How to decorate a room with a garland? How to decorate a room with tinsel for the New Year

December is the time to decorate the room for the New Year. It is unfortunate that this holiday happens only once a year. The more I want to make the house smart, creating a festive atmosphere that will be remembered for a long time. Any family has its own traditional ways of decorating a house for a holiday, but learning something new is never superfluous.

Room decoration

There are several ways to decorate a room for the New Year. For example, hang tinsel, garlands, Christmas toys. You can put a Christmas tree in a room, arrange flowers in vases, or make "hanging gardens" of flowers. Some people buy jewelry at the store, while others do it on their own.

You can start decorating the house from the front door. A wreath of fir branches hanging from the outside emphasizes the hospitality of the people living in the house. In addition, such an accessory is a symbol of wealth. You can buy this jewelry in the store or do it yourself. In addition to branches of spruce or fir, cones, stars, nuts, wrapped in beautiful paper look great.

how to decorate a room with a garland

Ideas for decorating a room can be found in magazines. Starting in September, many publications publish relevant design solutions.

The main symbol of the New Year holidays is a tree. Before you hang toys on it, you need to decide what gamma will be the main one, repeating throughout the house. You need to choose a single style, then the room and apartment will look especially festive and fashionable.

Decorating a room for the New Year is made with tinsel and garlands. But now a huge variety of these festive lamps is offered, and you should not mix all types in one room. Before deciding how to decorate a room with a garland, you need to find out what types of it our industry is ready to offer today.

Types of Garlands

Do you want the room to sparkle, but don’t know how to achieve this? Very simple - hang various electric garlands in the room. There are not many varieties that are suitable for this purpose.


Such garlands look especially elegant, they need very little electricity. LEDs are used to decorate openings, spruces or surfaces that do not heat up. The advantage of this LED backlight is that it is waterproof, so it can be hung even in the bathroom.

Belt Light

The bending tape on which the cartridges for small bulbs are placed. Such garlands look somewhat comical, they are suitable for decorating a room in the style of the 50s.


This is a flexible neon cord. For an independent room decor, duralight is rude, but highlighting the perimeter with its help is quite acceptable. You can make different shapes from duralight by placing them on the windows or walls of the room.

Knowing at least minimal information about the varieties of such lighting fixtures and how to use them, it is much easier to decide how to decorate the room with a garland. It is necessary to choose the appearance and design solution based on what effect you want to achieve in the end.

Decorative garlands

how to decorate a room with tinsel

Decorative garlands can be made of paper or artificial spruce branches. It is better to buy a spruce garland in a store, since there is no point in making it yourself from artificial branches.

Paper decorations can be made by yourself or also purchased at the store. It is better to entrust children to make paper decor - this way they will feel their involvement in the holiday.

Garland decoration

Electric constructions decorate windows, room walls, spruce. Before decorating a room with a garland, keep in mind that it should not be accessible to animals and small children. Not only can they spoil this electric accessory, they can still set fire or suffer themselves. The rule of placing electrical appliances - they need to be hung up the higher, the younger the children.

To decorate tables, fireplaces, dressers, you can use both electric and decorative garland, intertwining them with each other. Such a composition will look great both in the evening and in daylight.

decorate the room for the new year

Hang a garland in the doorway, attach to the ceiling - any option is acceptable. The larger the plane, the more interesting the pattern can be created.

To understand how to decorate a room with a garland, look at the photos - decorative varieties are placed on tables, cabinets, walls, doorways. Around the chandelier it will also be appropriate to place a garland.

Tinsel decoration

ideas for decorating a room

Before you decorate the room with tinsel, you need to stock up with a fair amount of this material. You should start from the window. Using scotch tape or pins, tinsel is fixed around the perimeter of the window or make a kind of mesh. If you highlight it with a garland, the look will be even more elegant.

If there is a desire to decorate the curtains - on them you can hang figures made of tinsel strung on a wire. Thus, it will be possible to give it the shape of snowflakes, spruce, bow, stars. In addition, it is appropriate to make the figures of the coming year and hang them in a prominent place. The numbers can also be highlighted with a garland. If the house has small children, decorations should be hung higher.

Tinsel is fixed both under the ceiling and around the perimeter of the wallpaper. It will be more interesting if you hang the resulting garland not directly, but in waves. These compositions can be fixed with pins.

To design door openings, you need to take lush tinsel and fix it around the perimeter. At the same time, let the rain threads hang in the opening itself. Wrap a chandelier with tinsel, serpentine, cones.

In general, in order to decide how to decorate a room with tinsel, it is better to listen to your sense of style and desires. Do you want a bright, luminous room or are you closer to a calm classic, filled with New Year's greens and a modest sparkling of electric garlands?


how to decorate a room with a garland

When decorating a room with any materials, do not forget about those accessories that are constantly in the room. Is a mirror hanging on the wall? It can also be perfectly dressed up with any of the materials. Use any one piece of scenery or make compositions from them - it depends on your preferences. Wicker garlands of tinsel, spruce branches and cones look great. Instead of tinsel, you can use a long electric garland.

If you can’t decide how to decorate the room with a garland, you can turn to interior designers - they will decorate the room in such a way that they can only gasp with admiration.

But no matter how you decide to decorate your house for the New Year, the most important thing is that it reigned in cosiness, peace, joy and good mood not only on holidays, but also on weekdays. Try to maintain a sense of fairy tale and magic for the whole year, and then it will bring only positive news and changes.


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