Help from the state to small business. How to get help from the state for small businesses?

Today, not all people are satisfied with self-employment - a small income that cannot be independently regulated. To get the maximum profit, many decide to open their own business. It can be controlled, take an active part in any transformation, develop and expand. But for any business, even small, initial capital is required. For those who do not have enough funds to create an enterprise, the state is ready to provide financial and organizational assistance.

What kind of help from the state to small business can be counted on

Help from the state to small business

In Russia, a program has been adopted, according to which everyone who decided to become an entrepreneur has a chance to get a financial state. assistance to small businesses, and absolutely free of charge. The amount of monetary compensation has certain limits that differ in different regions. Many people have the right to receive such a subsidy, but due to objective circumstances and subjective reasons, not everyone can get such support. In addition to financial assistance financed from the state budget, property assistance is offered to beginning entrepreneurs. This means the stateโ€™s readiness to lease certain property to representatives of small businesses at low rates or generally free of charge: real estate, technical equipment, land use facilities, etc.

Limitations of the state aid program

Small Business Assistance Program

Not every entrepreneur can count on help from the state in the development of small business. For example, if a person is registered as an entrepreneur for more than one year, he no longer falls under this program. The sphere of activity of small business is of great importance, because specially created commissions are sure to consider each application and not everyone answers positively. It is also necessary for the entrepreneur to have his own money necessary for starting a business. The state will be able to compensate from 40 to 60% of the costs, and often this amount does not exceed 300,000 rubles. The rest will have to be paid from your wallet. Of course, this money is not enough to purchase equipment and create a competitive enterprise, but it is not profitable for the state to fully sponsor businessmen. This is only partial assistance from the state to small business, which gives it the opportunity to control the small business system.

Government grant subsidy items

Help to small business from the state
The program of assistance to small business in Russia includes several articles suggesting subsidies:

  • company opening;
  • opening a business;
  • rental of premises;
  • purchase of equipment and computer equipment;
  • obtaining a license;
  • training of specialists;
  • participation in promotions and exhibitions.

Consultation on these issues can be obtained at employment centers and specialized centers. The regional administration must provide residents with the addresses of these offices.

How to get financial support

If you have already thought about creating your own business, but do not have the necessary amount of money, then you can get help from the state to small businesses. First you need to draw up a business plan and submit it to the employment center for consideration. The amount of the subsidy issued by this organization is 58,800 rubles. (4900 rubles. - The monthly unemployment benefit multiplied by 12 months). The process of reviewing a business plan and allocating money can take up to 6 months.

What is needed to get start-up capital from the state

First, register with the employment center, that is, have unemployed status. To do this, the following documents will be required:

  • passport,
  • employment history,
  • TIN
  • education documents, certificates and diplomas,
  • pension insurance certificate,
  • a filled-in certificate on the average wage for 3 months at the last place of work.

Note that the unemployed are not:

  • citizens under the age of 16;
  • women on maternity leave;
  • full-time students;
  • retirees by age;
  • citizens working under an employment contract or registered as an LLC or individual entrepreneur;
  • disabled people of non-working groups.

Assistance in the development of small business

Next, in the employment center, you need to write an application for a subsidy from the state for the development of small business. Thoroughly think through and draw up a detailed business plan containing many calculations, graphs and tables. Having received approval, you should register as a legal entity (organize an LLC or individual entrepreneur). Tax will give you a list of documents, copies of which you need to provide. After that, the agreed funds will be credited to your bank account, which you can withdraw and purchase the necessary equipment specified in the business plan.

A very important point: you will need to provide a financial report to the employment center, which should reflect all the costs of equipment, wages of employees, deductions to the tax and pension funds. If you have received financial assistance to small businesses from the state, you need to be responsible for every penny spent of this amount.

Other government assistance options

Gos help small business
Possible assistance from the state to small businesses is not only the issue of money for the creation of an enterprise, it can be the repayment of interest on a loan already taken or the issuance by a bank of a new loan with a reduced interest rate. Today, many banks give loans to entrepreneurs, and they, in turn, prefer to contact the bank. Indeed, in this case, they will not have to report where they spent the finances received, it is enough to pay a certain amount on time.

The state also organizes the so-called business incubators, where you can get qualified help both in drawing up a business plan and in training employees in new skills in organizing and running their business. In addition, in these centers you can rent a room inexpensively and place all your employees there, so they can always turn to experienced professionals for help.

Each of us has the opportunity to receive help and support from the state for the creation and development of our own business, it remains only to decide on the direction of activity.


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