How to wash laminate so that there are no stains: a review of household chemicals and folk remedies

Laminate flooring is a fairly popular flooring. It is used not only in industry, but also in homes and apartments. Why is laminate flooring so popular? Everything is simple. This is a very durable, wear-resistant and relatively cheap coating. But even such floors sometimes require care. How to wash the laminate so that there are no stains? Consider in our article today.


How to wash the laminate so that there are no stains? It all depends on what type of cleaning will be used:

  • Dry. It uses a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush or a broom with a soft synthetic pile.
  • Wet. A butterfly mop is needed. You will also need a bucket for spinning.
how to wash a laminate with folk remedies

To wash the laminate without damaging it, you need a separate rag. She will be needed at the final stage of cleaning. With this rag we will wipe the coating dry. The rag may be microfiber or nylon.

how to wash a laminate without streaks

How to wash laminate floors without streaks? During the work, you need to monitor the condition of the water for cleaning. Periodically, it must be changed so that there are no dirty stains. The container (bucket) is also washed thoroughly before being filled with new water. In addition, rinse the mop head under running water.

We use household chemicals

If the laminate is of high quality, the top coating protects the base layer from dirt. Therefore, it is enough to remove dust and stains from the surface. They are easily cleaned with a wet and then dry cloth. If there are serious traces, you can use household chemicals. These are special washing fluids and gels. They not only clean, but also create an additional protective layer, as well as remove all kinds of bacteria. Among the quality manufacturers of such furniture, it is worth noting the following:

  • Emsal.
  • Unicum
  • Starwax
  • Hg.
  • Denkmit.

But before washing the laminate (so that there are no stains left), you need to dilute these products in water. Typically, five liters of water requires four caps of chemistry.

What can not be used

When caring for a laminate, you need to remember that the coating does not like the effects of such detergents:

  • Chlorine-containing. For the laminate is not suitable whiteness. Otherwise, it becomes stained.
  • Acetone-containing. This applies to any means where the composition contains acetone (including nail polish remover). If such a solution hits the surface, the structure of the material is damaged.
  • Powder. The composition contains many small abrasive particles. They can damage the protective transparent layer of lamellas.
wash the laminate so that there are no stains left

How to wash the laminate so that there are no stains? Many say that you can not use hot water. But practice shows the opposite. Using hot water, you can clean the surface efficiently.

Cleaning technique

During the general cleaning, there is a need to rearrange the furniture. Experts recommend laying cardboard under the legs, which will protect the laminated coating from scratches and other defects. When the territory of the room is vacated, you can begin to work:

  • Remove large debris with a vacuum cleaner or a broom.
  • Dilute the detergent in water. No need to dilute “by eye”. Follow the instructions carefully.
  • Moisten the base of the squeegee in solution.
  • Squeeze the rag.
  • Wipe the surface with spiral movements. You need to move from windows to doors.
  • To exclude stains, you need to use a dry rag. She processes wet areas of the laminate.

If the coating is slightly contaminated, you can treat it with plain water from a spray bottle, and then wipe it with a microfiber cloth.

Alternative method

Despite the variety of specialized laminate care products, experts recommend cleaning without chemicals if possible. The fact is that some aggressive materials, upon contact with the lamella, interact with the material and react with chemical compounds. Chloramines and ethanolamines stand out. If you inhale these components, you may have health problems. First of all, the respiratory system suffers. There is a risk of rhinitis and bronchial asthma.

how to wash the laminate yourself

How to wash a laminate without streaks at home? To do this, you need water at a temperature of 90 degrees and 9 percent vinegar. In what proportion is the composition diluted? It is required to take 50 milliliters of acetic acid per liter of water. The latter allows you to neutralize the alkali in the water, which can cause stains. In this case, the solution dries quickly enough. It does not need to be wiped with a dry cloth.

Folk remedies

Consider several everyday situations:

  • Traces from a felt-tip pen or from a pencil. In this situation, they can be removed using triple cologne or medical ethanol.
  • Divorces from wine and brandy. It is also recommended to use alcohol. You can use both medical and technical.
  • Traces of slippers. You can eliminate them with baking soda. It is necessary to sprinkle the composition into the area and then remove it with an ordinary cloth.
  • Traces of fat. Soap solution will be required. A rag is moistened in it and the necessary area is treated. At the end of the procedures, it is recommended to go with a detergent intended for washing windows.
  • Minor scratches. They can be masked with a felt-tip pen, which matches the shade of the floor.
  • Dried mud. To remove it, you will need 500 milliliters of water, 50 milliliters of vinegar and a tablespoon of soda. It is necessary to mix these components thoroughly and apply with a spray gun to the desired area. After 10 minutes, the floor is wiped with a damp cloth.

How to wash a laminate without streaks?

Many are interested in the question of whether it is possible to treat this coating with a washing vacuum cleaner. Experts say that working with such equipment is possible only on a durable laminate.

how to wash so that there are no stains

The lamellas should be wax-impregnated, which will protect from moisture. In addition, you can apply:

  1. Multifunction device. This is a vacuum cleaner that serves to clean different surfaces. The device is used both for wet and dry cleaning. But not every model of such a vacuum cleaner is suitable for a laminate. Experts say that it is better to choose those units that spray water with its subsequent assembly. It will not be superfluous to have additional functions (for example, adjusting the water supply and the parquet adapter). A nozzle that removes excess fluid must be included.
  2. Steam cleaner. But there are limitations. So, you can not use a steam cleaner on floors with a castle connection. If steam penetrates the cracks at the joints, the floor may become deformed. But if glued, a steam mop is suitable for cleaning. It allows you to remove all dirt and dust. In addition, such a mop disinfects the surface. You also need to understand that you can not use a steam cleaner on wax lamellas. Due to the high temperature, there is a risk of deformation and melting of the floor covering.
how to wash a laminate

Features of work with black and white floor

There are two varieties of laminate flooring. So, the coating can be dark and light. How to wash a dark laminate and light without streaks?

  • If it is a white laminate, everything will depend on the amount of contamination and the properties of the material. Often, the hosts resort to the use of folk remedies. But before washing the laminate without streaks, you need to remove small pebbles and sand from the surface. This can be done with a broom or a vacuum cleaner.
  • If it's a dark laminate, things are a little more complicated here. On such a coating there will be types of traces and spots from poor-quality cleaning. How to wash a laminate without streaks? To do this, perform wet cleaning twice a week. First, the floor is cleaned of dirt, and then various stains are removed with a dry cloth. For a better shine, you can rub the laminate using a window cleaner and a clean rag.

Recommendations for cleaning after repair

How to wash a laminate without streaks after repair? To make cleaning easier, it is better to cover the surface with plastic wrap before repair. After all operations, the film is removed and a minimum of dirt remains on the floor. But what to do next? Then you need to use a broom and remove the remaining dust and debris.

how to wash laminate at home

The film does not always protect against unpleasant moments. So, paint and putty can get on the laminated coating. How to wash the laminate so that there are no stains? We consider each situation separately.

Remove paint

To do this, use nail polish remover or ethyl alcohol. But you need to work with such liquids only in a contaminated area. So, fill the solution in this area and wait a minute and a half. Next, wipe the surface dry with a clean rag.

Remove the putty. Mask damage

To eliminate white stains from putty, you need to use a damp cloth. Next, the surface is wiped with a dry microfiber cloth. To give shine to a covering, it is recommended to use a detergent for windows.

If you still get scratches when moving the furniture, they can be masked with a wax pencil or special repair putty for the laminate.


So, we found out how and how to wash the laminate. As you can see, there are a lot of ways. Everyone chooses the most suitable for themselves. Finally, we note that during the repair, acid-containing compounds should not be allowed to enter the surface of the laminate. Otherwise, such a coating will have to be changed entirely. It will no longer be possible to mask these damage.


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