Cheese production as a business. Mini-shop: technology and equipment

Today, among the entrepreneurs of our country , cheese production as a business has gained great popularity. The mini-workshop for the manufacture of this product does not require investments of tens of millions of rubles. The cheese itself is present in the diet of almost all families, which confirms the considerable demand for it.

That is why the opening of its own business for the production of this dairy product is a very promising and profitable business.

Who can go in for the cheese business?

It is most beneficial to open your own mini-workshop to farmers. In this case, the production of cheese can be carried out from our own raw materials. This will make the final product cheaper and, therefore, in demand.

cheese production as a business mini shop
But is it only possible for a farmer to produce cheese as a business? Mini-shop can be opened by any businessman. Of course, he will have to agree on the purchase of milk from farmers, but even in this case he will be able to make significant profits. The main thing is to plan your actions correctly and rationally.

Preparatory stage

Where to start your own cheese production business? First of all, it will be necessary to think over a business strategy. It will be needed not only for beginners, but also for experienced entrepreneurs. A business plan will help you analyze all of the initial costs, give a true assessment of supply and demand in the market, and plan future profitability and profitability of the event. In addition, a previously developed strategy will allow you to choose the right product range, determine its prices and find buyers.

Sales market

Before organizing a mini cheese production shop as a business, you need to search for buyers. For this, it will be necessary to outline in advance the ways of marketing future finished products. They may be different. So, the sale of cheeses is possible by:

- sales in your own store;
- sales in the food market in their area;
- conclusion of contracts with wholesale warehouses;
- deliveries of the product to the retail network;
- supplies of cheese to cafes and restaurants of their city and region.

It is advisable to choose more than one option from the list. This will make it possible to quickly sell the product and get a sufficiently large profit.

Assortment selection

Natural cheese is represented by a large number of varieties. They differ from each other in their appearance, taste and other characteristics. So, according to the manufacturing process, cheeses are classified into rennet and sour milk. The first of them are made using rennet. In the second method, cheeses are made by fermenting milk with the help of sourdough.

cheese production as a business mini equipment workshop
The preparation of each of the available varieties involves the use of its own technology and special equipment. It is this moment that determines the importance of choosing a business direction. Also, a novice entrepreneur will need to take into account the level of their own qualifications. Those who are interested in the production of cheese as a business (mini-workshop), the technology for their first products should be selected, most likely, the most simple. Such a process will not require significant time costs and special art of its implementation.

The easiest way to cook cheeses related to soft varieties. For them, it is only necessary to stir the milk, and then strain and compress the necessary portions for sale. The main advantage of soft varieties is their short production time. Such cheese does not require ripening and is ready for use in a couple of days or within a week. According to the long-term ripening technology, it will take a month and a half to make them. However, it should be borne in mind that it is necessary to implement such a product within 14 days.

You can organize the production of hard cheese as a business. In this case, the mini-workshop will produce products in a longer period, but its cost is much higher.

Company registration

If you decide to organize the production of cheese as a business, the mini-shop in which this product will be manufactured can only be opened after appropriate paperwork. Obtaining permission to conduct activities will also be required.

production of hard cheese as a business mini shop
Which organizational form is best to choose when starting cheese production as a business? It is recommended to open a mini-workshop to a limited liability company. The fact is that the bulk of retail chains and large stores prefer to work with legal entities. This makes it possible to make tax deductions, thereby reducing taxes. Working with IP does not give such an opportunity. Indeed, by its status, an individual entrepreneur is an individual.

Mandatory payments to the budget

When choosing a tax system, a novice businessman should pay attention to the simplified tax system. In this case, two payment options are acceptable:
- 6% of revenue;
- 15% of income.

The second taxation system becomes profitable at high production costs.


What other documents will the organization of cheese production as a business require? A mini-shop producing a dairy product cannot be opened without proper certification. The issuance of this document is carried out by Rostest in accordance with the current technical regulations. The obtained certificate enables the labeling of products in accordance with the law. Without this, cheeses simply won’t get on store shelves.

To obtain a certificate you will need to collect a package of documents. It should include:
- certificates for raw materials provided by suppliers of milk and sourdough;
- expert opinion issued by Rospotrebnadzor.

The presence of all these documents must be worried before cheese production is established as a business. In this case, the mini-shop will begin to work without interruptions, and the entrepreneur will not have any difficulties with law enforcers.

Choice of premises

Very cost-effective and attractive is the production of cheese as a business (mini-shop). How to open this business? For this, in addition to processing the relevant papers, you will need to choose a convenient room. Its area should not be large. For example, if up to 100 kilograms of cheese is produced per day, then a workshop of 20 square meters is enough. meters. On such an area, the necessary technological equipment will be quite compact.

Communications and arrangement

What else needs to be considered in the room where the production of cheese as a business will begin? The mini-workshop, the plan of which should contain several zones, must be equipped with utilities. After all, the production of a dairy product is impossible without the availability of water supply, sewage, ventilation and heating. Division into zones will make it possible to sequentially arrange technological equipment in the workshop and carry out each of the stages of the cheese production process in a separate area.

cheese production as a business mini Italian workshop
When choosing a room for rent, the size of which will be 30-50 thousand rubles for one month, you need to pay attention to the presence of natural light. Also, a fire safety system should be installed in the workshop. It should be noted that the production of cheese must be organized in a room whose walls are tiled. In the absence of this finish, you will have to allocate money for construction work.

Workshop Options

A novice entrepreneur should know that he will need to purchase a special technological line in order to start production of cheese as a business.

The mini-workshop, the equipment of which is needed to produce a quality product, is equipped with:

- a cheese producer, that is, a place where raw materials are cooled and pasteurized, and a clot forms;
- a bathtub necessary for the formation of cheese heads;
- a maturation chamber, in which the required temperature and humidity are set, which allows to obtain a product;
- a dispensing device with which the packaging of liquid products in individual packaging occurs.

Who produces technological lines?

The choice of equipment for a mini-workshop for the production of cheese is not so great. As a rule, entrepreneurs acquire such lines abroad. The domestic manufacturer is PK Molexpert LLC, located in Barnaul.

However, entrepreneurs who open the production of cheese as a business (mini-shop), buy Italian equipment more often. These are the small product lines offered by Sfoggia. This company, which is the most famous in Europe, itself designs and manufactures high-quality equipment for the production of small quantities of hard and fresh cheese. In addition, Sfoggia's lines allow the production of butter and yoghurts, pasteurized milk, etc.

mini cheese workshop as a business
What is the peculiarity of these installations? In them, milk is pasteurized, cooled, and then the cheese mass is fermented and cut. Further, on special tables having their own heating, the product is formed and goes through the stage of self-pressing.

How attractive is this line for those who open cheese production as a business (mini-shop)? Italian equipment greatly simplifies the process of product preparation by automating the pasteurization of milk and its subsequent cooling. In addition, the line is equipped with a special recording tool that allows you to print data on operations already completed, which facilitates the work of the operator.

The company produces a variety of cheese models for 120 and 360 liters. At the same time, the equipment is able to work from electricity, gas, hot water, steam, as well as diesel fuel.

Italian mini-dairies allow you to get 12 kg of the finished product from 100 liters of cow's milk. And if the raw materials are goat or sheep, then all 20 kg. It is attractive that the whey remaining from the cheese can be turned into ricotta curd. And from cow's milk it will turn out 5 kg, and from goat or sheep’s milk - 8 kg.

The Italian line is chosen by businessmen and according to the available technical characteristics. For example, a 360-liter model can process up to 1,400 liters of milk in 16 hours. This is a reliable and durable equipment, well established both in Europe and in the vastness of our country.

HR issues

At the opening of the mini-cheese production workshop, it will be necessary to hire one or three people to service the line and one technologist who knows all the features of the technological process. The service of a manager engaged in the supply of raw materials and marketing of the finished product will not be superfluous. But the owner of the cheese production can take on this function.

cheese production as a business mini workshop plan
It should be borne in mind that the success of the work begun will depend on the personnel hired for work. That is why this issue deserves the most serious approach.

Raw material quality

To succeed in the market, you will need to produce a high quality product. And this will require the fulfillment of certain conditions, which relate primarily to purchased milk. Raw materials should be taken only from farmers who have healthy animals that have passed veterinary control. It should not contain even a small percentage of antibiotics. In addition, good raw materials have a three percent fat content, and their acidity should not be less than 6.8. It is better to fix all requirements for milk when signing a supply contract.

Production costs

When you open a mini-cheese production workshop, you will need to make certain financial investments. Approximately they will amount to (thousand rubles):

- for the purchase of a production line - 300;
- workshop repair - 200;
- employee training - 30;
- other expenses, including registration - 100.

As a result, the total amount of preliminary investments will amount to 630 thousand rubles.

Monthly production costs (thousand rubles):

- utility costs - 30;
- advertising - 20;
- salary of staff (4 people) - 80;
- rental of premises - 30;
- other expenses - 50.

Earned income

How cost-effective is cheese production as a business (mini-workshop)? Responses of entrepreneurs say that, releasing one hundred kilograms of a product every day, it is possible to sell up to 2200 kg of hard and soft cheeses every month. With an average selling price of 200 rubles. per kg, revenue will be 440 thousand rubles.

cheese production as a business mini shop how to open

The amount received will be enough to cover the costs of production and tax. The net profit of the entrepreneur will be about 65 thousand rubles. Thus, with the marketing of all products, the return on production can be achieved within ten months after the start of work.


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