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Sergey Mironov is a bodybuilder, an attractive blond and owner of a harmoniously developed body, performing in the "Mens Physicist" category and celebrating his 25th anniversary this year. Despite such a small age, he already has a number of serious sports achievements. The only thing that overshadows the biography of the athlete and crosses out the past victories of Sergei Mironov is a disqualification from the FBFR. And lifelong.

The beginning of the way

Sergey was born in St. Petersburg in 1990. After graduating from high school, he enrolled in the history department of French University College. But study is not the only thing that Sergey Mironov did then. Bodybuilding became his hobby at the age of fifteen. The young man rocked his muscles at home using a regular stool and barbell. Soon the young man signed up for the gym.

Mironov Sergey bodybuilding


Sergey's goal was success in certain sports circles, as well as full possession of his own body. The young man engaged in American football for the reason that this sport put all the muscles into action and made them function at full strength. According to Sergey Mironov himself, bodybuilding and American football are quite compatible.

The athlete paid special attention to nutrition. Heavy loads, diets and focused training have borne fruit: his muscles are filled with strength, and his body has become more attractive. After that, the future "Mens Physicist" began to give advice to people who want to increase their strength indicators and bring the body into good shape.

biography of Sergey Mironov


At the end of March 2014, Sergey took part in the Moscow competition “Mens Physicist and Bikini Stars”. Mironov clearly dominated over fifteen applicants, but in the end he took only second place. But a month later he won gold at the Yashankin Cup.

Wife of Sergey Mironov

This status is erroneously attributed to a girl athlete named Marina Evteshina. She, like Sergei, goes in for sports, maintains a blog about healthy eating and losing weight, and is also a master of African hairstyles. But while the couple is not officially married.

Sergey Mironov’s wife


In mid-2014, Sergei Mironov’s biography was marked by a gloomy event: he was disqualified from the FBFR for life. The head of the federation, Vladimir Dubinin, explained this as a violation of moral and ethical standards. And the whole sports community was surprised by the act that Sergey Mironov did. Bodybuilding in Russia has not yet seen this. Probably the athlete decided to follow the path of Kai Green (an American athlete posing naked). The only thing is, he did not take into account that this would not work in Russia.

We are talking about naked athlete photo shoots. On numerous sites, Sergey was listed under the name Serge Henir. Although the photos themselves can be described as conservative and more related to the genre of light erotica. However, on some resources you can find candid videos and photos.

The provocation against Sergey was carried out immediately after his victory in one of the competitions at the end of April. Several candid photos were uploaded to the VKontakte social network, and then videos of similar content appeared. Judging by the logos, these were camera records from resources that provide online sex services. All materials were accompanied by revealing homophobic inscriptions. After some time, other compromising Mironov’s collections appeared ...

After this incident, bodybuilding functionaries began to call the nomination “Beach bodybuilding” gay, and some even began to prohibit Russians from speaking in this category. It turns out that Sergei showed remarkable courage in sports.

He reacted rather restrained to the statement of the Russian functionaries. Mironov pleaded guilty and regretted the mistakes of his youth, but then it was for him only a way to make money. Moreover, all this happened long before he joined the federation. He also thanked all the fans for their support, who sent the athlete 300 sms per day.

This scandal is quite vigorously, or rather rosy, it was covered in RuNet. It is noteworthy that several large gay communities stood up for the athlete, criticizing Dubinin's decision. But among the current athletes of the federation, opinions were divided.

Sergey Mironov bodybuilder

Athlete Opinions

Repeated tournament winner Alexander Schukin was very surprised at this decision. After all, this can be said the first sexual scandal in bodybuilding. Previously, everything ended with the usual squabbles on the Web. Schukin said that he had no right to condemn Sergey. Many bikinist girls do the same, but no one expels them from the federation.

Powerlifter and actor Pavel Badyrov also expressed indignation. After all, Mironov did not do these things, being a champion. This is a long story, and it should not affect current events. It should be borne in mind that disqualification literally pushes a person out of sport, especially if it is life-long.

But the champion in classical bodybuilding Igor Gostyunin supported Vladimir Ivanovich, saying that such athletes must be kicked out. This applies to everyone who does not behave sportily. Including representatives of the category "Bikini" and some judges.

Denis Gusev, champion and multiple winner of the Mens Physic category, considers Dubinin’s decision to be fair. After all, there are certain moral requirements for the appearance of an athlete, and they cannot be violated. If Mironov lived in the USA and did such a thing there, then there would be no punishment. At the same time, Gusev emphasized that his attitude towards Sergey had not changed at all, since he had not committed anything illegal and did not violate either the Civil Code or the Criminal Code. It’s just that a person had problems forcing him to choose just such a way of making money.

Sergey Mironova disqualification


What is Sergey Mironov doing now? Bodybuilding is still his main activity. He gives personal training, participates in photo shoots and maintains his blog. Sergei still occasionally plays American football. He holds two honorary titles of great importance in the world of bodybuilding - the absolute champion in beach bodybuilding of the North-West and the vice-champion of Mens Physicist.

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