the top coating. All colors are very delicate and resemble pastel crayons. Plus, they combine with each other. And the original packaging with a unicorn will not leave indifferent any fashionista.

Magic Series Varnish

Reviews on Brigitte Bottier Nail Polish

Among the many reviews on the line of nail polishes you can see only positive ones. All as one declare that they combine an affordable price (from 180 rubles) and incredible quality. The varnish really meets all the requirements of modern fashionistas. It doesn’t break off, lasts for a long time on nails, is easily removed and, in general, meets all the requirements of an excellent manicure.


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