House-building plant in Voronezh: location, reviews

JSC "Homebuilding Plant" in Voronezh has established itself as the main regional developer. Everyone saw his concrete blocks. But what lies behind a million square meters of obsolete housing? Let's try to understand the history of the company, the reviews of its employees and the opinions of buyers of apartments.

history of the company

The second half of the XX century is the beginning of the architectural collapse of residential development. Soviet constructivism was rooted in the minds of designers, and the era of beautiful small houses has sunk into oblivion. The next party congress was held, within the framework of which it was decided to accelerate and develop the construction of panel houses in all regions of Russia.

So in 1968 appeared in Voronezh "House-building plant". Is this good or bad? Hard to say. On the one hand, many people received housing. On the other hand, the appearance of the city was hopelessly lost due to ugly concrete boxes.

The plant existed for many years and managed to build about 3 million square meters of housing (from its foundation until 1985). We can say that this company has made a huge contribution to the existing urbanistic catastrophe of the capital of Chernozemye

During the restructuring of the "House-Building Plant" Voronezh survived the financial crisis, but by 1997 had mastered new technologies and reached its previous capacity.

Today, "DSK" continues to be active in the entire Voronezh region and to develop new areas.

In addition to the construction of buildings, the company also produces gas silicate blocks, building panels and other materials.

Where is?

Address "House-building plant": Voronezh, st. Peshe-Streletskaya, 95. It is here that the main office of the company is located, as well as all its management.

The nearest public transport stop is called Baza, and you can get to it by buses No. 17 or No. 57 B. You can also get here by car.

Among other things, DSK has offices in the Northern and Left Bank districts.


builder Voronezh dsk

Voronezh's Homebuilding Plant has an extensive production network. Most of the plants are concentrated in the Pridonsky microdistrict, as well as in the Semiluksky district of the Voronezh region.

The following enterprises belong to the production of DSK:

  • large-panel house-building near-shore workshop (DSK’s main structure, it is from these plates that the main construction of budget housing is carried out);
  • an enterprise of modern engineering technologies producing reinforced concrete structures ;
  • bottom-floor workshop for the production of gas silicate blocks;
  • Voronezh woodworking plant;
  • expanded clay gravel production plant;
  • Latnensky workshop for the production of metal molds and construction equipment;
  • bottom shop of an asphalt concrete plant;
  • finishing and specialized management;
  • project management.

Extensive production allows DSK to conduct construction based solely on its own materials, which significantly reduces the cost of housing sold.

Houses and residential areas

In the apartments of the GC "Domostroitelny Combine" Voronezh, most of the residents of Voronezh live. Just think, since its founding, this company has built more than 8 million square meters of housing. And this is not the limit, because large-scale housing projects "DSK" is leading today.

Let's talk about the most interesting projects of the company.

  1. LCD "Moscow Quarter". This "masterpiece" of architectural thought is located on Shishkova street. The complex looks amazing. 14 thousand people will become happy owners of apartments located on the street, where there is always a traffic jam of 9 points. Among other things, such huge houses cannot be managed.
    Moscow quarter of DSC
  2. Houses on Mordasova street. This project is an excellent example of Soviet development. When architects around the world strive to create a high-quality urban space, the Voronezh House-Building Plant continues to carry out residential development straight from the depths of the last century.
  3. Microdistrict "Cheryomushki". Another fortress from DSC. A huge number of residents, giant houses and the upcoming urban catastrophe.

The company has many other projects, but they all differ little from each other. All houses look good, but a huge number of small problems that no one thinks about can lead to a very poor quality of life. But more on that later.

What should I remember before buying?

house-building plant

Voronezh's House-Building Plant sells fairly budget housing in the city and beyond. But there are points that are recommended to be learned before making a purchase.

houses dsk Voronezh
  • House "DSK" are of low quality. Their appearance and the local area become worthless over the first few years.
  • Residents who are motorists are forced to complete a quest in the parking lot every night. The problem is that there are no car parking in the yards. So sidewalks, lawns, playgrounds and the whole house area will be lined with cars.
  • Your house will not have its own yard and high-quality local area.
  • The houses of the Joint-Stock Company Domostroitelny Combine in Voronezh are located very close to each other and are highly concentrated in certain areas of the city. The consequence of this is the lack of any infrastructure, as well as the slowly emerging ghettos.

These small, at first glance, problems can lead to grave consequences that will not only catastrophically reduce the quality of life of the local population, but also lead to a serious drop in the value of real estate. Therefore, we recommend that you consider whether the purchase of such budget housing is worth its price.

Employee Reviews

Dsk Voronezh region

Responses of workers of the "House-building plant" of Voronezh differ in uniformity. Piecework nature of salaries, low employee benefits, problem periods at the end of the year or during complex projects. Everything, as in any company engaged in residential development.

Since the main production of the company is located outside the city or far from the center, the salary differs from the average in the city. And, unfortunately, not in a big way, which leads to the appearance of not the most encouraging reviews of employees of the "House-building plant" of Voronezh.

Opinions of residents

house-building plant Voronezh

Given the above, it is not surprising that the negative reaction of buyers of apartments from the "House-Building Plant" of Voronezh.

What are the buyers talking about?

  • The company does not differ in caring for its customers. The conclusion of the contract of sale will lead to a serious test of the nervous system, and help from employees in the execution of this contract, unfortunately, will not follow.
  • On the upper floors there is terrible heat in the summer and very cold in the winter.
  • Very poor quality windows are installed.
  • No sound insulation.
  • Batteries, pipes and mixers begin to leak around the first month of operation.
  • The heating system does not fully perform its function.
  • Often rusty water pours from a tap.
  • The roof leaks regularly.

Company charity

parking dsk

It seems that the only positive thing that the company has is its charity work. But practically nothing is known about this activity. And what is known raises some questions.

The fact is that a charity fund called Resurrection was established at DSK. Information from the company's official website states that the main goal of the fund is to build one specific Orthodox church.

Will DSK products be purchased for construction? Why are donations collected? Can this activity be called charity? Unfortunately, these questions remain unanswered.

What conclusions can be drawn? The company was established many years ago. It plays an important social role - it provided the population with cheap and simple housing. But everything flows, everything changes. Urban spaces do not stop in their development, and architects already know how to build quality housing. DSK will have to reorganize sooner or later and forget about its huge concrete boxes.


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